NMS Guide-Through


Yes on the low-flying…same here. Scanning also fails to highlight POI. Like you said, they just do not render in very quickly. This is definitely a bigger issue than in the past. I thought it was just an issue for me since I have terrain quality set to high.


Been awhile since Ive posted here, i have been lurking and reading. I am on PC Normal Mode, still located at the bottom of the chain that “used” to be the ETARC HUB. This area has some Ancient Data Structures, S class upgrades at space stations, but havent seen very many exotic or S class ships.
And I am still using the ECSD naming for planets and systems.


Score! On a Corrupted planet.


I just landed on a new planet. It was the primary one, nearest to the space station. A frozen planet.

I placed my signal booster, and input (purchased) data for a drop pod. It found one. I travelled there, and upgraded my exosuit.

I travelled around some more, and decided to search again. Set up signal booster, input drop pod data, and it found one. On another planet.

You realise what that means? There was only one drop pod on the whole planet. If I wanted a second, I had to go to a different planet.

Nerf, nerf, nerf.

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While I’m on the subject of exosuits, what is the current capacity of the exosuit cargo (high capacity) slots?

Mine is currently on 43, and heading for 48. I’m pretty sure it didn’t used to be this high.

I’m not complaining about the storage space - far from it. But it’s a bit weird when my backpack can store more than my freighter.


I believe it is 48. I think that is a big increase.

UPDATE: loaded up a save I have not touched since July last year. High capacity slots maxed at 25.

Very interesting to revisit. This is my Legacy save. I have not touched it since popping out my old base and heading for space. Here is where I landed just after NEXT

Here is that same place now.

Here is my awesome Multi-Tool

It was given to me by a Vy’Keen while exploring someone else’s planet after going through a Portal.

I have no base, no exocraft, and 26 Antimatters.

As soon as I headed into space, I triggered Dreams of the Deep and when I landed on the Space Station I was notified of new exocraft tech at my Base Archives which I do not have…


Ah, just think - we’ve got all this confusion to go through once again, when BEYOND launches.


I wonder if it will once again, warrant a new start…with 3 updates in one and being the most ambitious yet…it is just too confusing to carry on. I will leave this save for posterity and check it again once BEYOND hits.


Seriously, though - every time they’ve launched a major update, we’ve been pretty much faced with a new game. OK, elements of the old game survived - but the changes were such that a new start was pretty much required.

I have lost track of how many times I’ve restarted. On several occasions, I’ve deleted ALL my saves, and just started again. And every time, I’m playing a new game. Every time, it’s significantly different from the one before.

I bought one game. Hello Games have given me dozens - all different.

Talk about the gift that keeps on giving…


Yes. No complaints here. Skyrim is the only other game that I have spent such a significant amount of time with and even it pales in comparison. I have spent over 100 hours with it and I was blown away the other day when I realized I have spent near 1000 hours with NMS. And that is just since moving to PC in 2017…:open_mouth:
Of course, I know how many hours you have spent…because I have looked, lol.
Lookie what I just found. :smiley:


Well, you ought to know that I often fire up NMS in the morning, play an hour or so, then shell out, and leave it minimised, while I read the news, read email, or do other stuff. But Steam logs all that time as playing NMS, because the game was running. So probably only 30% to 50% of that time was actually spent playing the game. Nevertheless, it’s a worryingly large number.

When I look at it, I think “should get out more”. Except I do get out. A lot.

Retirement changes things.


Yes. Same here. I get up and do laundry, cook, etc…I don’t rely too much on Steam’s numbers. My Skyrim data only shows 77 minutes…not accurate at all. :sweat_smile:


Decided to build a new base today. I am going to hang out at this one when BEYOND hits.
I really enjoy base-building. More pieces would be awesome and the ability to change the size of items, especially plants would be really, really nice.
I also noticed that one of the desks is no longer available…how did I miss that? When did it happen?


Which desk was it?
I haven’t noticed either…

Ohhh. The “L” shaped counter desk is gone.
I didn’t realise because I continued with a Legacy Save after NEXT which still has it available.
New games don’t have it though.


I will probably do the same with my favorite bases. I have about 2 per save file that I spent extra time to truly make to my imagination without pushing the limits of the PS4.

There is a castle with my alternate account that I still need to finish. But, I may delay due to the thought that there will be more building parts or that another overhaul will happen. Inevitably, I will have to start a new save to wait out bug fixes if the Beyond update mimics or exceeds previous updates.


Happened with the initial NEXT release. I assume they ‘forgot’ a couple of items, due to being purely cosmetic. If on PC, you may want to add the missing items back in with a save editor. I know I did, and it’s really easy to do.


That would be nice. Instructions would be appreciated. :grinning:

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Download No Man’s Sky Save Editor and read the install instructions.
Current version 1.5.37

As usual, I would recommend to have a backup!

When you have the Save Editor running, you first have to select the save file to use.

  • Click ‘File’ at the top left
  • Navigate to your saves folder
  • Make sure to select the correct save (Slot 1-5)

Once the save is loaded in, you want to add the Building Part

  • Select the ‘Discovery’ tab at the top
  • Look for the ‘Known Products’ window
  • Click ‘Add Product’ below the window and look for the following in the popup that shows:
    • Table (Name), Building Part (Category), ^BUILDTABLE3 (ID)
    • You can sort by clicking the headers in the popup.
    • Select the Table and click ‘Add’.

Finally you save the file again, through the top left: File > Save File (CTRL + S) or you can select the ‘Main’ tab at the top left, and click ‘Save Changes’ there.

Note: This just teaches you the recipe so to say, it unlocks it for you.
I recall NipNip and the Carbon Planter to work the same way, although the former has been fixed I believe.


Not sure where to place this but had to share


OK. I read the article. I saw what these people have done.

And it occurred to me that there different levels at which people can engage with what is, after all, a software package.

There are people who enjoy a stimulating and thought provoking pastime.

There are people who go deeper, who explore the minutiae, and who find a social dimension with other players.

Then there are the unfortunate people who descend into obsession and madness, and will actually physically map the positions of more than 3,000 black holes - in a totally imaginary universe.