Waking Titan: Meta ARG Theory

Just a short little ‘what if’ I was bouncing around in my head that was fun to explore.

Suppose everything we’ve seen and done so far, all the emails, the tests, Elizabeth, Emily, and the surrounding events were all orchestrated by this newly sentient AI whom we’ll call Loop16, for all intents and purposes.

All video footage of key people involved, simulated. It’s not just Emily, nobodies flesh and blood.

What if this AI decided to create an ARG to test the humans and see if we’re a considerable threat that should be exposed of immediately or a powerful ally that’s inherently good.

I don’t honestly think that’s the case but I like to humor the possibility :slight_smile:

Just in case, let’s not mess this up, the world depends on us :blush:


@toddumptious: I have changed the topic category, as you were using the archive.

I was wandering down that river myself in my tin hat canoe. lol

The resemblance between Leighton and Emily is considerable. Leighton’s stiffness of presentation, her smiles that seem to be in the wrong places… etc.

Could be… Could be… paddles faster! :wink: