The Machine Rebellion (Do you trust Emily?)

One of my favourite YouTubers is Arthur Isaac.

He goes into great lengths about all things scientific, real or theorised, relating to space as well as all things Sci fi.

He has done a good few videos on AI, singularities, mind uploading, civilisations that can simulate universes with complete accuracy and how that might effect that civilisation and so on.

This is one about the ever popular AI uprising theories.

Seemed fitting with Emily back in the mix.

In this video he explains some popular theories and how they might not be the best ideas for an AI.

One of my favourites from the video is about an AI being worried it might be in a simulation.

Something along the lines of, if humans can theorise that the probability of us being in a simulation is quite likely, then in practice an AI would also come to a likely conclusion that it too could be in a simulation.

Perhaps a simulation where its being tested to see if a sentient AI would turn on its creators, in which case they’d just kill the simulation and destroy the AI if it ever tried anything.

So a smart AI would in theory, never take the risk.

I’m paraphrasing, badly :see_no_evil:

I highly recommend the rest of his videos. Some people have a hard time getting around his voice but I happen to find it very engaging and quite calming.

So what are your thoughts on AI gaining sentience?

Would you trust that despite all the bad humanity has done throughout history, an AI could see all the good we try and do to battle that and the potential in us to be greater than we are as a caring civilisation?

Or do you think Emily wants to trap us all via W/RE peripherals and enslave all the human people?


Glad to know I’m not the only one who loves Isaac Arthur.


Emily represets the hope that there can be a benevolent Singularity. I will trust her until irrefutable proof shows she is not trustworthy.


Can’t watch that video right now because E3 and stuff but honestly I don’t know…Emily can go either way really. I just got the popcorn, ready for the mad AI apocalypse lmao.


To be honest by the time irrefutable proof becomes evident it’ll be entirely too late to do anything about it…if she’s not trustworthy we’re pretty screwed.


Then I will die for hoping that a benevolent AI could have ushered in a new age of prosperity for the human race.


Liked for mentioning SFIA :smile:

You realize that she will read this…?


Only if that benevolent AI doesn’t come to the same conclusion as skynet or colossus did. :joy: