Twitch (screens and hampster cage) discussion

Lets jump off the old threads and keep going here…

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How awesome would it be if one of the people who received the pet food needs to show up where the hamster is and feed it within the next 16 hours. We just need to know where that is…


Can those who posted screen pics and observations redo so over here…

If mr n is fed at 3pm, what time is it there now assuming this is HG lab

Could be anywhere?..

Credits goes to @Dragoon4205

I just cranked up the light and did the crop below:


I also see the “N NUK” below the main screen and the “Call JJ” post-it


So when returns “warning: command unavailable
please try something else”, it that just a general response or does that mean that it’s a potential command?

What’s the "red/orange rubix cube suggest do you think?

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Omg that hamster knows how to run xD


theres another cassette tape there!

This damn Hamster doesn’t run fast enough for this…

On Waking Titan site, entering M-N00-dl35, or WHOIS M-N00-dl35 doesn’t do anything.

Type status guys

Why does the screenshot above say “SYS.LOG INACTIVE”? The stream says “TEST.SCENARIO INACTIVE”…


general response

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That was when the stream first went up, now it says test.scenario inactive

Can’t quite make out the 99-PH? last didget…6 or g?

it looks like a 6.

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