Weekly Community Event Season One - General Discussion, tips and Feedback


Nice to know. Thanks. I’ll pay a visit.


This was a nice suggestion, haven’t taken an exploratory trip down the Starchain in a while and this has been a great reason to do so :slight_smile:


Hey, sounds like I’m getting visitors (PC) to the old neighborhood. I’m still exploring around the bottom of the chain.


So the ETARC Hub is safe to visit again? Last I heard it was a bit… fragmented and crash inducing. :artificial_satellite:


That’s what @Polyphemus reported just after NEXT dropped. I wonder if the comms are still floating in space around the old capital or if things have settled down? I would be willing to fly in if someone gives me some portal coords.


I think it was just best practice to maybe steer clear of discoveries or rediscovering for that two month period were online services were basically non existant.

Seems okay to explore these days, the old or new names may appear on a scan but visiting pr hovering on the system for a bit will eventually give you user registered names.

Where it gets real messy is the fauna and flora discovery lists but sure, look… We’ll take what we can get :slight_smile:

@sheralmyst ill grab you a portal coordinate when I get in if nobodies done so by then, though from what I’ve gathered relocating via portal no longer seems possible, it’s just for visitors.

Quickest current method I know of Is joining the lobby of someone already present near hub and placing a base down so you can teleport back there after the session.


@Captain_Jack I haven’t experienced any crashes in my exploration of the chain. As Todd said, most of the issues are with the discoveries menu not showing proper information. You will likely only get reliable info from planet scans done from space.

@sheralmyst I think Todd is right, you don’t seem to be able to build bases on the other side of portals anymore. But if you want to try:

ETARC PENTHOUSE- 051D:0080:01B7:001A


I know some comms are buried on one planet near the bottom of the chain. That I have seen very recently. But I havent seen any floating in space. I seen them before, but I cant remember where they were.


I haven’t had any crashes in the capital system on PC. I went there for this week’s event as @Xion4012 suggested. Just that one system has watery tropical, scorched, and radioactive planets. Hung out on an extreme sentinel desert world there too to gain a couple extreme survival milestone levels.

I still see the old comms in space near the capital planet. Also a bunch mostly buried inside one near the station. Doesn’t seem unstable though. Like @toddumptious said, discoveries are kinda wonky with a mix of old & new, and some duplicates (like you often see on the weekly event planets). Found some things that registered as new and had no problem uploading, but the fauna totals are sometimes off.


Thanks for the address. Not really thinking of building another base. Just want to visit. :grinning:


Ah, I assumed you were going to use the old base hopping trick to get there.


Event is live


Has anyone figured out what to do with the new harvestables? So far, I have a Capillary Shell, a Storm Crystal and a Calcishroom.


So… either the community event just happened to be in a system that spawns really tough pirates, or somebody screwed with the difficulty slider without documenting it. I hope the later, because this way combat is at least more than just a slight distraction. Was lucky to have enough Sodium in my backpack, or I would’ve been stardust.


It should be under a new submenu in the decorative section of your build menu :slight_smile:

Edit(didn’t want to double post)

I noticed One of the new items for the community event is a pocket reality generator. Which reminded me of the remembrance lore :slight_smile:

the race that created the atlas created a portable version of it before abandoning their home planet. Some more of this world was hinted at with the “human” visitors with echoes discovered in the sunken wreck lore. So this seems like another nod to this maybe


Where did the event go? I just got a message from Polo stating they had all the info they could gather for now. Then POOF!, event over


As did I, but about a day after you. I think it happens when you have submitted your personal limit of scans. However, it seems that Tier 1 of the community event is still in progress. We just can’t see the progress toward the Tier 1 goal any more. It would have been nice to have a way to continue to monitor it. I hope they open it back up to us when Tier 1 is reached, and we are all starting Tier 2. I was happy to have such a high limit, though. It helped me make up some Quicksilver from events I missed due to the time demands of RL work.


Yes, a notice of some kind would be nice. I really want some stuff from the other Tier levels…


@sheralmyst @Dex
Apparently I’ve been slacking off. This is what I show currently.


There should be another % showing in your visor. I think mine read 3 or 4% when I got the message from Polo that I has sent enough. I guess that was my personal % and the one in the Log is the total Community %.