S Class Ship Theory (How and where to find them with the least effort)


A destitute system? Well that blows the “high wealth” systems theory out of the water.


It shows that it’s possible to find them in most if not all systems. The economy could still affect the frequency though.


That’s true. How long did you wait for it?


I wasn’t waiting for it actually. It just happened to see it approaching the trading post I was at. I was only there for a couple of minutes dropping off a package at the terminal. This is a very wild theory but maybe this is someone coming in to pick up the goods I just dropped off? Highly doubtful but might be worth the time to eliminate.


Have we ruled out that it might be economy type? The screenshots here say experimental, mercantile and technology.


They all do have tech slots. It’s damn too hard to click on the button. Use hot keys instead.


Yeah, it’s a silly bug.


Another one today. Trading post again but I wasn’t turning in a mission.


And then another one at the same trading post less than 10 minutes later. Slightly different stats.


I’ve frequently seen the same exotic ship twice within 20-30 minutes… after that, it could be multiple hours before you see one again.


awesome one! I can’t imagine one of these but in black color :sunglasses:


After some research over the past week (12 systems ships cataloged and including the results posted here by others) I can say with some certainty, there is not a specific system type, economy, race or conflict severity that will give “the best” chances at finding an exotic ship. So far I’ve only found 2 systems in the 12 checked that had Exotics. I’m fairly sure that was just blind luck and don’t anticipate seeing more for a while.

As I said back in post #30, the numbers of ship types and models are exactly as I indicated, arranged per race. S types in those appears to still run around 2% and there are only 3 to 5 models that will appear with the max slots for a given model.

What I have not done is to see if a region makes any kind of difference. All my data collection has been purposefully within only one region so far. Figuring out if there are exotic limits per region is probably out of the range of being able to be determined within any kind of a reasonable time frame just due to the time that would need to be involved to check all the systems in multiple regions.


Nice work.


I forgot to mention:
I’ve added 2 sheets to the ship tracking template (see link in post #30).
Ship Data: the data I’ve collected so far - and ongoing collection
Exotic Data: a listing of the system info where exotics have been spotted (keep the info coming)

One final note: The number of trade routes makes a difference in space stations. Few to no trade routes can cause the ships to just circle the station at a distance and those that land will be the same ones over and over. It may take more running around but Trade Posts are usually going to give you faster ship appearance and variation results in those cases (A big THANK YOU to Hello Games for giving us a safe haven under the trade post cover!)


“Mabokubunk S82” (folding wing type)
18 slots with 5 tech slots.
Damage: 43%
Shield: 58%
Hyperdrive: 53%.
Location of find was:
The Neordsil System: a High Conflict Vykeen system with Wealthy Economy based off Power Generation.
Was a chance sighting while leaving Space Station after teleporting in.
Cost: 8,285,000 U
Closest planet coordinates:


Took a while but I found another. That’s 3 out of 15 systems…
Etyendir - Experimental - Satisfactory - Formidable - Vy’keen


4 tech slots


I picked up the one in the foreground today (the squidy thing). It’s an 18 slot.

This is where it came from:

On another note, has anybody else noticed how difficult it is to get ships into the freighter bay of your choice? I find I fly up to the bay entrance I want, and right at the last moment, the game switches my choice, and puts the ship somewhere else.

Also, If I leave the freighter, the ships inside will rearrange themselves. When I come back, they’re in different positions.

Are any of you playing with them while I’m away?


I find parking my ships in the aisle I want involves lining up from way back and coming in very slow…and then hoping it doesnt change its mind.
My 2 S class ships both poke through the ceilings & I’m not sure what witchcraft gets them through the hanger doors.

I think my crew are going for joyrides in my ships as some get moved about if I go out of my system.

I love the sqiddyship. What’s its perks/bonuses?


@Polyphemus It confused me for a while as well. Here’s how it works: each time you call your freighter your ships get generated in the order you bought them in, back to front, bay 1 then bay 2. Since you’re flying it, the spot for ship you are currently using gets filled in. Also, when you get rid of one and replace it with a new one, the new one will occupy the slot of the one you replaced with it.

Landing in the bay you want has always been a pain…@Mad-Hatter has it, slow and easy from a distance helps sometimes… or get all 6 ships then you don’t have much choice where you’re going to go anyhow. :slight_smile:

edit: I meant back to front