S Class Ship Theory (How and where to find them with the least effort)


I still have not found one of this type yet… :anguished:


Well, @sheralmyst … now you have a resource to finally find your own, and its right here in the ECSD chain: Lefridi-Korma! :smiley:


I went that system, located a trading post (left a comm for others) reloaded twice on the platform & a nice blue squiddy landed beside me.
Nothing special (15s/ts) but I wanted one in my S collection so I swapped my unutilised hauler & took it home.


If you have an exotic ship, you may have noticed a ‘strange’ sound sometimes, like when you teleport to a station. That strange sound is your ship arriving! I started noticing the sound at different times, but especially while on a space station. On several occasions I’ve confirmed it. So, if you’re looking for an exotic ship, and worry you may be missing one while you’re exploring on a space station … just listen!


Hi Im new to the community here but I have had ample experience with the S-class exotics. There is
only one in every system and economy plays no part at all as i have found them in every system i visited from destitute to filthy rich. So if there is a paticular version you want keep going to new systems until you find it and if you want a 20 slot of what exotic you like just keep waiting at that location and one will show eventually. The trade post is the best place to find them and the reload method works like a charm. At most it took me 40 min to get one at minimum 5 min. I have five of them and would have way more if allowed but 6 is the limit. There is only one type of squid ship as the tenticals retract on landing so don’t get confused and think there are two. They do come in different colors though. Hope this helps.

On a different note i am on the search for an S-class 38 slot fighter so any info on where people are finding those would be of great help.




How much is the octopus ship guys? between 5m and 10m? I wonder if it’s more expensive than the others? average price?


Tops out at 12m units for the 20/6 same price as the other exotics


As I expected! Thanks @dersvr



I’ve noticed that decent fighters appear near other higher slot fighters. They seem rarer than exotics…
For example since you asked your question a few posts back I’ve been taking note and once I found a system which spawned a 30+ fighter, I hung about waiting.
These 2 similar but not identical ones showed up at a Trading Post. You could go there and hunt if so inclined. I’ve attached the coordinates. It’s within reach of the ETARC HUB.
Good luck.


I agree. Just lately I have been looking for a max slot fighter and found it extremely difficult. Finding a 29 slot S Class fighter was relatively easy, but finding a 38 slot S Class fighter has proved fruitless so far. I will keep looking…


I’m thinking Vykeen/Opulent system with an extremely high conflict level could be my next port of call…


Agreed. Vy’keen systems have more fighters, Gek systems have more haulers, and Korvax systems have more explorers. And the more successful the economy of the system, the better your chance (only a chance - not guaranteed) of a really good one.


Eissentam S class, free to pick up.(Ps4 Normal)

(Marked with a com ball)


I may have to swing by and have a look :wink:


The portal address is good, went through, the comm ball was seven hours away on foot, 2 hours by Nomad. Would I see the downed ship because I came through the portal? I wasn’t going to spend 2 hours to find out, although I may try tomorrow if I get bored. Nice planet though, left a comm ball with my address for a return visit.


No. All you’ll find is an empty crash site. You need go there by ship to see ships.


I assumed as much.


There is a system near my base called Dichotimus. I have routinely found exotics landing at the trading posts there. I cannot recall, offhand, if the system is rich or not. However, the trading post has high end trade. Thamium9, gasses, ores, plutonium, etc. are routinely sold in quantities of over 600 pieces.

While I have seen exotics in other locales, I have not seen them with such consistency. It is entirely possible the level of trade affects the frequency with which these ships appear.

I have not found another system with these high level trading posts. This is a singular occurrence.

I have seen other exotics at mid-level and low-level trading posts.

There seems to be a higher frequency with which exotics show at this trading post, but I have spent more time at this one than others.

There is also a high frequency of 48 slot haulers appearing, many of which are S Class.

The following image is an exotic that I have seen frequently at Dichotimus System trading posts.