Weekly Community Event Season One - General Discussion, tips and Feedback


Info about storyline choices during this week’s event:

Interestingly, your chosen answers during the storyline do affect how the event unfolds (in a small way). Naturally the immediate text response differs, but it also affects the next target location: sometimes the type of structure is different, as well as the initial interaction text & final scene. Figured I’d point that out in case anyone else is like me and likes to explore all the choices.


I found a holo-terminus near my home base so I successfully finished this week’s mission.


It would be interesting to see what all the possible combinations and outcomes were. With 5 stages, each allowing a choice of 1 out of 2 actions, there are 32 different paths through the logic.

I’ve only done it once. So I have one set of answers. I’d love to know what the other possibilities were.


I didn’t test every combo, but my few attempts suggest your choice only affects the next point, and the actual options once there will be the same. It doesn’t appear to be fully branching, though that might be really cool for a future event. Something that would require real ARG-like community cooperation, like you had suggested on the first multiple-choice event.


First time finishing a community event and in one gameplay session…
(bonus was having built a base near a holo terminus)


Replying to myself again…

I just watched MacForADay’s event recap, and I think he did get a bit different end story than I did. I originally did an all first option path, then an all second option path, but foolishly I never finished my mixed-path tests.


I played through with 3 different saves while choosing different options each time. The game sent me to different locations for each of those playthroughs.


Nice that you took the time to take nice pics. Mine were just messy flyby get-it-done pics from my space craft.


I have to use f12 on my keyboard because the button on my controller that is supposed to snap the lens, results in a weird, incomplete clicking sound with no pic actually being taken. However, the game registered it as successful so out of laziness, I just pretended to take the pics…:crazy_face:


PS4 wants you to use the camera, then quick-click share to then hit triangle to take a pic (when doing pic missions) or it won’t register.
Tedious process so I don’t try very hard :roll_eyes:


If you are using the Steam version, make sure to have the Steam Overlay enabled or Photo Mode will not work as intended. Check the ‘Settings’ in the Steam client, then navigate to ‘In-Game’ to ‘Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game’.


Yes. I have overlay on. It works fine taking a screenshot with f12. My button on my xbox controller just does not work most of the time. If I press it several times it will usually register. This is an issue I have had since before NEXT. I have had 2 controllers and they both had the same problem. I even tried a PS4 controller. Same thing. So I just use F12.


Hmmm ok, I am not familiar with using a controller on PC. Sounds like it has issues registering properly. I also believe you have to snap the image when not in either of the photo mode adjustment menu’s. If pressing several times works at times, it doesn’t seem to be a misconfiguration either. Oh well … F12 does work … :wink:


I have the same issue. Only repeated pressing of the controller button sometimes captures the photo. And yep F12 is used alot


Good to know it is not just me. :grinning: I wonder what the issue is then. It would be nice if it worked properly.


Yeah…like alot of things in NMS…would be nice if worked properly :crazy_face:


Yeah. I hope we don’t get stranded in the Abyss. :ghost: :smile:


Sometimes they are lenient with alternative punishment for the gods … lol


In mine, the traveller turned into a red orb at the end…


Spoilers for those yet to do the event #6!!!

Here are two of my outcomes in images, they are the opposites of each other. I only included the options and results of the main event:

Eissentam save

Euclid save

From what I could find in the source files, there are 16 outcomes total!
Will post if wished for after this week’s event has finished.