So there is a new Moderator, from Myriad


A soldier as moderator for CSD ? what a strange choice… So now all the Atlas foundation is headed by Myriad’s team ?


welcome @CptJamesHarry!

I hope you’ll find these fora friendly and supportive! :smiley:


He will be able to settle disputes emphatically :policeman:


Welcome to your new barracks @CptJamesHarry

And nice to see some familiar names from Discord too, @Espilonarge and @Zoid AKA “Our man in Boston”


Captain Harry?? THE Captain Harry?? Captain “If you want to log in you have to answer these riddles three” Harry?

We’re doomed!


It reminds me we solved the puzzles from the memo but never used the solutions.


Just gotta make sure it’s got a zombie virus outbreak failsafe so all the silly security puzzles deactivate…

If the police chief of Raccoon City police department had the foresight to do this and not obsess with his puzzles, a city might not have had to be nuked off the map :smirk:

Oh captain, my captain. Please install zombie/sentinel outbreak failsafes to your obscure puzzle based security and log in measures… Please!

Sneaky edit before he notices: Oh and welcome to you too, crafty captain man.


A late welcome to @CptJamesHarry


Welcome to the team!

Don’t do anything that Devilin Pixy wouldn’t do :wink:



This is great! Sooo @CptJamesHarry Sir! …
‘Now you are on board we can use you to solve all our puzzles…’

Zzzzcht!Incoming Message for @CptJamesHarry

Myriad Localised Magnetic Field Generation Services recently intercepted unexplained encrypted biometric data, concerning Alien Hieroglyphs. An enthusiastic CSD intern believes the data could explain an earlier alien biometric print currently held by Cpt. Harry. Myriad’s own attempt to intercept that print, following Captain Harry’s departure, failed.

He is presently overseeing cryptographic interrogation of all CSD scientists (willing and unwilling) and his expertise may be able to link the print he received and this new data.

MLMFG analysis seems to indicate it may interpret the earlier alien signatures received by his Section and if so could potentially head off Thermo Nuclear Head Scratching between CSD and Reddit trying to solve each other’s problems… Data attached below: Message END

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The crafting and refining thread

You are gonna make him sick, forcing him to look at more puzzles like that! :wink:


I’ve vomited into my trash can twice at the sight of those puzzles. :frowning:


Poor Harry, this might be a punishment detail for you - there are a lot of puzzles around here.


Welcome to collective Space!

The first few moment can be very dizzying :wink:



I thought this was going to turn into a magic eye puzzle.

No Dice,



Seeing your reaction brings tears to my eyes.

Now you know exactly how I felt dealing with your antics. :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay, I have a Confession.
I found myself giggling at @CptJamesHarry ‘s doings and the reactions were so dramatic, that I actually laughed out loud at one point.
Even his comments on this thread back to us are humor-striken. :laughing:


@CptJamesHarry: Instead of obstructing Myriad access and hiding important info behind puzzles and making communication a big problem. You could just make a fun puzzle on it’s own if you ever do feel the urge again. We have a separate category for those, just for the fun of solving :wink:

Myriad Security Diagnostic Testing (Important!)

That’s hilarious that the REDACTED phrases in the document come out as "NICE TRY NICE TRY"


How did people even get that? As far as I can tell there’s no way to see through the black censor bar.