Patient Intervention Thread - Phillip


Thanks for the email


I can’t seem to DM Phillip on my phone, it just directs me to a page that askes me to save the myriad uplink app on my homepage which I did already, am I missing something or will it just. Not work for mobiles?


You can now d/l Philipp’s file by clicking on View Patient File


I got that info but the next node says I can communicate with him but when I click connect the aforementioned happens


It’s not connecting for me on mobile, either. I had to get on the pc.


Ok so I got it to work on my mobile via desktop site, I am still a little confused tho, I have we spoke to Phillip…now what?


Deduce what info is needed to go in the Activation Code area or just type in 2018/01/13 :blush: After you go to the Dashboard and click on Phillip’s icon.


Ok cool, got it :raised_hands:


Now what tho?? The next node isn’t accessible??


There are 2 more threads dedicated to 2 other Dreamers

There are further instructions there. We are currently making friendship bracelets…you’ll love it! :rofl:


been noticing on the uplink dashboard site, the red highlighted areas seem to be changing. at work North America was red, got home South America was in red and now Antarctica is red. hmmm… sorry if this has been discussed before.


Yes, it’s the footprint of the satellite, It was important in a previous phase of the game, but that part has been solved for some time.

But who knows, it may become relevant again.


HI Emily, Welcome back!!
CSD will be on the case, rest assured…


Have we covered all the possible routes through the Emily / Phillip conversation. To find all the possible facts about Phillip? I’ve gone through several routes and they are hard to plot. I must go to sleep now. I’ve updated the character card post with some minor additions in my earlier post.

Well at least the code has been activated! Cool. Goodnight.


Looks like we’ll have to be careful how we proceed with Phillip…only one of his next branching paths connects to the headset(which would presumably mean he escapes the simulation) while the other looks like a dead end…he might be able to die or be stuck in the simulation if we’re not careful.

When he first mentioned he heard a child crying I first thought that could be Eun Ha but no, that diary entry of her as a child with her mother was from 1997…so she’s certainly not a child anymore.


So idk if it’s just me, but after I entered the code that others have found his direct message node turned green, but his defrag was still at 0%. After I refreshed, his defrag is now at 50%.
Just checking if anyone else is showing 50% as well and has not entered the code.


Same happens for me at 50% now


He has children, couldn’t he be hearing memories of his own kids?


Could it be a memory from Eun Ha when she was a child? Her and her mother escaped from a male figure, presumably her father. Maybe he was abusive to her and her mother. I would assume a terrible memory like that could haunt you for life.


It depends of if they can hear each other (as they are) or also “memory”.