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Thoughts on the dialogue: (spoilers!)

There are multiple references to an “eye” of sorts.
The first time it was mentioned, Mivalla (the traveller) had been avoiding sleep to hide from the eye.
The second mention from a distress beacon says that the eye is red, before falling asleep.
The dialogue from the monument is much less afraid of the eye.

In addition, there are different scenarios or versions of the same event on a spacecraft:
The first time, it looks like the crew attempted a reentry but did not survive.
The second time, the spacecraft was sucked into a black hole.
The third time, the crew of the spacecraft builds a scout ship.

The sound at the “moment of transit” seems very intriguing.

It would be fantastic if you could post all of the outcomes when the event is over @DevilinPixy!


Portions of my experience seem unfinished…did I forget to snap a pic? I don’t think so.



Mine was very similar, except I told them to ignore the stranger (didn’t have much of an effect apparently), and I told them not to step through the portal. They then wandered off, and mumbeled something about “we should drink the water”.

That was actually a great moment for me, because the next location was only about a thousand units away from my current one. I remember running and jetpacking like mad, yelling “DON’T DRINK THE WATER, I’M ALMOST THERE!”

When I got there I got some footage similar to how it’s described in your log (couldn’t have been made with any normal camera etc), except it described the traveller starting to glow red, falling down, transforming into a red orb (or something red, at least), and vanishing.


Event Week 6 of 8 (Rundown of possible outcomes)

Help Specialist Polo - Week 6 of 8
-{{ Friend! It is good to see you again! Or is it again? I have lost track a little of when I am. }}-
-{{ The data you fetched has turned up a remarkable pattern. At last, we can visualise the loops and swoops that bind us together in time! Our missing friend was in our reality, but not in our reality as we see it now! }}-

-{{ This knowledge I now give to you, in portable form. A tracer for signals from other loops, a communicator into the past! With such a thing, we might yet find our missing friend! }}-
-{{ Coordinates are not simple for a signal like this, friend. But we hope the portal will guide us to the right reality! Go, take my creation and see what you might see! Or have already seen? }}-
Piece together the story
Polo’s device allows access to loops of time beyond our own. Apply the device to specific sites to replay previous events.

Use the device to learn about the fate of Polo’s missing friend.
The portal yawns before me.

Did Polo’s lost friend stand before a portal like this? How many others have there been like me, chasing ghosts across time and space? Perhaps another is following me right now, at the behest of some other iteration of my Gek companion…

Part 1
-{{ - kzzzktk - mayday, mayday - kzzkkkttt - anyone receiving? }}-
I access the transmitter’s data banks. As expected, a distress signal awaits me.
Apply Polo’s Device
As I apply Polo’s device, I hear another shout, a cry of recognition.

They know I am listening. To my astonishment, this broadcast appears to be live.
Choice 1
Reply - #1
I begin to speak, but the sender cuts me off before I can utter a word.
-{{ Bulkheads failed, exploded - ktzztk - half the crew dead or missing - kztzzktk - in a freefall - kzzkzztk - Korvax onboard, gave us this frequency, said to ask for a specialist… }}-

-{{ Are your landing coordinates safe? Could attempt emergency landing - kztzzktk - or emergency thrust towards black hole - kzzt - slingshot might buy us time… }}-
Listen - #2
-{{ Bulkheads failed, exploded - ktzztk - half the crew dead or missing - kztzzktk - in a freefall - kzzkzztk - Korvax onboard, gave us this frequency, said to ask for a specialist… }}-

-{{ Are your landing coordinates safe? Could attempt emergency landing - kztzzktk - or emergency thrust towards black hole - kzzt - slingshot might buy us time… }}-
Choice 2
Give current coordinates - #3
-{{ Coordinates logged - kzzktk - atmospheric stabilisers partially responding - kzzktk - maybe we’ll see you there… }}-
A terrible sound drowns out any trace of the sender, and then collapses to static and silence.

I must find some way to trace the signal further.
Suggest piloting towards black hole - #4
-{{ … … … }}-

-{{ We’ve - kztzzktk - too much thrust - kztk - can’t control it - kzzktk - singularity… }}-
A terrible sound drowns out any trace of the sender, and then collapses to static and silence.

I must find some way to trace the signal further.

Part 2
The terminal blinks, the fragmented traces of unanswered calls cluttering its databanks.
Apply Polo’s Device
Not sure of where we are - kzzktk - not many left alive, and the Korvax has vanished - kzzktk - holographic projection, offering help - kzzktk - their face… a brilliant light… a beacon in the darkness…
Choice 3
Tell them to accept - #5
-{{ You’re right, we need all the - kzzkzzztk - crew are getting so thirsty. They said to meet them at - kzzkzzztk - coordinates seem abandoned but - kzkzzztk - }}-
Tell them to ignore the stranger - #6
Tell them to ignore the stranger
-{{ Agreed - kzzktk - crew don’t trust them either. Better to rely on no-one, then - kzzktk - build a ship from the wreckage and scout for help. }}-

Part 3
Location 1
The terminal stares me, its electronic eye unblinking, unaffected by the darkness.
Apply Polo’s Device
-{{ They were there, as they said, but now - kzkkttztk - every time we sleep, a crimson nightmare - kzkkttztk - the whole crew - kzkkttztk - that face, still staring through the foam. }}-

-{{ Nothing but - kzzktk - endless waves of crimson foam - kzzzzzzzktk - }}-
Location 2
The distress signal continues its urgent chirp, calling out for any who will listen.
Apply Polo’s Device
-{{ Launched the Phoenix - kzkzztk - engines rusty but functional, until - kzkzkkktk - fuel malfunction, had to land in a hurry. I set out on foot, but - kkzttktk - }}-

-{{ - kzztk - can’t escape the feeling that something is watching us - kztk - a crimson eye… }}-
Choice 4
Tell them to get some sleep - #7
-{{ A hear a deep sigh, weeks of stress evaporating as the voice surrenders to their dreams. They go quiet, their voice replaced by the drone of the machinery. The recording goes dead. }}-
Tell them to run - #8
-{{ The stranger starts to speak, but cuts themselves off. They want to know where to run, how they can possibly escape, but something tells them I cannot answer, that it is pointless to ask. I hear their footsteps as they walk away, their voice replaced by the drone of the machinery. }}-

Part 4
Location 1
I hear the welcome of the ancient monument, words etched directly into my mind. How will such a thing react to Polo’s manipulations?
Apply Polo’s Device
-{{ You - I know you. You told me to - kzztk - dream, to sleep - kzztk - escaped the fog at last. }}-

-{{ We have followed the eye to our salvation. And we have you to - kzztk - thank. The portal is ready. We stand on the threshold. At- - kzztk - is calling us. }}-
Location 2
The glitchy static around the Traveller’s ‘beacon’ clears, a strong, fresh signal replacing the ancient static. Polo’s process leaves me more apprehensive by the moment.
Apply Polo’s Device
-{{ Hello? }}-

-{{ - kzztk - }}-

-{{ The portal - it’s active. This is our - kzztk - chance to escape those nightmares. }}-

-{{ The eye can’t see us if we don’t sleep, but - kzztttk - I’m just so tired - kzttkzztk - can’t keep this up. If we cross, maybe we can sleep… }}-
Choice 5
Tell them to enter - #9

|I hear the familiar drone, the deep chimes of the glyphs. The stranger activates the portal and prepares to step through.

I have never heard the moment of transit from the outside before. I do not wish to again.|

Tell them not to enter - #10

|-{{ You’re right - kzztk - of course, you’re right - kzztk - madness. }}-

-{{ But where next? Where - kzttzzzztk - now? We should have just - kzztk - drunk the water… }}-|

The computer plays a series of fragmented videos, recordings that could not have been made with any normal camera.
View recording
Ending 1
I see the stranger carve the glyphs into the portal’s stone. They step across the threshold, and the blue glow of the portal flashes a deep crimson. A terrifying, otherworldly scream resonates across the entire portal structure. The gateway closes soon after, its connection severed, any way back closed forever.

The recording ends soon after.
Ending 2
I see the stranger turn their back on the portal and return to their trudge across the lonely landscape. Their crewmates fall one by one, until the stranger walks alone.

The pace of the recording accelerates and the static buildup strengthens. I spool through hours of tape, but the stranger continues to wander, living off the land, never returning to their ship.
Ending 3
I see the stranger turn their back on the portal. They are alone, their crew consumed by whatever strange being they met at the abandoned building. Leaving the portal seems to have freed them from whatever strange spell had been haunting their sleep. They stumble, then look around, frantic.

The recording shows them retracing their steps, always alone, until they reach the crash site. They build a shelter, keeping vigil for their fallen friends.

Suddenly, I hear a noise behind me. I scan the wreck, but see nothing. As I turn back to the terminal, I see the recording has ended.
Ending 4
The stranger carves a series of glyphs into the portal, then steps across the threshold.

The recording warps slightly, but continues. I see the stranger standing on a hexagonal world, dwarfed by the wreck of a large starship. Their starship? They help a figure to their feet, a Korvax. With a jolt, I recognise Nada.

The Priest Entity seems to stare right at me, aware that I have seen this reunion. They nod, and the recording ends.
Ending 5
I see the stranger hesitate, then turn their back on the portal gateway. They look over their shoulder as they walk away, as if they heard a voice from across the threshold. As the recording continues, I see them return to the abandoned building where they met the traveller who promised them aid.

They search the building, attending frequently to the control terminal, growing ever more distraught. Their saviour never appears, the being with the glowing mask never returns. The stranger cries, alone. They go to sleep on the floor of the building. The recording ends.
Ending 6
The stranger carves a series of glyphs into the portal. They pause, as if called by a familiar voice. Seeing no-one, they continue across the threshold. A burst of static cuts the recording.

When the image returns, I see the stranger on the bridge of their freighter, surrounded by their crew. A Korvax priest entity joins them. With a shock, I recognise Nada.

Within moments, chaos has erupted on the freighter. Sentinel fighters swarm the ship, their assault sending it into freefall. Another burst of static cuts across the recording. The final image is a single frame of a Gek specialist attending their radar station.
Ending 7
I see the stranger turn away from the portal, a sad shake of their head. But there seems to have been a mutiny. Their surviving crewmates ignore their pleas and enter the portal, unheeding. They are consumed by the foam, and the portal closes with a crimson flash.

The stranger walks a short distance, shaken. They assemble a small shelter, enter and close the door. The recording does not show them emerge.
Ending 8
The strangers carves their glyphs into the portal’s stone. They stride towards the threshold, confident, as if called forward by a familiar voice. They enter, and a brilliant flash of white distorts the recording.

When the image settles, the portal is nowhere to be seen. All I see are stars, an endless parade of systems. The recording settles on a star and closes in rapidly. The same flash of light, and a new world blinks into existence.

The recording ends. What have I just witnessed?
Ending 9
I see the stranger tap the control panel of the portal, their hands guided by an unseen force. The gateway opens, its blue light spilling out onto the surrounding landscape.

In this light, the stranger addresses their remaining crew. They try to persuade them to follow into the portal, but with no success. One by one, the crew walk away. Only the stranger remains.

Finally, they begin their approach. The foam consumes them, then dies down. The portal quietly closes. The recording shows nothing more.
Ending 10
I see the stranger examine the open portal, then step away. The recording shows the rest of their movements. They continue to travel, mile after mile, always at night. Each light source is found, examined, discarded.

They search each abandoned building they find, looking for the traveller who promised them salvation. The tapes seem to loop forever. I spool forwards through hour after hour of material, the pattern never varying, the stranger never seeming to age.

I search and search, but find no end to this story.
Ending 11
I see the stranger activate the portal and walk towards the open gateway. They hesitate as they reach the threshold, turning back to their crewmates for encouragement. They step forward, and are consumed by the foam.

A burst of static interrupts the recording. When it ends, I see the stranger surrounded once more by their crew. They look old, far older than the moment before. But they are happy - the relief on all their faces is clear to see. A ship lands in the distance, and the group sets off.
Ending 12
I see the stranger turn away from the portal, but it clearly pains them. The recording shows their reluctant steps away from the threshold, their repeated glances back over their shoulder.

The recording continues as the crew and the stranger part ways. The group heads towards a settlement in the distance, the stranger towards the empty horizon.

As the images jump forwards, the stranger spends their time hauling large red minerals to a small shelter. They carve them endlessly, a parade of geometric shapes rendered in crimson stone. They fall down, exhausted.

I cannot fathom any meaning from the glyphs they carve.
Ending 13
I see the stranger tap tentatively at the portal’s control panel. They open the gateway and walk across the threshold.

As the foam settles, another being approaches the still-active portal. A traveller, their face obscured by a blinding light. They follow the stranger into the portal’s blue light.

The structure’s ancient stone bends and warps, buckling under some extreme force. At last, the traveller re-emerges. The portal closes. There is no sign of the stranger.

Though this is a recording, I cannot help the feeling that the traveller has noticed me. I close the terminal quickly.
Ending 14
I see the stranger turn their back on the portal and hurry away quickly. They return to the wreck of their small starship and begin entering data into the distress beacon. I see the red crimson orb…

The recording cuts out, placing the stranger back at the portal. It just shows this loop over and over. I search for an error, some corruption in the data that would explain this odd loop. I find none.
Ending 15
I see the stranger input a series of glyphs, then step forwards into the portal. Before the gateway closes, I see another figure enter, a shimmering being, their face obscured by a brilliant light. The recording cuts out, interrupted by a burst of static.

When the recording returns, the stranger is aboard their ship, before we ever made contact. There is a Korvax on the bridge. With a jolt, I realise it is Nada. They look extremely concerned. Before I can see more, the terminal begins to glow white hot, the screen consumed by a burning white flame.
Ending 16
I see the stranger turn away from the portal. They walk slowly, tired and unsure. Eventually, they wander back to the site of their crashed ship.

I look closely at the distress beacon at the crash site. There is a faint red light spilling from its interior, the haunting crimson I have seen so many times before.

The stranger paces around the beacon, unsleeping. They continue their vigil for days. They walk slower and slower, and eventually collapse. As they do so, their fallen body takes on the same red glow.

The recording ends.

What did you see, friend? Did the loops take you forwards or back? When is our lost companion hiding?
Retell the story
Polo listens as I tell the sorry tale. They try to keep their emotions in check, but they had invested so much hope in this possible contact that it is hard for them to bear.

The Gek blinks rapidly as they compose themself. They shake off the disappointment and suggest a new line of investigation.
It is hard to lose contact, friend. But these echoes are merely one loop from the infinite. Life, success, tragedy - Nada and Polo and the Traveller-friend will see all these outcomes.

Perhaps we might turn to a different form of analysis. Images from key sites may contain positional data, timecodes to aid our search. You would be so kind to us if you helped collect such images!
End transmission


Considering there are 16 possible endings, I assume the very first result of ‘Choice 1’ in ‘Part 1’ can be ignored. Both options there, basically result in the same outcome. This would then leave us with 4 choices with 2 possible answers each, resulting in 2^4=16 answers total.

I tried to figure how the possible endings actually match the options, but couldn’t see the logic with the few detailed results we have. What I have is listed below:

Endings vs Choices
Ending Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3 Choice 4 Choice 5 link
1 (#1) #3 #5 #7 #9 Sheralmyst
2 (?) #4 #6 #8 #10 Argh
3 #7 #10
4 #9
5 #7 #10
6 #9
7 #10
8 #9
9 #9
10 #10
11 (#1) #3 #6 #8 #9 Mac ForaDay (YouTube)
12 #8 #10
13 (#1) #3 #5 #8 #9 DP Eissentam
14 (#2) #4 #6 #7 #10 DP Euclid
15 (#2) #4 #5 #8 #9 Mac ForaDay (YouTube)
16 (#1) #3 #6 #7 #10 jedidia / Mac ForaDay (YouTube)


Thanks so much for making all the possible endings available to us! And thanks for watching my coverage!

From this event, it seems to me that No Man’s Sky has no one story, no true lore, only infinite possibilities in a multiverse.


That’s a lot of work you’ve put in. Well done.

The results are both illuminating and irritating. The text appears to be a new part of the crashed freighter lore. It seems to tie in parts of the genesis of Nada to that story arc.

However, the preamble to the quest suggested that we could find a “correct” answer - but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Just more branches, possibilities, and general confusion.

The story does, though, seem to be heading in a definite direction.

Who is the mysterious stranger, with a shining light instead of a face?


I’m inclined to think that it’s -null- or somebody with the “lightbulb” style head.

Hopefully we will learn more as the events progress.


The Remembrance/Epilogue lore speaks of a being in the light and the dark who is with the Atlas at the end of its existence. It could be the same being.


Yes. I wonder if all this is leading up to The Abyss - the “other power in the universe”.


Excellent work! I’d considered trying each path while the event was active, but never got around to it.

I know I saw ending1 & ending2. That makes ending2 a result of #4 #6 #8 #10. (Edit: whoops, also #2. I finished two paths, all option1 then all option2.)


As always you’ve outdone yourself, thanks for providing such a detailed breakdown of the dialogue trees :slight_smile:


Well that’s weird, my ending isn’t in there… ?? Was I dreaming?


New event is live for all platforms now


Oh wow. They want me to find a scorched world… with oceans.

You know how rare they are? I could be jumping for days. :persevere:

(edit) corrected - “scorched”, not “boiling”.


What the heck, the portal led me to a desert planet… Not a drop of water anywhere! :smile:


It should be an exotic planet - dark, with washed out black and white colours, and overgrown vegetation. The ocean is some distance from the portal.

Sounds like you may have got the portal coordinates from the previous mission. Or even the one before that.

I’ve found this can sometimes be fixed if you go back through the portal, and enter the address again.

But back up your game, then do both hard and soft saves, first.


Hm, no, inputting the glyphs again just shuts down the portal. Well, partially. It stands still and the vortex vanishes, but the glyphs still glow…
I guess I’ll have to haul my ass to another portal. This is the same one I entered the breach with, as far as I can tell. Maybe it got broken… :smile:


It’s happened to me twice, that the portal got stuck on the previous mission.

On one occasion, I could fix it by re-entering the data. On the other, I had to revert to my hard save.

The way this game is changing, it’s vital to have backups.


Last time this happened I went through the portal and back. This made the portal reset if memory serves me right.


You can find all the planets in the ETARC Hub :+1: