NMS Guide-Through


You can summon your freighter ok. Your stored ships will be unbroken. Your teleport list will be completely blank. Best to have a janky ship with only the minimum upgrades to jump galaxy as everything not in an actual tech slot will be broken same for your multi tool and exosuit (not tech slots). From memory, its been a while since I jumped a galaxy.

About the availability of high end ships… Ive always thought (without actual proof, although Ive platinumed the game 5 times) that it was tied to your standing with the guilds and factions as they always seemed to come easier once Id maxed the standings out.


As I said in an earlier post, in previous versions of NEXT, I’ve been able to acquire 48 slot ships and 24 slot mutitools very early in the game. Now, in my latest new game, I’m not seeing them at all.

It may well be that faction status now has an influence - but I’m a long way off that at the moment.

I am, however, seeing much better equipment on extreme planets than I’m seeing on regular, safe ones.


My observations are pre-next to be fair. I didnt mean high end ships wouldnt spawn. But for example squid hunting at trading posts in the same system with a new account the spawn rate was a lot less than with an account with good standing. Maybe, maybe not it was an observation at the time. MT.s different altogether as theyre tied to specific locations


Right. Well a couple of weeks ago, @sheralmyst decided to start a new game, and write a guide about the way the game is now. And a few of us decided to join her on the journey, and contribute such changes and observations as we discovered.

And what we’re discovering is that the various patches and updates since the launch of NEXT have made some major changes to the way the game plays - particularly for new starters.

So that’s what we’re doing here. Starting a new game, and finding out how it works now.

It will probably all change with the next update. :anguished:


I haven’t seen this before. I came across a traveller at a trading post - I asked him where he came from, and paid the 100 nanite fee. And he directed me to his grave - on another planet. That’s new, surely? I’ve never seen that before - the traveller’s grave on a different planet?


This might explain why I have never found a squid ship. I have never focused on the Guilds so my level may be low. I have increased my standing through the other ways in the game but not through the Guilds.


NMS offers quite a variety of ways to progress; from doing the simplest of standard Nada & Polo missions & gradually revieving gifts, to exploring wherever you please & thus acquiring upgrades and tech that way.
Frigates offer another way of life too. Something I actually avoided until I started a permadeath game, when suddenly a Command Ship seems a very comfortable way to travel and set up base.

It reminds me of the early trailers for NMS which claimed you could be a merchant or a pirate or whatever. It’s whatever gameplay style you choose from day to day & the rewards may reflect this. (I do like that you are not locked into a specific guild type so you can alter play style as your mood suits).

It doesn’t surprise me that gradual progression among guilds & standing with races might be linked to what kind of multitools & ships become available to you.
Early on in NEXT, we found in multiplayer, that ships often yeilded different stats to individuals, even though we were looking at the same ship at the same time. This may be why…?

I have found that since next arrived, it is very common for an NPC to send you to a location off-planet, be it a ruin or a grave or perhaps a fetch-quest.
I’m sort of hoping that longer interseller fetch quests or progressive missions get introduced so that the big range of some hyperdrives has a functionality beyond casual exploration and Atlas Station missions.


I noticed a couple of bugs during the specialist missions.

When I was required to give the armourer Vy’keen daggers, he acted as though he hadn’t been given them, and asked for them again. Of course, at that point, I didn’t have any more to give him.

The same thing happened when the Overseer wanted a gravitino ball. He took it, then asked again.

Neither event seems to have harmed the quests. Once I ended the dialogue, things carried on properly.


“Dreams of the Deep” quest started at 40 warp jumps.


I had that one too. Caused no issue.


Things are looking up. I just saw a 47 slot ship.

Sadly, it cost 97 million units. A lot more than I could afford, even with trade-in.

I’m starting to wonder - does the size of ship you find depend on the size of ship you already have?

I traded up my current ship from 20 slots to 28, and then 34 slots. And from there to 43 slots. Now I’m seeing 47 slots.
Is this the pattern? The more you have, the more you can get?


I was under that impression too. NMS wants you to upgrade, and try new things… at least that’s what I read. So if you have a 16 slot tool, buying a 17 slot will increase the chances of finding an 18 slot. Same for ships. The game will frequently present you with marginally better tech, but if you never accept it, you’ll only ever find marginally better tech. Waiting to stumble upon a huge upgrade, so as to skip the whole buy item, fix item, upgrade item loop, actually slows the game progression down. Once you work your way up to better tech, by grinding away, better tech becomes more readily available.


This process existed in the early versions of NMS and could very well be still in there:
It was discovered that each wrecked ship you found (& repaired), would be one slot better than the last one. This meant you could climb your way up to a great ship simply by finding broken ones and trading up.
Much has changed since the ancient ‘Time of Heridium’ but the idea that better equipment presents itself as you progressively upgrade certainly seems likely.


Interesting since I have done no where near 40 warps…mine triggered near the 6th warp. I have teleported many times. It seems you have to be in a system with a large water-filled planet. I had been in systems with lots of water but the planet that the mission led me to was almost completely water. That means this mission could trigger soon for some and later for others.


I think I have gone as far as I can go in the story. There is definitely what seems like a cliffhanger here. A lot
of emphasis on traveling to the center but no real reason to go there. I liked the ability to choose a different galaxy to start over in but that has been removed. You have to jump black holes now to get to another galaxy. I am not sure I understand the ‘birth a new star’ part of the story. It made some sense when you could choose a new galaxy type to travel to . Now you are just left with a new star seed to place next to remembrance for a stat boost.
A lot of spit and polish is needed on the guide.


Well, the new case is in. Will take a day to move everything over. Another day to load up Linux and start learning a new way of doing things. My hopes are high. According to a number of first hand sources, NMS runs much better in Linux. My fingers are crossed. :crossed_fingers:
This case has space for running wires between the inside and outside of the case, perpedicular drive slots and room for liquid cooling(top mounted) maybe one day…maybe.
Trying to stay calm and carry on. :sweat_smile:

Ha ha, first pic is upside down…hope that’s not a bad omen

UPDATE: life just happened…rebuild postponed until next week. :roll_eyes:



As I progress through my latest new game, I’m noticing the absence of items and resources that were plentiful when NEXT was first released. Well,if I’m honest, they’re not entirely absent. They’ve just become so rare that they might as well be absent. Resources you can’t find and can’t rely on might as well not exist. While we wait for Mulder and Scully to discover the truth, here’s my current list. Feel free to add to it:

  1. Crashed Ships

When NEXT first launched, you could find lots of these, and quite often they would be high-value ones, with lots of slots. Most of the slots were broken, but you could repair them, or just trade the ship in for a lower value one in good condition.

Now they’re much harder to find. There are far fewer of them, and the really high value ones (Class A, 46 - 48 slots) are almost impossible to find. It’s really not worth setting out to hunt crashed ships now. They’re so rare, you could look for months for a good one. It’s far easier to earn the money, and buy one.

Trouble is, I used to enjoy hunting for them, and repairing them. Now a lot of the fun has gone.

  1. Drop Pods

These are really handy in the early stages of the game, when you haven’t got any money. They will give you upgrades to your exosuit in exchange for some materials. No cash needed. They used to be really common. If you flew over any planet for 10 minutes or so, you could guarantee to see a dozen. Not now. I just spent four hours carefully searching three well populated planets - I found two drop pods. Finding hen’s teeth would be easier. They’ve been nerfed with extreme prejudice.

  1. Ancient Data Structures

To be honest with you, I’m not even sure these still exist in the game. I’ve played 129 hours in my latest playthrough, and I haven’t seen one yet. They’re so rare, I had to use an old picture, from an earlier version of the game.

They were, again, very handy in the early stages of the game - they gave you navgation data, which enabled you to find things with the signal booster. If they do still exist, they’re now so vanishingly rare that you’re wasting your time looking for them.

  1. Class S Anything

You can get class S ships, freighters, and multitools. They’re the best there is. Now these were never common - you always had to search around for them - but now, they’re ridiculously rare. In 129 hours of my latest playthrough, I haven’t seen a class S model of anything. Not one - I had to use an old picture for the illustration.

All in all, it seems No Man’s Sky has been raided by the Fun Police. Anything amusing or entertaining has been ruthlessly removed. It seems HG really don’t want players repairing, salvaging, or making stuff - if you don’t have to buy it for cash, out it goes. That’s a real shame. The game was very grindy in the first place - but there were areas of relief. Now they’ve gone. The grind is all that’s left.


Drop Pods are best found by using the Drop Pod Data often found at minor settlements or occasionally elsewhere.
I have come across them in the wild but not often.

Have found 3 crashed ships (all useless) in 60 hours of my newest save.

Regularly come across Ancient Data Structures but rarely utilise them (as I kind of think of Navigation Data as the junk mail of NMS) :clown_face:

Rarely find ‘S’ class anything but do occasionally see an exotic S class. Can confirm that I have seen S class equipment and ships but they are much rarer.

I’ve found my money making is mostly using a vehicle on extreme planets & collecting storm crystals when they pop up. (I’m on permadeath so a bit of vehicular security is necessary).
Apart from checking for what’s available, I don’t actively hunt for particular equipment & make do with lesser equipment with lots of modules until something better pops up.

Have to agree that the excellent finds are much rarer now. It seems the last update(s) was heavily aimed at multiplayer and building, with the old favourite tasks nerfed in to near obliteration.
Searching, with random cool finds, was one of my big wishlist hopes yet for whatever reason HG chose to focus on other areas.


My experience with a New Save has been the same. I did, however, find Drop Pods without too much trouble but they are more rare. Only 1 S-Class ship was spotted in about 40 hours of play. No S-Class tools. I did not see any Ancient Data Structures.
As for crashed ships, since NEXT, I have found a number of crashed ship sites but no ship. It is always disappointing.


In a follow up to my previous post;
Mrs Mad-Hatter has taken the plunge into a PS4 permadeath game, (after a bit of teasing from yours truly).
Already, she has seen 2x ‘S’ Orb Exotics & some Ancient Data Structures within hours of starting.
So far any crashed ships have been mediocre ‘C’ class but they are there to be stumbled upon. There have been no sightings of regular ‘S’ class ships.
No ‘S’ class weapons yet.

I do now wonder if certain regions hold higher probability than others. Perhaps that is the reason we have the longer hyperdrive range upgrades? So we can jump away into an entirely new region if our current one is not bearing fruit.

Something I have noticed since NEXT, is that when flying low & searching for things, often things simply don’t appear so you fly straight past them. I’ve taken to doing slow circling loops while looking to the side in hope of encouraging nearby interactable objects to render in.