No mans sky in the game awards

Please vote for No Mans Sky below.

No Mans Sky is certainly better than these other games listed that are loot crates, cash grab limited content.

Hello Games is passion, caring, and has been amazing to us. Thank you


Voted :slight_smile:

Though that “share choice to social media to Boost your vote” message at the end left a very bad taste in my mouth. The fact my votes worth less because I refuse to advertise for them (VGA’s) freely on social networking is not my idea of being progressive :joy:


Who is this organised by exactly?

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I didn’t share that to social media either.
But I did want to make sure I voted. Thank you for voting.

This should explain it Jedidia.


Currently hanging out at the local Gamestop for the Smash Bros tournament leading to the midnight release. Gotta try to watch on my phone, :grin:


What a sweet surprise! :heart_eyes:


Nice surprise indeed :slight_smile:

The music is “White Owl” by Josh Garrels


Boooooo :-1: fortnite…really???

I give the award to NMS. It will always be the winner to me. :trophy:


I give the award to NMS :trophy:


Standing in Gamestop and ppl were like whaaaatt? Fortnite? NMS is like the best come back story ever and totally deserved to win.


Gonna wrap up tonight with this:


Not surprised at all. Awards given out by votes are essentially a popularity contest. And there’s no question that Fortnite is the most popular of the bunch.

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A Hello Games Short :slight_smile:

It would appear as though the studios grown enough to focus on updating a game for free and also have enough people to make short and sweet games to further fund said free updates? Probably not :slight_smile: but it does sound like a very nice business model for us if that’s the case. Also very happy with its reception here, I won’t be surprised if in darker parts of the internet people are declaring they’ve abandoned no mans sky or something :smirk:

This game has me hook, line and sinker. Got some nice FF Crystal Chronicle on game cube meets windwaker (also on game cube, bloom light muck wii version looked awful IMO) vibes.


Found another article which stated HG was paying it forward with The Last Campfire by helping one of the HG Labs devs with this game.

As for Fortnite winning, as @jedidia stated, with 200 million players, most of whom now need or are seeking psych counseling, it’s not a surprise they won. Just a huge disappointment because NMS is genuinely worthy.

Now, Smash Bros Ultimate day at my place this Saturday. Everyone is invited!


It is maybe off-topic… and you guys know that I am a big No Man’s Sky / HG fan
But I am totally okay, giving it away to Santa Monica Studios for God Of War.
I still didn’t play it (even if I will), I know the guy, and this man, Cory Barlog, totally deserves it, just my humble opinion.

He just worked his socks of, and it finally paid it of.


Here for the drama part.


I don’t think no mans sky was competing in any categories with God of War :wink:

But agreed, well deserved GOTY. I voted for it. Though from what I recall there wasn’t anything too exciting up against it in that category bar red dead two, which wasn’t even out when voting for this started, and even when it did come out everyone was too busy playing it to vote :joy: