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I may not get anything done today. Having to take my mom for tests. 2 hours driving, 2 hours waiting, 1 hour recovering…long day…


I need positive thoughts and good wishes…no, it’s not my mom. She is fine.
My PC is porting to Linux today…:scream:
Trying not to freak out…

UPDATE: had to put that move on hold. Due to a front fan which cannot be moved plus the size of my graphics card, which is packed in, the second drive is going to overlap and be very close to one of the graphics card fans…:frowning_face:
New case needed…I swear I am going back to console, lol.


Multitools go up to 24 slots.

(Just catching up on this discussion.)


Due to lack of space in the regular bays, the fourth hard drive in my PC is screwed to the underneath of the power supply, via a couple of home-made aluminium brackets. You could, perhaps, get a little creative.

You can also set your bios to boot from an external hard drive. If you have USB 3, this is just as fast as booting from an internal drive. It can give you almost infinite possibilities for alternative operating systems.

With 4 Tb external drives now retailing for around £80, there’s very little reason not to, and it avoids messing up your original installation.

Just saying - the solution doesn’t have to be drastic. :grinning:


I have a 1TB external but I also have a 2TB internal not being used and my graphics card is jammed into this current case. A little more room would be nice.
We have an understanding with people we build PC’s for that if they upgrade, we get back the parts we lent them. I had a nice roomy case I was supposed to get back but the guy got a new one (don’t understand why) and HE THREW MINE AWAY!!!
The new case I am looking at has slots that run perpendicular to the case ( for the drives) with tons of room for easy access to sata cables, etc…it also has a top vent which has room for liquid cooling…never know…I may go that route one day…when the prices drop…dramatically. :grin:
Long story short, my current case has zero room for any kind of growth. Maybe it is time for a new case. I have replaced most everything else in the last year.


I’ve been picking up old computers for years. From fleamarkets, car boot sales, friends and family.

For a small contribution to their coffee fund, the guys at my local dump allow me to sort through the technical stuff they’ve collected (it’s supposed to go for special recycling - but if it goes back into service, they don’t care - it didn’t cost them anything).

Consequently, I’ve built up a large collection of old desktop computers. Some parts, like motherboards, processors, and graphics cards, become obsolete fairly quickly. Other parts, like cases, power supplies, and drives, don’t. With a little TLC, even old monitors, keyboards, and mice, can have a useful new life (it’s nearly always the wire that fails on a mouse - people will throw away a £300.00 gaming mouse, for the sake of ten pence worth of wire, and ten minutes soldering).

Sadly, this stuff it all in England. Otherwise, you could take your pick. I suspect it’s cheaper to buy a new case, than pay international postage.


Similar situation here. Picked up a mouse with the trackball on the side for $1. Put $1 worth of ball bearings(titanium or ceramic, can’t recall) in it and it works great. Was originally a $100 mouse. Got a room full of stuff…just no large cases…


Extremely bad storms here today. :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: Too afraid to turn on my PC…rain, rain go away…
Does anyone know the different Milestone ranks? I am on Magellan. Forgot to take note of them. I also forgot I need to be much higher in rank to complete the Atlas Path for the seeds.



Listing here:



Oh good. That means I am all set. I wish the Atlas Path and the Purge weren’t so intertwined. It is easy to confuse the two. If they timed out together that would work as well. Each warp counts up to 16. Each Atlas visit gives a seed blueprint. It could be possible to sync the 2 missions,but only if your Milestone level is high enough and you have a supply of the rare elements needed to craft some of the seeds.


Storm Crystals

I’ve known about storm crystals since they were introduced, but I’ve never really bothered with them.

Having made a new start, I came across an extreme planet, with extreme storms, and storm crystals. So I gave them a try. It was a revelation.

If you’re starting fresh, and you want to make serious money very quickly, then storm crystals are the way to go. Have a look at this:

It took me around 10 minutes to gather 13 million units worth.


One of the things I’m noticing as a new starter, is the distinct lack of high-value or powerful items of any kind.

When NEXT first launched, I started several new games. I very quickly had a 24 slot mutitool, several 48 slot ships, and a couple (in different games) of S class freighters.

I’m now some 50 hours into a new game. The biggest multitool I’ve seen was 21 slots (I bought it). I’ve thoroughly explored 35 different star systems, some of them very wealthy, but I still haven’t even seen a 48 slot ship - let alone had the chance to buy one. I haven’t seen an S class of anything - not a multitool, a ship, or a freighter. Nor have I seen any kind of exotic ship.

Is there some kind of cap on starters now? Do you only see the good stuff later in the game? Or has the whole game been nerfed, so all the desirable stuff is much, much, harder to find?


I noticed this also. All the multi-tools were fairly small as well as the ships. I have, however, found an exotic ship…just once. No S class but I have found several A class.
There are definitely some caps early on. I noticed no Sentinels in the first mission, until you leave the first planet. Also the no daggers thing and a few other minor things that do not happen or appear until reaching a certain point in the missions.
I did see an A class Freighter not long after getting mine in the story.
No S class anything though.
I have completed the Purge now and am working on the The Atlas Path. I will keep a lookin’.


Something has changed…at the end of the Atlas Path, I installed the seeds and received a Star Seed. I am directed to go to a Black Hole. We used to get an option of jumping to another galaxy type of our choice…has this changed? I only had the option to birth a star or leave and continue on my way. I chose to birth a star and received the star seed blueprint. I don’t want to jump the black hole unless I have to .


I have a fairly recently started 30hr permadeath save with almost nothing of the Atlas & Artemis missions completed. (PS4)
I saw an exotic S class while in the try-not-to-die begining stage of the game
I found that return visits to locations often yields a different spec of the tool there. So far no ‘S’ but I’ve seen 24 slot ‘A’ class multis.
I have seen a few S class ships of various sorts but not often.
Alternatively, Mrs MH has had a heck of a time sourcing any sort of S class ship on her latest save. Trading Post reloads have had very little luck.

It seems very random…


Query- If you jump a blackhole, can you bring anything with you? Your Freighter? You can not teleport back can you? I have never really pursued this course and know little about it.


You can summon your freighter once you’re through and use the space station to teleport back.
Can’t remember if you need to visit the space station on the black hole side first for it to store in your teleport list though :slight_smile:


What about when you reach a new galaxy?


Once in the next Galaxy, there is no return.
(As far as I know, anyway)


I think I may be seeing a pattern. I have now seen a few pretty good ships - still no 48 slotters, but a few 45 and 46 slots, and I’ve also seen an exotic. Didn’t buy it - 16 slots. Who wants that?

Thing is, all the good stuff seems to have turned up on extreme planets.

Now this makes some kind of sense. Why else would a sane person bother with extreme planets? It seems entirely possible that HG have tweaked the game, to give players an incentive to visit the tough places.

It’s only an idea, for now. I’m still testing.