Patient Intervention Thread - Phillip


Yeah both previous nodes are lit


This works. This is as it worked. Other than that, I can’t really help you.


Looks like it may be the apostrophe
What’s for dinner <— bad?
What's for dinner <— good!


I did wonder about that, I only have the option to do the former :disappointed:


The keyboard can have more than one type of apostrophe? Maybe different language keyboards for languages other than English? I’ve never seen the weird curved apostrophe in my life.


You should be able to copy paste the answer from here and the copied apostrophe should transfer correctly…Ctrl+C -> Ctrl+V.


Dammit. They’ve disabled copy and paste.


That is what it looked like when copied from the source on here. Mine is the straight one. I am trying to find a solution, hang on …


Yeah tried that but couldn’t seem to highlight it


Incidentally I’m using a phone lol


Someone could send me the text in an email maybe?


Well that’s a nightmare…what are people with messed up apostrophes supposed to do? I imagine there’s a way to bind different characters to the keyboard keys but it’s gotta be messy.


Alt code would be ALT + 39
That should work, not sure on mobile though

So just type: What + ALT(hold) + 39 + s for dinner


Live and learn situation, my friend. I’m sure it’s surprising the puppetmasters just as much as it’s surprising us,


@Polyphemus do you think you could send me the the phrase by email so I can copy and paste from there, unless you think it would be fruitless?


Sadly enough the app does not allow pasting :frowning:


I already tried pasting it myself - thet’s why I said “dammit, they’ve disbled copy and paste”. Because they have. You can’t do it.

Try @DevilinPixy’s solution. That should work (if you can work out what you’re meant to do).


Download Swiftkey and it works for me through this new keyboard. I have iPhone.


I see, I thought you were referring to the forum, do you mean the ctl + 39 thingy, I can’t do that, no ctl button lol


Just downloaded but it can transmit all your previous key inputs, soz but there would be sensitive info in that transmission, thanks for the tip tho :+1: