Vote for NMS Closes Tonight!


Most Evolved Game

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I voted for NMS. If Fortnite wins I will scream.


I will scream as well…:scream: :scream: :scream: :smile:


Fortnite will win the Award of the worst video game in the Galaxy.

Fortnite nominated for best evolved game?? LOL they only added skins and blsters I guess. and Pokemon’s from Niantic?? I will not even talk about Destiny… Are these guys serious?
If any other game is nominated in the place of NMS, there will be a non-sense.

When we talk about evolving, No one does it better than HG.

Only voted for NMS, all my other votes goes to Rockstar for their absolute good game RDRII.


done voting


I’m not quite sure how you can make a list of nominees in a category called “most evolved game” and not have Warframe in there…?