So there is a new Moderator, from Myriad


Click-n-hold your mouse down, somewhere next to the redacted bit.

Drag THROUGH – you will see the “selection highlight” continues over (under?!) the redaction.

Ctrl-C to “copy” whatever is there.
Ctrl-V to “paste” it somewhere else … like a waiting Reply box in this forum. :slight_smile:
Delete after laughing.
Write a totally different message. :smiley: :+1:


Ah, clever…it never occurred to me that we could copy paste things from under a censor bar like that.


TBH, @DarthTrethon, it only just occurred to me, to even give it a go! :smiley:

“Clever”, I can do SOMEtimes…

Other times, it’s “Overcomplicating things” (like suggesting substituting dataset letters for SCRABBLE TILE POINTS values…!! …when it’s really only a reflection of the general frequency of each different letter in typical English language usage…)


Sure there are tricks, but you can always just use a pdf editor, which preserves all pdf info (layers and such) allowing access to all elements. The black bar is just an image covering the text below. Remove it or drag to the side and there ya go. These editors are pretty much the same as working with an image that has the layer info preserved (.psd/.xcf)


Whilst I can & will agree to that sentiment, M. Pixy, that – to me – is the “more involved” solution. :wink:

That is to say, whilst viewing the PDF in eg Google Chrome, it really was a simple matter of highlight–copy–paste. Didn’t require other extra software, which some people may not already have. (I have an older version of PShop, but…)



I’d just like to point out, dear forumite peers & fellow CitScientists, that @MacForADay weren’t 'arf wrong, 'ere, wot? :wink:


May I just say …

The “interference” image specifically appears to come in only 2 colours – Black & White.

I’ve not seen anyone else say (here) anything about Binary, but it rather strikes me as a huge potential.

The oddity, I grant, is the incidence of the White Blocks. They look about “cursor size”… :thinking:
(Also debating if my eyes are playing tricks on me, or if those White Blocks are NOT perfectly white!)

The overall image, I feel, might be “too long a message” if taken as pure Binary to decode, even with a standard 8-bit-to-1-byte character makeup. (That is, every set of 8 pixels representing 8 bits = 1 character, from 00h-FFh.)

The only other “solution” possibility which comes to mind is based on the “overlay windows” idea, which would mean a specific TEXT needs to be found, and the “interference” image printed, White Blocks chopped out, and all overlaid on the text…
The “triplets” (there are a few) are not consistently spaced, though a few look close / similar.

Most importantly – critically, even – all the White Blocks are, very specifically, absolutely NOT “precisely” in line with each other (horizontally). Naked-eye spacing is obvs thrown by the “interference” pattern, but I’ve managed to check this, in here (ECSD) without need of any graphics application…

In any case, as I’ve not seen it elsewhere, I’ve made a list count of the White Blocks, from top to bottom, grouping them in “lines” by horizontal association, even though it is “imperfect”:

10 (wide triplet + 3 + triplet + 1)
_ 7 (2 + poss wide triplet + 2)
_ 7 (2 + pair + 3)
_ 9 (close pair + 1 + wide pair(?!) + triplet + 1)
_ 5
10 (3 + wide triplet + 1 + triplet)
10 (pair + 3 + triplet + 2)
11 (2 + triplet + 3 + pair + 1)
_ 1
70 = TOTAL number of White Blocks.

Why did I bother? … you might ask…

WakingTitan console commands still have things we’ve not yet “unlocked”, incl “parameters” for DISPLAY, etc…

Plus there’s sthg about 231187661T that’s troubling me… a “loose end” kinda feeling…



:open_mouth: . o O ( Mind . . . Blown . . . )

But seriously, though – I kinda thought the spaces between the glyphs were sensible enough.
The only “extra” I’m noticing at all … is the potential for some of them to be Apostrophes… which then kinda gives the game away a bit (more).

I never did find this “solution” in the GameDets pages… I went through 3, 4, 5, and it won’t be in 6, will it?
I’ll review Phase 2 when time permits…

I like the look of this puzzle, cuz it’s quite a “visual” one, and I like stuff like this. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the overlaid version, @DevilinPixy - that’s marvellous. :smiley: