S Class Ship Theory (How and where to find them with the least effort)


This is my new ship. It flew in at the perfect time :star_struck:

5 tech slots

Where I found it


Good observation! I noticed the ship rendering on the HUD shows the long ‘arms’ and I wondered why they’re short. In flight they sort of reach for the stars! :smiley:


Hello fellow Travellers!

As I have found two exotic ships now in total I want to contribute what I can to the statistic,
The first exotic ship was found in:

(the planet above the cursor, it was at an outpost, I will check the specifics of it after my bath)

The second was found today :slight_smile:

I will translate the economy stats as they are in german and it would be absolutely egoistic to not do so.
4 Planets - 2 Moons
Mining - Wealthy

Both ships came in in the first 2 minutes of being at said points, after that I can’t tell for sure how long it would take for them to re-appear, as Ihave istantly bought both.

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I envy all of you who have one of these. Maybe someday I will have a freighter and a place to put my stuff. The detail on them is beautiful. Looks like a cute little duck from the front. :grin:
Korvax sysytem
Trivial conflict level


A cheap freighter has exactly the same parking space as a really expensive one.

Expensive freighters look nice, but functionally they’re not that different from the cheap ones.

Go on, get yourself a freighter!


My S-class freighter was fairly cheap as freighters go.
Warps 1/3 further than my best S class starship without upgrades. Only has 19 slots & doesn’t look like much but it works really well as a warping garage full of useful ships.


Exactly. The only thing I use my freighter for is storing my ship collection, and moving it around.

I have three 48 slot haulers. That’s a lot of storage space. I don’t care how much storage the freighter has.



Thanks so far to everyone that has posted their ship info. Keep up the good work. The list is growing well :slight_smile:


It is ugly, but I got this on my freighter at my home base planet;
Yellow Sun, 1 Planet 0 moons, Vy’keen, Fuel Genertion // Destitute, Untroubled.
Just waited about a few minutes watching ships till one came in and got the 1st one.
What defines a ship as an exotic other than it looking cool AF? Is there any indicator?


I am sorry to announce but this is no exotic ship, it is just a regular science S class ship.

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Yeah I got that, hence me asking what defines one as Exotic?


It is ‘exotic’ from type and they look unique, they can have 20 slots at most and 6 tech slots max, they are defined in having all 3 skills filled with over 30%

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Ah now I see, it actually says Exotic, where mine says Explorer, thanks for the info there.


You are welcome! I hope you will find your perfect ship soon!

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The topic is titled “S Class Ship Theory”. It doesn’t need to be “exotic”.


The thread has been about Exotics but I’m not going to complain if other S class data gets tossed in. Just about everyone eventually wants S class Haulers, Fighters and Explorers. So information to make that easier should be welcome. Plus, once I have enough info to post a detailed report, it will need to include all S class types.

In the end, Exotics are just fluffy bunnies; nice to look at and show off but not really good at any one thing like each of the other ships are.

 I want my **FLUFFY BUNNY!!!** 
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I really want a squid but it didn’t stack up to mine.


I just love these exotic ships …

If you’re patient, you could catch a glimpse of this beauty (19 slots. 6 tech slots) on Lefridi-Koma system space station.