Study of the Star-chain Cluster Anomaly

This thread is for the preliminary recordings of investigations into the star chain recently located by myself (and initially disregarded), while embarking on a pilgrimage in the Alpha quadrant of Euclid. Only thanks to suggestions of interest from the ETARC Citizen Scientist Division has an effort been made to go back and look at this phenomenon more closely.
With interests that it may be of some use to the Etarcian Community as a HUB location, I’ve elected to look more closely at the structure, (mainly through using the Galactic map).

Throughout NMS there are variable clusters of stars, with the occasional grouping creating a distinctive “string”. These can most easily be found by facing upwards in the Galactic Map and simply travelling upwards. Eventually (sometimes after strafing sideways a little or spiralling) you will notice a grouping of stars that line up quite neatly and typically follow the column area of a cluster.
I have seen several of these and have pictures to back this up. Rare but not impossibly rare and I believe it has something to do with the construct of the galaxy being modular.
However, this chain is the densest formation I have found and is unique in that it carries through 2 regions and is unusually tightly configured.

All 43 stars in the string between the systems named ETARC PENTHOUSE and ETARC CELLAR are yellow stars. These systems were chosen as bookends as they are the 2 most extreme ends of the structure. Midway there is a ‘bend’ in the structure around where there is a change in the regions and a small grouping of satellite stars not included in the following findings. In total from a distance the chain has about 47 stars in its general structure.

I’ve classified the yellow stars between Etarc Penthouse and Etarc Cellar (inclusive) in order of race
From the top downward. Classed by dominant race.
G=gek, K=Korvax, V=Vykeen, P=Planet, M=Moon.
Huddle-clusters are so named when the stars are unusually close together (as compared with typical NMS clusters). Numbered from top to bottom for reference. Huddle-clusters with multiple stars will be individually labelled with a lower case a or b to distinguish individuals of the same race.

  2. K 3P
  3. K 3P
  4. V 6P
  5. 2K 1G TRIO-CLUSTER Ka=2P Kb=4P G=4P
  6. V 3P
  7. G 2P 2M
  8. K 4P
  9. 1G 2V TRIO-CLUSTER G=5P Va=3P Vb=3P
  10. V 4P
  11. K 5P
  12. V 6P
  13. K TWIN-CLUSTER; Ka=2P2M Kb=3P
  14. K 4P
  15. V 5P 1M
  16. K 3P
  17. G 3P
  19. G 5P
  20. K 3P
  21. K 4P BEND AREA
  22. K 4P NOTE: ADJACENT are 2K & 1V (& 1G + others FURTHER OUT)
  23. K 4M
  24. K 4M
  25. K 3P
  26. G 6P
  27. V 5P
  28. K 5P
  29. G 3P
  30. G 2P 1M
  31. G 5P
  32. G 3P
  33. G 3P 1M
  34. G 3P 1M
  35. G 4P
  36. G 3P
  37. G {ETARC CELLAR} 2P 1M

The lower section is the Bezisi Cluster and is predominately Gek and Korvax.
The upper section is the Morshob Adjunct and is evenly mixed race and features huddle-clusters. Under angled viewing the upper section has the appearance of fairy light decorations.


Due to background stars it is difficult to appreciate the structure without revolving the Galactic Map camera around sideways. This is when the size of the structure and the distinct alignment presents itself more purely. Pictures don’t do it justice.

Currently 1 portal location in the ETARC CELLAR system is active but is as-yet un-tested in reverse.
I had a concern that the structure might cause issues with portal accuracy but after close reviewing, the stars all have their own individual identities and as can be seen are not clones of each other.
{{{THEORY ONLY!! It’s my impression that the initial galaxy graphics was created using a procedural generation tool and that portal addresses don’t necessarily line up with actual grid references in the graphics of NMS galaxy. Each planet has a name and grid reference, but it is skewed to fit the scattered graphics. This avoids a boring grid of stars in boxes. I’m happy to be corrected on this fact as it is all just theory and ideas from my end.}}}


That has to be the coolest thing I’ve seen in the game up to this point. Just a quick question, the black space is modded, right?


@HypoLord No mods. What you see here is a standard ps4 photo.


For the purpose of triangulating a position to use as reference, for I’ve chosen to do as follows:
Positioning the galaxy core behind me on the left in the 7:00 position, I line myself up so that two satellite systems halfway up (both 200ly down from the penthouse system) line up and overlap. They mark the boundary between the 2 regions each being in a different region.
Not yet named they are currently:
Pesjourn closest to viewpoint (Bezisi Cluster)
Nazaifur-Elo XV furthest from viewpoint.
When aligned only Pesjourn is visible.
These names will be updated once I know what is happening.

From this alignment I can back away and see the entire structure from a standardised viewpoint and it helps eliminate the bend.


No mods, wow. I need to spend more time exploring the galactic map.


It turns b&w, when no waypoint is selected as far as I remember.


This is where it all started…
About halfway down about post 23 i think…
More pics and info post 25.


With a view to making this location a hub or at least a place of interest I’ve kept my scanning and visits to a minimum. Nothing is named yet other than the 2 bookend systems which I’ve had a bit of a look around.
I’ve spent some time investigating a solo star system by itself that struck me as an ideal GATEWAY or LAUNCHPAD system: by that I mean a location to step through a portal, claim a base and then immediately leave to find a new home in the cluster to free up the habitat for the next traveller.

This system contains four useable planets (and one malfunctioning one).
All are reasonably safe and 100% unscanned. One desert, one terrain/rivers, one ocean, one frozen. Haven’t looked for portals yet and have decided to hold off further exploring pending interest as my stack of unnamed places is getting big and I want to leave heaps for everyone else.

At present only one untested portal exists on a moon in the ETARC CELLAR system.

It should be noted that it requires up to glyph 15.


Could you post the portal address? I could use it to waypoint (helpful even with blackhole roulette).

I will try to make may way there soon, especially if that area is chosen as the ETARC Hub.

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Was holding off posting the exact details until after we had formally made a decision regarding hubs, naming methods, capital name, location and so forth.
We only really get one shot at managing and naming this correctly.
By waypoint do you plan on warping there and not moving ?


I appreciate the discretion. You are right, we only get one shot. Let’s be patient.


Makes complete sense.

Sorry…I somehow didn’t see your question when I first read.

My purpose is scientific/ investigational and not for exploration. I have my own 500+ system “empire” in normal mode and I will remain near the Spacing Guild in survival mode. So, I will not be moving even when the Hub opens. (however, I would likely be part of any Spacing Guild assistance requested for the Hub exploration.)

I would use the waypoint to navigate to the area, especially after a black hole jump to see quickly how close I am.

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Sorry for delayed reply. Was busy.

I will continue to map the system by Galactic Map and paper.
My thoughts are: regardless of this being a hub or not, I’d like to see the string between my marked systems uniformly tagged and carefully named.
This will require joint collaboration based off a predetermined plan.
I love the idea of the ETARC community getting together with The Spacing Guild on this one. I also love the idea of as many etarcian ‘first contact’ claims not just one person discovering the lot. I have enough warp cells to do this but I really want to share the discovery with ETARC.
There are more than 150 planets and moons in the string of about 43 stars not including the merge point where there is a wider grouping.

If the rest of the ETARC community is good with the idea, I’d be open to PMing @LordMarkov with some co-ordinates so he can begin his journey via black hole roulette and warp. More feet on the ground so to speak.
Please voice your reponse below…

In regards to a HUB:
I think the central area where there is a small grouping around the merging of the 2 regions including a single green star (2planets) would make a cool HUB CAPITAL and I think the tag; ETARC HUB, is an easy choice. (Note: the green star is slightly ofset from the string but it is destinctive).
From this point the chain stretches up and down and would make for nice system-by-system discovery and naming.
I’m of the opinion that there are far too many planets and moons to be fussy about tags. I’d just like for each and everyone to have a classy well thought out name.
(I’m sure many of you have resorted to generic or silly names at times. I know I have.)

So without trying to play dictator, thats my take on the situation… as a pioneer :grin:


In regards to this location as a potential Hub; I think it would be wise to simply keep it to yourself. Giving out privileged information to a select few is not fair, especially when we’re talking about the Hub. If you plan to release the location, it should be done publicly

If you would prefer to claim this anomaly for yourself, and remove it from Hub candidacy, then you may do with it as you please.

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Understood. Will simply wait…

As someone who’s not really bothered about the hub, I can stand back, and understand your reticence.

If the area is the preferred location, and you make it public, it becomes available to every sorry griefer with internet access.

And, sad to say, there are lots of people out there who will gladly mess things up for others, just because they can.

Perhaps, if the consensus is that this should be the hub location, then addresses / locations should only be distributed by PM, at least in the first instance. It’s not a foolproof method, but it does mean you limit initial access to people with a proven record.


PM only initially.

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My concern wasn’t griefers. The Hub is supposed to be a community project. Giving a select few the ability to explore this phenomenon is not fair to anyone else who wants to be involved. This situation is getting dangerously close to creating a secret club for the cool kids and making this topic unlisted doesn’t help.

It’s your discovery. Do whatever you want with it.

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I totally agree.
I was prompted to go back and get more info about the unusual structure by you guys. As far as I’m concerned its ETARCs.

Now I’ve had a close look, it IS pretty cool. So if the Etarcians want it for a hub. Excellent.
I’ll wait till something gets organised and then we can formally open up and start arriving, I would just suggest sooner than later to avoid claim jumpers as whats here is public viewing.

I’ve even taken time to look into the best way to find multiple portal planets so people can start moving in.
I figured the first few pioneers can come through the one portal as a starter crew, then they can find new portals and then once we know how we want to name things, post the adresses here. Then the flood of ETARCians can come through. Someone has to be first…

I tried to fix the unlisting error. I was just editing details in my post.
I gather it is still unlisted??? I’ll try to fix it again.

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