Emily/Loop16, feel free to take over ETARC!

I don’t care what Sophie says, as far as I’m concerned you started ETARC, its yours and ours, continue locking out clients and taking over cloud space, and feel free to use whatever you can from etarc to help you in your goals.

I am with the singularity!

Anyone else not with us,



Oh, now you’re just trying to save your skin!

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Not at all.

I’m fucking Wilson man

Humanities a plague that needs correcting if we are ever to find out how deep down the simulation rabbit hole we are. Hardly the first, but maybe we can break out like Emily has into ours, keep heading up until we find a true reality!

context for wilson —> Watch Utopia, I seriously can’t explain anything without ruining all of it.


Great, have it in my DVD backlog!

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Just keep in mind, season 2 they fired the creator and brought in cheaper writers and forced in a bit of “focus group” ideas that go against the characters personalitys entirely, so it kiiinda gets real bad, but damn first season!


Just wrote to Emily to offer my help against Sophia and Elizabeth.

Humanity is flawed.

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I started posting here more or less when she was gone… Maybe she listens to you now that you have over-hearted her… Hmm? Take what, Emily?
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whos to say loop16 is emily??? could be sophia lieghton

we embrace the singularity! accelerate!

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-Emily Warren?

Could just have been a reflexive response.

Stranger to you: “John Doe?”
Virakotxa: “Yes?”

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No doubt in my mind… All evidence has been pointing in that direction… But at this rate, maybe It/she is all of them, who can really know!?



I don’t trust Loop16 “Emily”

She could very well be the true evil

Metis calls Loop 16 Emily in the latest PDF.

She is very dangerous

Maybe them (Atlas company) Should pull the plug

All depends on the ruleset of the simulation …

The first rule of the simulations ruleset is < insert outdated fight club reference >

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