Introduction Thread


Hi @Argent-Star & Welcome to Atlas-65 (Formerly Etarc). Lots of nice people here so feel content to ask a question if unsure.

There are all sorts of little discussions going on so be sure to use the search feature before starting a new topic.
This thread Help a fellow Traveller has become our go-to thread for asking questions about NMS but its also a good place to get directions to a particular type of topic or to ask pretty much anything.
We all play nice so don’t be shy.
Welcome :slight_smile:


Brill, thanks @Mad-Hatter.

Real quick, before I head over to the Help thread – thanks for that! – I noticed that the Forum’s list of Admins / Leaders doesn’t quite match the short-list I seem to have discovered in here.
Are you (& the few others I spotted) “only” Leaders for the Intro thread?

… and am I safe in presuming the Radio Community thing is mainly a “cover”, pre-CSD?

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Hello! Welcome to the forum. Yes the radio thing was a way to intro the community to the WakingTitan ARG. If you want to catch up on that, visit here:
Be forewarned. It is a years worth of puzzles and fun.
The 4 of us you mentioned above are the 4 you will encounter the most. Feel free to ask questions in the thread @Mad-Hatter mentioned.
Just take some time to look through the threads and you will see how the forum is organized. Everyone here is friendly. No hate here. Enjoy your stay.


The leaders you mentioned are the currently active leaders. Myself @DevilinPixy @sheralmyst & @Polyphemus.
The others were active in the early ARG days but have since gone quiet.


Thanks v much, @sheralmyst; much obliged. :slight_smile:
Yes, I’d heard about GameDetectives, but not been over yet… On my To-Do. :wink:

I daresay the lack of hate is commensurate with the type of people who “still play” NMS (as opposed to the whiney impatient types who shot it down in its early days, and Steam-refunded).
Absolutely refreshing, esp in this day n age. :smiley:


I’d love a way to “Pin” your post (@Mad-Hatter) so it is useful to ALL newcomers.
It is most handy, imho, to have a quick-shot to find the most helpful Leaders for any community.

Cheers, Mads, Sheral, et al!


Will take that on board and we’ll look into updating things regarding the introduction thread.


Hello, and welcome.

It’s always nice to see new members.

I shouldn’t get too concerned about people’s trust level. You’ll find that just about everyone here is helpful and enthusiastic. Join in, enjoy yourself!


Thanks, @Polyphemus. :slight_smile:
To be sure, I wasn’t at all trying to imply any lesser level of “Trust” (to be specific) attributed to non-Leaders in the group; rather, that identified Leaders are such as a result of their on-going and possibly long-term contributions, which ultimately makes them the “best” go-to’s … if you catch my meaning? :smiley:

Yes, I fully accept that I have been fortunate in joining a community of Like Minds and Decent People who are most likely to be Helpful to anyone and everyone, no matter their newness; and as Helpful as they are able to be.

I’m having a bit of “fun” checking out other threads – the age-range poll was / is a good’n! – so am most certainly “joining in” and “enjoying” myself! :sunglasses: :+1:

Cheers, Poly!


Hi and welcome @Argent-Star . Take a sit in the ETARC kindergarden (you saw the age-range :stuck_out_tongue: ) where members have adults behaviour but still their children spirit.


I don’t know where else to post this so I am doing it here. I just want to give a shout-out to @Argent-Star for actually reading through a huge chunk of the threads. I don’t know how many people do this when they first arrive but it is a very good idea to do so because then you become familiar with the layout of the forum. So here is a present for you Argent. :gift: :sparkler:

Citizen Scientists Division - Needs Collaborative User-designed Logo!

Aw, thanks so much, @sheralmyst. :smiley:

Yeah, I kinda felt I’d like to “get up to speed” so I could turn around and be Helpful / Contribute … and just figured that, in the meantime, I can still “reply” to certain posts / topics / threads, where my info or even just thoughts / opinions may be considered “relevant” and possibly offer some modicum of “value” for other forumites / CSD scientists (“CSDS”??). :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems like a really good, strong community, and I’d like to become a “worthy” member, soonest possible. :sunglasses:

Thanks also to @kerdorin for your kind Welcome, too. :+1:
I find it is absolutely imperative(!) to enjoyment of NMS that we tap our “inner child” and sense of wonder at (what is essentially) “the unknown” . . . :smiley:


Hey all, Gabriel here (late to the party as usual.)
Been following WT for a while now (still completely lost lol) and have been within the simulation since day 1.
While thinking it was kinda lackluster in the beginning, and not having been really able to get into pathfinder and atlas rises…as of 2 weeks ago I’ve been obsessing over finding all the glyphs and prepping myself for the NEXT update, basically breathing NMS…

I am currently exploring Eissentam and considering going after the S-class Alien multitool, but that might be quite the adventure in NEXT’s multiplayer (possibly?)
As a traveller I am a champion of mis-management and wrong choices :rofl:

But even i’m SUPERlate to WT, I’m super exited to see what’s to come.

ps. I want that Atlas Pass V.4 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hello! Welcome to the party. Better late than never. You will find a nice bunch of people here. Settle in, relax and maybe we will meet someplace in the NMS Universe once NEXT arrives. :smiley:


Thanks @sheralmyst And what a party it’s proved to be until now. The sense of wonder and awe once the story narative basically explodes in your face just makes me thirsty for a lot more! Deffinitly gonna check out what’s still left to do for a newb like myself within WT after i’ve familiarised myself a bit more with the past phases.

Godspeed interloper!


Hey, after getting more involved in Waking Titan than I expected I realized I should introduce myself.

Hello! I’m Sarah. I was feeling really run down a few months ago and had a NEED to play NMS (after not touching it since a few months after launch). Great timing brain! I’ve been slowly moving through the main quests (I play to relax) and keeping a journal as I go.

It’s been fun and I plan to stick around for more fun because you guys seem cool :slight_smile:


Welcome! We have several threads for posting pics, artwork , stories and journal entries. Would love to hear some of your ‘tall tales’.


Awesome! Thanks! I’m just digging into the forum outside of Waking Titan. There is a lot to catch up on!


I think it is so neat that people keep journals for a game. I do too, mostly technical.

Welcome Jane!


Thanks! It’s fun! Mine is mostly character development, I guess? Still working on a good format to track other things in the game like locations and ships.