S Class Ship Theory (How and where to find them with the least effort)


You found a good planet and I believe there is only one exotic per system I haven’t found two yet.


Just bought my third exotic S-Class ship today. It’s a 19 slot ship with 6 tech slots. Found it on a Vykeen space station in a system with a promising economy. Several days before, I came across another exotic ship on a space station (Korvax), but I let it go because it was almost exactly like my second exotic ship. After I bought the ship today, I found another one in the very next system - also on a space station (Gek)!

Let it go too, because it only had 15 slots.

I wasted too much time searching for exotic ships, waiting for them on stations and trading posts … waiting and waiting. Nearly drove me crazy! So, I just shifted gears and focused on the flow of the game play; exploring, farming, marketing, doing guild missions … and along the way, the exotic ships just show up! It will happen! Just keep your eyes peeled.


I agree: the novelty of the ‘S’ class did monopolize some people’s play earlier on.
I didn’t bother, as I was trying to just plod along and not surge my gameplay with gotta-do this & gotta-do-that.
However, I got curious recently after reading about others various finds so I gave the ‘spawn method’ a go (and got to just lazily hang out and do some starship spotting in the process).
Was cool to score one without to much effort but now its back to farming, acquiring tech & of course…exploring :grin:


I started doing a little data collection tonight.
They have changed things a little from before. There was three of each ship type, for a total of 12 ship models, that could be expected to land at a station. That count has gone up to 20 (+1 for an Exotic).
It looks like the max slots remain the same for each ship type, as do the breakdowns of groupings:
20-28 Shuttle Max
29-38 Fighter/Explorer Max
39-48 Hauler Max
Exotics being the odd-ball running 11-20.

Over the next few days I’ll be collecting more data and try to determine if the economy, wealth or aggression makes any difference in the ship type and model counts as well as the number of S classes with max slots.


I know I have seen haulers as low as 28 slots (this morning in fact). :thinking:


Hey everyone!

I confirm the “Promising” type system theory.
This afternoon I was waiting for an S Class Exoship on a trading post.
Nothing after 3 reloads.
Then went to my freighter, and found another Exoship Class S / 20 slots!

Sorry for the picture quality!
Here is the video of it (16:10)


28 (low end of B Class) was possible before…even 25’s (Low end of C class)

Where I mentioned the ship types, that was only for the max slots, not that the range applied to the low end too. :slight_smile:


I just now bought the first one I saw:

Dominant Lifeform: Gek
Economy: Mercantile // Fledgling
I thought it would be more expensive…



Everyone: Keep posting where you find the exotics - the system type wealth and race. I want to compile a data set to try to nail down specifics.


So, according to what I’ve been able to piece together, there are 20(+1 chance exotic ) ships per system.
Shuttle - always 7 different ship models.
The numbers of the other three ship types depend on the Race of the system.
Gek system:
Shuttle: 7 models
Hauler: 7 models
Fighter: 3 models
Explorer: 3 models

Korvax system:
Shuttle: 7 models
Hauler: 3 models
Fighter: 3 models
Explorer: 7 models

Vy’keen system:
Shuttle: 7 models
Hauler: 3 models
Fighter: 7 models
Explorer: 3 models

There is typically one model per type that can have the max slots for that ship type (29, 38, 48), the rest are normally 10 or more slots less as a max. The nice thing to know is that there are now more models to see per system. :slight_smile:
EDIT: the 7 model ship types can have 2 models that are of the max slots for that type but it is rare.

Exotic’s are still an enigma that seem to appear randomly, though mainly in wealthy or up and coming systems. So far I’ve only seen one model appear in any given system (there have been reports of more appearing in one system but…). Post it here if you you see more than one Exotic model in a system (with system Hex address[from beacon]) or any appearing in declining or low wealth type systems. The more data we have the easier it will be for us to track them down. :):sunglasses:

Edit 2: if anyone would like to help out, I’m currently collecting the various ships that land in a space station or trade station and recording the model, type, slots and class as well as that systems Name, Economy, Wealth and Race.
A spreadsheet example can be found here: Copy the table, delete the data and fill in yours.

(to keep this thread clean, please send any data you collect to me in a PM.)


That’s a lovely… whatever we call them…
I call them a ‘tall wing’.
Looks nice in the blue.


I’d say, “Orb-Tail” due to the long “tail wing”… yeah, I know… that’s what you just called it lol

What I call them…
Orb (no nose)
Orb-Nail (with a pointy nose)
Orb-Tail (or portal ship - could fit in a portal - first two plus a long tail fin)
Delorean (splits open from the bottom and flips wings up to land)
Squid (there seems to be a long and a short squid but I’ve not seen any yet)


It approached a trading post with two others and I barely saw it as I was leaving so it was a lucky find. Only 19 slots but I had to have it. The bonuses alone are worth it.


Congrats. You are only going to get at best a 20 slot + 6 Tech slots. Considering they only come in 11 through 20 slots, getting a 19 slot is GREAT!


I got lucky then. 19 slot +6 tech slots. It only cost me 5M with my trade in, I was expecting much more.


You don’t happen to have the system info do you? Tech / Wealth / Race


Here you go…




Long and short squid is the same squid, just happy to fly.


Just saw this one today…