So there is a new Moderator, from Myriad


@CptJamesHarry Welcome! I’ll get right to it. What happened at Myriad?

You like puzzles?


Just a bit of fun. I won’t bore you with the details, right now I’m focused on getting a grip on the way this forum works so I can help keep it running smoothly.


125132189 34126 ?


Welcome @CptJamesHarry! Hoping to see some surprises from you as a new moderator.


@Emily started a Welcome thread for him, already.

Edit: Oh, my bad… nevermind. :rofl::joy: Carry on!


I just saw an announcement, no thread.


I’m hoping to be as unsurprising and boring as I can be.


I’ll hold you to that! :wink:


How did you even find out before Emily’s announcement? I didn’t see him post anywhere.


I posted after Emily made the announcement.


Well at least he’s talking to us so he’s more than just an ARG character, that’s good to see.


The guy that drove the CSD and everyone at the Atlas Foundation/Myriad up the wall with puzzles?

Are we sure it’s safe to give someone of this caliber so much power?

He could end up changing the way the security system works just for logging in to the forums by making us have to recite the damn Fibonacci sequence all over again!


Yeah well, you know…probably a lot safer than when we decided Emily should live.


From what I see here, you guys would get a kick out of that.

No, but, really. I’m not going to be doing anything like that. I got yelled at enough that I don’t think I could stomach seeing another puzzle ever again.


Good because I don’t want to have to deal with another state of distress and frustration like that again… the puzzles only being a part of the chaos that I had to deal with these past several months.


Welcome, white elephant in the room.


Him? Seriously? What did we do to deserve this? :cry:

Welcome to the forums Captain.


Do you all get what this means? Emily is going to become “unavailable” soon, and Captain Harry will be leading the ARG here at that time.


Not sure if what will necessarily be the case…so far he has at least been willing to communicate to us as a person a bit not strictly just as a scripted ARG character as Emily has so he may simply be a character to be more involved with us…like if there will be a section where we could get answers by asking the right questions or some such. I don’t think Emily will be killed or anything like that.


Welcome!! So what can you tell us about tariq?