Patient Intervention Thread - Phillip


Ok so I went to bed let’s just see how much I missed…

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Ohhhhh noooooooooo


I know that feeling all too well my friend…


3rd password What’s for dinner


I’m starting to think that Phillip is (or was) close to Enu Ha-- like a father…


What makes you think that? I don’t remember Eun Ha mentioning any prominent men in her life.


Maybe not his father, but doesn’t it look like they could be related to you?


No…not really…Eun Ha is a Korean woman, and Phillip has entirely different problems…like a wife he seems to be lying about who he blames for having got him stuck in the simulation and two children he misses.


Aww c’mon… maybe a Korean wife? :v:
haha just joking! Really in love with this fourth phase! Creepy and entertaining !


And Philipp doesn’t talk with other dreamers, no relation at all.


Anyone using a mobile and cannot get what’s for dinner to work hold the apostrophe key and select the first one that it’s on and this will give you the correct ’ that you need. I just figured it out sorry if it has been said


KYes it’s very frustrating, as a result I’m stuck and can’t progress to the next node :disappointed: @Emily is there any way you can help us with this?


They should just make “What is for dinner?” a viable alternative.


Thanks that worked, that’s a weight off my mind lol all sorted @Emily :smiley::+1:


Yay! Finally it worked for me, too :blush:Thank you


Glad you got it sorted and can continue to participate :slight_smile:

A&S is aware of the issue and I am sure they will try their best to prevent this happening in the future.


@emily @CptJamesHarry there is no date on the event for Phillip is this an oversight as we have no activity for a while on him


It’s not just phillip but Eun Ha, Claire, and Alexander that are ready for their release events too…in fact Eun Ha has been ready for release since last week…so not likely an oversight at all…they’ll do things on their time. Community events so far have only happened on weekends so far.


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