Weekly Community Event Season One - General Discussion, tips and Feedback


I kept track of things, because of course I did :wink: . Individually, part2 of the mission ends at 9000 quicksilver. At 45 quicksilver per scan, that’s a limit of 200 scans. Unfortunately, as you’ve said, that means our community progress meter also vanishes, so we can no longer monitor anything. The meters are weirdly off too. The tooltip shows total progress for all tiers & just the current-tier, but the log screen lists double for the current-tier.

Overall progress looked very discouraging to me. It’s not currently going fast enough to finish tier3, and now that we know there are caps, I’m doubtful enough reliable players will still be left to even finish tier2.


I wondered, as I listened to people on the planet we were sent to, many seemed to think they had to remain in that system and they thought they were looking for the new items only. I tried to tell some that Polo accepted all scans from all fauna. I wonder how many scans HG is looking for to complete a tier?


I encountered the same confusion. People thinking only that system, or only exotic planet types. I also tried to explain (after confirming it myself) that it was any scans. Hopefully the word will get out enough.

Also an update to my last post: The quicksilver shop still shows the community progress meter, so that’s helpful! It’s showing 47% through Tier1 as I post this.


Xbox is 50% through tier 2

You can also check the various platforms progress on the galactic atlas


This morning.



I find it a bit irritating that there’s nothing I can do. I’m not allowed to undertake any more of the quest, and completion is hovering about half way to tier one. I strongly suspect that initial enthusiasm has already slackened off.

It seems that progress to tier three is now in the hands of other people, with whom I have no contact. Great idea, Hello Games.


Polo did that to me yesterday as I guess there must be a cap on how many of those currency they hand out to buy the rewards.


Yeah I wondered about that. I was thinking there is no way they are going to let me just keep rolling in the QS 'cause I can scan, run, melee boost like a madwoman through one planet after another. So I was not surprised that I got capped. Just wish the meter was still up in the Log or in my Visor.


I don’t like the platforms being separated for this - it’s just numbers fed back to them so we should be shared. That being said, I don’t think they would go to the trouble of creating new things that no one receives, so I think we will end up with them somehow.


gotta say, I don’t understand this event. I went through a portal, did some cool plant scanning stuff, I liked it but I had to go back through the portal to stock up on supplies, and then the portal disappeared. So now, while I can still contribute to the “global data pool”, I can no longer play in the community system? I’m lost. We have to go back! …I kinda liked it, but I think the idea is before it’s time. Are we really supposed to contribute to a cause that depends on the contributions of others, in order to get cool stuff?


I have no idea but, thanks for the pic! 52% is an increase. Just continue to scan and report to Polo until he tells you to stop. We are all in a holding pattern awaiting further instruction . . . - - - . . .



Portal address for the event planet: https://nmsportals.github.io/#01FBFE0528FF


They’d still have to keep the PS4 separated, because Sony…
Also, since the entire platform environments are completely separated to begin with, synchronising anything among them becomes quite a headache that requires a lot of code infrastructure. The basis needed for synchronising a single number or the entire state isn’t really any different.


While I understand the cap so people dont acrue too much quicksilver, it would be nice if they just set it so you stopped recieving quicksilver but could still contribute to the community research.

I’ve yet to hit the cap myself but at last check, ps4 was on 70% or so for tier one.


I guess we will find out who has the largest community driven group of NMS players…I predict PS4 will win.


Tier 1 = 76%
10d 0hr 3 m 0s
… and counting


Assuming PC currently at 83% for Tier 1:


So this explains what they really want us to be doing…using the Galactic Atlas…this makes sense.


Looks like xbox is benefitting from being so close to its initial launch so doesn’t have the two year gradual player drop off like pc and ps4. Ps4 and PC going along at a nice pace for the allotted time. Does anyone know if unlocking of tier one was met with any new messages from polo on xb1? Would be nice if those caps were tier based :smirk: