NMS Guide-Through


At the risk of teaching my grandmother…

There was an issue I discovered the first few times round - the sentinels all have to be destroyed in one session. If you hide in a building or cave, the count starts again. It’s OK to hide behind scenery, and let your health recover, or you can run away out of range. But if you go somewhere they can’t hit you, the clock gets restarted. It took me ages to figure that one out.


Further to my last -

You don’t have to to keep fighting more and more powerful waves of sentinels, either. If you can avoid them until the alert dies down, you can then kill one of the weak ones. Rinse and repeat. As long as you don’t enter a building / ship / cave, the count will carry on incrementing.


Yes. I am aware of this but I destroyed 10 sentinels without stepping inside, and still could not progress the mission. The count of sentinels destroyed never appeared and the objective remained on Engage and Destroy Sentinels.


I am also now experiencing the same thing you did at the Vendors on the Space Station. The list of goods cannot be scrolled. I can only purchase what is showing on the first page of goods.

Update: I finally made it through the sentinel mission…it never did keep the count on the screen and it did not inform me when I fulfilled the requirement. There may have been the usual beep, beep sound but in the heat of the battle it is easy to miss. This mission requires you to check your Mission Menu to see if the objective has updated.
At least that is done, :weary:


I’ve got to the point where I’ve hired an armourer, but I haven’t started his quests yet. I’ve found Artemis’ ship (actually, I claimed it, fixed it enough to fly, then traded it for a 23 slot shuttle).

At that point, I’ve put all quests on hold. Now I’m concentrating on fitting myself out with a decent ship or three, some top class armour, and decent weapons. I’ll come back to the quests when I’m much harder to kill. :grinning:


Yes. I think we need to make it clear that people can choose to work on missions in whatever order they choose. There are some missions that must be done for others to be done but, most missions can be completed as you please.
Perhaps a mission tree of some sort that can be used at a quick glance should be drawn up.

I have finished all of the Overseer to Exocraft missions. I was easily able to by a 1mil multi-tool with money from scans and selling extra stuff. With a few high-capacity cargo slots, a few storage containers and my Freighter nearby, I have not yet needed another starship. Tech for the blueprint analyzer is easily gathered as I gather elements for missions. But the Sentinel battle was difficult but that made it more of a challenge. I died only once, right outside my door. I almost made it inside


Is 18 slots the largest multi-tool you can find?


I have an 18 slot ATM. I’ve seen them bigger - but to upgrade from my starter version would have cost 3.5 million. I’m not ready to do that just yet. I can buy a nice ship for 3.5 million.

(edit) Possible correction - I think I’ve seen them bigger. Now I come to look for the 3.5 million thing on the planets I’ve previously visited, I can’t find it. Still looking…


I noted that a nearby minor settlement alternates the available multitool (and the resident gek often became a traveller).
I found that multiple return trips to particular locations are needed if you wish something you spied earlier to re-appear.


They haven’t nerfed everything - some tricks still work.

I found this 38 slot hauler crashed. I repaired enough to get it flying, but nothing else.

I then took it to a trading post in another Gek system, and exchanged it (straight swap - no cash) for a nice 28 slot hauler, with all slots working.

So I’m now the proud owner of a 28 slot hauler, purchase price 7.25 miliion. Cost to me, absolutely free.


Not the best I’ve seen, but bigger than 18 slots.


I have found one mission that has not been updated. It is the Gather Ditritum objective in the Secondary Missions: Exocraft Technician .
I don’t believe ditritum exists anymore. The on-screen notification reads Gather Magnetised Ferrite 0/50 which is what is needed to complete the mission.


Further proof on the Vy’Keen Daggers. No matter how many Damaged Containers I opened, none of them contained daggers. I bought 2 from a Vy’Keen at a Minor Settlement, and the first Damaged Container I opened after that…you guessed it. It contained a dagger. The game must keep the Daggers in the pockets of Vy’Keens until that mission is completed. Now I find them easily.


Twice, now, in this playthrough, I’ve warped into a new system, and found an ongoing battle between pirates and one of the big Star Destroyer freighters.

Twice, I’ve joined in the battle. God knows why - I can’t afford to buy the thing at this stage, and you don’t get any reward any more. But I did. I defeated the pirates, and I was invited to join the Captain on board.

And while I was travelling to board the freighter, it, and its whole entourage of frigates, warped out of the system, and disappeared. I was left alone, like a jilted bridegroom.

Twice. In this little starter game.


I have just teleported back to my base, to be told I have now learned how to make a quantum processor.

I have no idea how this happened. I certainly didn’t do anything obvious to earn it. I stepped out of the teleport, and there was the notification.



Vote Hurry Now


On one of my other games, this kept happening…
Teleport and then gain a tech or goody.

Seemed to be something to do with last acquisitions causing a glitch when using the teleporter which prompted a new acquistion.


OK, I’ve got more or less to where I wanted to be.

I have all three colour metal drives. I have a base in an occupied (Korvax) blue system, on a relatively safe desert (cactus) planet, with large indium deposits. My indium base has a teleporter, a large refiner, and storage units. So it’s easily accessible, and stuff I store there can be accessed wherever I go. Chromatic metal is now cheap and plentiful.

(edit) I had kind of forgotten how much fun this early part of the game actually is. Thank you @sheralmyst for suggesting this course.

Now we’re ready to take on the universe.


I also started a new game from scratch recently. In NMS there are things that you learn (words and blueprints) and things that you do (mining, buying items). IMO some of the things that you learn are less fun the second time around. Specifically, I have no desire to start over learning the words from the different races. So on my game I copied the “KnownWords” section from the old game file and pasted it into the new game so that I just add on to what I learned previously. You could do the same thing with blueprints and mission progress but I decided that would be too much of a spoiler.


I encountered a couple of issues. One, the AWAKENINGS Main Mission as some point becomes PATTERNS IN TIME. I missed at what point that happened. The second thing, at one point in the Patterns/Artemis missions, you have to increase your standing with the 3 factions. In the middle of one of these, I flew to space and triggered the Dreams of the Deep Secondary Mission. The timing of this makes no sense. I had warped to a new system for maybe the 5th or 6th time and had just left a planet after killing a bucket-full of sentinels for one of the Mercenary missions. The planet had a lot of water but it wasn’t the first water-covered planet I had visited.
Nothing major, just confusing.