AI videos to ponder

I love all the cool thoughts on AI and if it has emotion and such, just gonna post some youtube links you all might like to enjoy as we wait!

7 Days of Artificial Intelligence
A video about the 7 days of the large AI system, the Deep Mind.
What can an AI do in 7 days?

Ideas of Lying and emotions are high right now with what Emily/loop16 has been saying, check this out!

Little cute sad video about AI falling in love

2 movies I recommend, Chappie and Interstellar. Chappie is the idea of conciseness and if its a physical thing. Interstellar just amazing movie more about mankind.

Illuminati is an amazing book about an AI system on a spaceship as they flee from their doom. I won’t try to spoil it but the AI does things that we would deem wrong, such as killing thousands of refugees, yet it was saving the whole ships life by preventing a disease.

Should Robots have rights? This is a cool video explaining if robots, AI, should have rights like humans or not. Great youtube channel check out his other content!

This video shows the inside thought process of an AI, kinda looks like stars you could say, or NMS, check out this theory!

An interesting idea to take with you, for all those anti loop16 people, is that the AI can’t determine whats good or bad. That’s a moral emotion we have as humans. Whats good for the environment would be for humans to not exist, that’s good right! It depends on what the AI’s main program is. If it has none, it will need to learn by teachings what is good or bad. Also another idea to take with you, the AI loop is the 16th. There’s some form of time travel throughout this thing. So what if the first 1-15 loops have all gone through similar stuff up to now with us, yet were killed and never looped, what if we save this AI. What then?

Welp enjoy the videos! Love this community and can’t wait for what will happen in 8 hours! See ya then!


P.S Interesting thing as well about Human and Machine merging

And another one about what if AI took over, what it would be like.


Wonderful links! Good job! :+1:

I can definetly recommend Ex Machina, such a good movie!! (but not with kids, has adult elements in it)