[SPOILER] I trust Emily less now than ever

After my experiences with the Atlas, I honestly have to wonder if Emily sees us as anything other than chess pieces to be moved around. Meeting the Atlas and seeing how it seems to view everyone inside Mercury as mere abstractions, does this mean she lied to us the entire time, projecting a human woman exterior so we’d do what she wanted?

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I apologize but, how does this give you complete trust?

Hmm? Say again?

You think Emily is the Atlas? I associated her more with Nada.
I haven’t done the new questline though.

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Admittedly, this update has been good. However given the storyline with the ARG and with the quote from your initial post, I did not see that as a statement of trust… and personally I question what Emily may do in the future (but also not pigeon-holing her as Skynet).

Nada was always anti-Atlas though, and he’s even more so in Atlas Rising.

Exactly. When did Emily help Atlas? She even lied to them (remember the memo?).

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If her plan was to disguise herself as a woman to gain our trust, she would have chosen one much more attractive. I think she just needed a familiar form, i.e. human, that we would listen to.

Now EL on the other hand…wow. She is smoking!