Patient Intervention Thread - Phillip


When the trailer ready, I’m sure Xbox will promote it through their official site and Youtube channel.
And people will know it’s coming.


We’ve been through this in the e3 thread. HG doesn’t need the money fast, they don’t need day1 sales. If we’re lucky they’ll put up a trailer a little earlier than usually for updates, but I wouldn’t count on it.
If you think that’s stupid then I completely understand the sentiment, but that’s how they operated since launch and it has worked well for them. I don’t think they’re going to change it.


The Xbox official YouTube channel is pretty dead…I see Xbox fans get more views by orders of magnitudes than that youtube channel…but whatever they do I hope it works.


What do you mean by dead? Last time I checked, it still active and got lots views.
And don’t forget about other gaming news like IGN.
The news will spread.


I mean pretty damn low view numbers…outside of E3…the Inside Xbox Sean Murray interview has 36k views on the official Xbox youtube channel…that’s nothing.


I stream just for kicks the off time, not building a following or anything.

Most people who come in to my streams these daya are xbone owners who can’t wait for the game and are watching streams to get them through to July.

It’s hardly a echo chamber and I’m not even a youtuber. Macs audience has been growing suite a lot recently and I’m sure he could give better statistics on that than I could but I only get like three viewers max and for me the ratio has been two people going to buy on xbone and one person who’s name is usually @arpoja

I understand your fears for the games future if it can’t find a foothold on tencent or xbone but frankly they aren’t relying on first day sales, the games popularity does not depend on it being flavour of the month and that sort of marketing only draws in the dude bro gamers en masse.

The game will speak for itself and those in search of this experience will find it.

What hello games are doing here is making sure the relaxed community that has grown and stuck by the game (remember when nomanshigh and stoners were the safe refuge from knee jerk hate during launch?) does not become polluted with toxic people again.

Let this game be for those passionate enough to seek the experience out or wise enough to listen to a friend who says it’s right up their alley.

Okay this is patient intervention thread for Philip and id completely forgotten… Let’s stop talking about how hello games should or shouldn’t promote their game, and wake Philip up instead. He needs us :slight_smile:

@eiki (below) it’s that go big or go home mentality that’s seeped out of America and is effecting all of western society :confused:

@DarthTrethon (also below)
That’s the thing, the game is getting attention from the right people, too much attention and the jerks will surely follow. Those who fail to learn from history etc etc, hello games are steadfast on not repeating that.


36k views = nothing?
Ok whatever.


And how many people is that? Because considering the Xbox channel provided exposure of 36k there isn’t much to speak of there…a lot of those views were also most of the existing active NMS community as we all wanted to see that interview. People hyped for the game going to Xbox would no doubt have seen it if they cared since right now that all there is to see in terms of official info about the game. Right now the game is just not getting attention.


Guys Emily said if we could keep this thread mainly for chat about Phillip please, otherwise it’s going to be hard to find info


When there is info about any of these characters it would be great…we’re going two days with nothing happening.


What’s the second code?


What’s for dinner


For my channel, 99.9% of the time you would be right, except for the video below. It suddenly and inexplicably got extremely popular and has over 80k views. Read the comments for it and you will see many people saying they will give the game a chance after seeing me play it.

That’s why I keep making NMS videos every day, because eventually the YT algorithm blesses you and a larger audience sees what you are promoting.


This house is crazy… I wonder how much time he spent to create it…:sweat_smile:



The video doesn’t work for me (like most things). What does it show?


Phillip’s face as you see it in the app.


Too bad you can’t see it. It is basically a short video, looped, showing Phillip when in conversation. It is the same or similar to the very tiny profile image shown on the dashboard.

I posted the one for Eun Ha in the respective thread as well.


defrag status for Philip went to 100% somewhen in between… No new nodes open, though.


Yeah each of his first two conversations when solved gave 50% defrag each…and the defrag of #231187661T is at 100% even though we never did anything with him at all…so that’s all a bit weird.