Patient Intervention Thread - Phillip


It’s difficult for me interpreting this stuff. I’m sat at a monster desktop PC, and I can’t see why people are having trouble.

But of course, people are on phones, and tablets, and consoles.

Not everybody’s seeing what I’m seeing. And I’m not seeing your problems.

I do try, though.


Haha hey that’s no probs, I appritiate the help :smiley::+1:


Just to check, I used all lower case. Code appears to be case insensitive.


@Emily and @oldgods please can you remove any punctuation from the codes we need to enter, causing major probs for people on mobiles, thanks :smiley:


Still doesn’t work for me, thanks anyway :+1:


I’m off to my sleep cell now, good nite all :zzz:


Good night. Sweet dreams.

Or maybe not. Don’t want to become a dreamer, do we?


Interesting that it went up in increments of 16 - 25% 41% 57% 73%


I’ve been thinking about our second interaction with Phillip and since others pointed out that he gave a different name for his wife the second time than in the first conversation with him I’ve been thinking…he seems almost too happy to have a fake digital image for her and “closure” would be totally cool that way…those do not sound like the words of a man that loves his wife and we know from the first conversation that he does harbor resentment towards her for having him stuck in the simulation…so it’s possible he’s not being genuine at all about wanting closure. I definitely think there is something important he’s not telling us, something is up with him that he’s not honest about.


That seems a bit off too…next increments should be 89% and 100% but from 89 to 100 is only +11…so not a full proper loop of 16…I wonder if that could cause problems.


Yes it did, there was a decryption error and it only recovered parts of the file


Emily does Phillip trust us enough now to move onto his next stage of recovery ?


Yeah I feel like this is going too slow…there are a total of 12 subjects we’re supposed to try to help, 9 aren’t unlocked at all, 2 we haven’t been able to do anything with and 1 we had two conversations with.


Well, we do have an event coming up for Phillip next, so hopefully after Emily has collated all the bracelet pics this morning and kick started Eun Ha into letting us question them, things can move on later today

Eun Ha’s 6th stage has a stream download community event, that sounds interesting, maybe some instructions from Sophie Dubois on a joint CSD adventure

My guess is we will finish Phillip and Eun through the week, letting Emily get started on another 3 dreamers for the weekend and another reveal

#23187661T is the Elephant in the room, this will be the final one, the big reveal on his/her identity and what they discovered in the Simulation will reveal the trailer for Next

Whoami springs to mind


I feel like with the Xbox launch only 36 days away they can’t really wait until the end of the ARG(which will likely be near the Jul 24 release) to show a trailer and get some proper marketing for NEXT going…they should have at least a proper trailer for this out by the beginning of July so it can hopefully have time to get some proper attention before the Xbox launch.


That’s not how HG operate though, the trailer will be the final gift from the ARG. Marketing has never been a HG strategy, they don’t have a PR division or a marketing division and that did not work out for them in the past.

What the last two years has shown them is, they get more work done, more respect, more players and less hate when they just focus all their time on the work and deliver content.

Traditional marketing models are a load of crap in my opinion anyway, they cater too much to poorly researched demographics (I have actually seen them create new demographics from the shit theyre forcing out there in my time).

The NMS playerbase has grown more in the last year by buzz created from the community playing the ARG and heralding atlas rises.

People called the marketing for NMS deceitful, but the thing is it wasn’t even marketing because they had no training in the field. I dunno if you know what it’s like to have a creative mind, but you usually wanna talk about the great ideas you just came up with even if they aren’t set in stone.

That’s what happened to Sean in interviews, and really what happened there was the games journalists reported it poorly, like most times they cut out the parts where he mentions these are features that might not make launch and instead just cut the interview so he’s just listing off features or just having interviews where he straight up says the game won’t have traditional multiplayer at launch buried on the website somewhere instead of at the forefront since that would’ve been very important information for people pre-launch ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Also marketing budgets are usually bigger than the actual development budget. Yes, marketing to the world is still stupidly more expensive than creating a product.


Art and marketing together should represent 75% of an AAA game’s cost, on average.



That’s because big publishers go ham on OTT ads, like durnig E3 they pay big to cover a giant building…or three…in an ad for one game…that sort of stuff…they pay for the most prime time and in your face ads they can so they waste tens of millions on it. HG don’t need to do anything remotely close to any of that…they just have to make sure that gamers know the game is launching…that’s it…put out a trailer, and get a couple of headlines about the game. After E3 the gamers are screaming about all sorts of games but not about NMS because almost nobody knows about it…the views that the Inside Xbox show where Sean appeared got were absolutely awful. If they just release it without doing anything at all this won’t go well. For all the disastrous PR that happened around the original launch at least people knew abut the game and many bought it anyway. That gave them the resources to keep developing as they have…but people won’t buy a game if they don’t know it’s coming.


I couldn’t agree more Todd. They don’t need to spend advertising money, they’ve got all us No Man’s Sky Youtubers to promote their game.


It’s an echo chamber…you’re preaching to the choir…the people who watch you are subscribed to you and most of them own the game already…people who don’t know the game is coming won’t be searching youtube for videos of it.