S Class Ship Theory (How and where to find them with the least effort)


Squiddy Ship stats:


Week 3 Update:
I scavenged out the Experimentals from another S Class thread Making the count total now 18.
S Class Megathread

So far there are no indicators of a trend towards Race, System type, Wealth or Conflict level…
Even though it’s still early in the data collection it does look like a 20% chance a system might have an Exotic. The issue is, the spawn rate is so low after the first appearance, even if you are in a good system, it can take a long time before you actually come across one, making it appear there are less of them out there than there really are. I end up looking at somewhere between 100-200 ships in each system before I find all the various models, and in virtually every case but one (when I returned to a system I had been at weeks before) an Exotic shows up within the first 50 ships that land at a Station or Port. After that, I’ve rarely seen another.

I’m still powering through cataloging all the ships in systems, while in search of equal replacements for my old ships (still have 3 more to go), so I won’t be stopping any time soon.

Thanks to @Crimsontine for the link to here from his No Mans Sky thread. No Mans Sky



forgot to add this…


Wow. I’ve never seen that configuration ship before.
Very nice.


I was tempted to buy it but decided to just keep mine.


Why is the one on the right more expensive? Tech slots? The overall stats are lower.


Overall stats were better but less tech slots. I have all of my tech slots filled so I’d have less room.


I have yet to test enough to convince myself of the fact but it looks like every system can and will have an Exotic S class ship… it all comes down to a bit of patience.

Stay tuned for more details soon!


@CrossID looks like they gave it a quick respray and flogged it off to me:



This cute little thing decided to park in front of me…

Is anyone still trying to make sense of when/where these S class ships appear? I’m happy to contribute the info I find but I feel it’s more random then anything else.


Actually, I think I’m close to figuring it out. I’m in the midst of a large batch of tests so I can eliminate most of the randomness that’s still in the way.


I think I’m close enough to say this with 99% certainty: every system will EVENTIALLY have an exotic ship.
I’m working on trying to see if there are any percentages by system type or other variables but, for the most part, with enough patience, you will eventually find an exotic in ANY system.

If you’re impatient, you can play the reload game.

  1. Go to a Trading post
  2. Monitor the initial ships (typically 6 to 9 ships).
  3. If none of them are an Exotic - reload
    –repeat until the exotic shows its self.

For systems that don’t have planets with trading posts it will take a bit longer. Go to the space station and let 7 to 10 ships land before doing the reload.

I’ve gone back to 9 systems I thought would not have an exotic and 8 of them did after enough resets (so far anywhere between 2 and 56 - I’ll narrow that down in the coming week).
Regarding that one that I didn’t see an exotic: I stopped after 100 resets. I have a feeling, when I go back there, It will eventually give up its exotic.


I finally found my first Octopus ship!

coords for anyone interested: MOMER:07F9:007E:07F9:004A


I am right next to that area. I’ll have to go look. I’d love a squiddie :grin:

I’m terribly impatient, so we’ll see if I find it :confused:


I’ve been looking for this ship for such a long time … today, finally found it! :yum:

This ship is everything I hoped it would be …


Just love this little ship. It was the first exotic I found and bought.

I agree, just when I think I see a pattern … then the game throws out an exception! Sometimes when it seems complicated to the extreme, its probably a random generator.


I like how it looked but it didn’t stack up to mine…


Ooh, it’s random alright. :slight_smile: But random within specific parameters and result adjustments.
For example, Most always you will see more C class than A class ships… but not allways.
There times where you won’t see an S class through 500 ships… or you could see one every 10 ships a few times.
The numbers are roughly 60% / 40% / 20% / 2% for C / B / A / S (with some adjustments thrown in under certain conditions.

RNG (Random Number Generation) does have a statistical balance though where it all comes within certain minimum and maximum parameters. And that is what I’ve been trying to nail down by tracking all the variations until a distinct pattern appears…


The third image is a great shot.
I thought I saw the arms longer while it was in flight and this proves/shows it.
When it lands the arms in front of those bolt things retract and they are only half as long.