Introduction Thread


Thanks for your help !


For what I could see it is Emily doing the questioning not me … is there a way to input questions myself ?


…; and what are Alexander acrtivations codes for nodes 2 and 4 ? :slight_smile:


You will get some choices to make, that lead to different branches of dialogue.
Anytime a new Dreamer is activated - Emily posts both here and on reddit, check out Alexander’s Topic


As you have discovered, each patient has a thread. You may want to bookmark this thread below as well. It is good for any questions you may have.


Chic, un compatriote :smiley:

Welcome to ETARC (or CSD forum as we’re supposed to say i think), one of the most peacefull place to talk about NMS and WT.


Oui … on ne doit pas être beaucoup :)… à bientôt sur le forum !


Hey all! Been here quite a while, since the start of ol’ ETARC. Looking at my stuff in a brush up, I never noticed there must have been a transition loss of the introductions so, here is my reintroduction.

I’m followingthesource but my tag is open to all as its Leonhart7676 on both Ps4 and Xbox One! The username started with the ARG start up but as a community of geeks who love this game and probably games in general; might be due to change the username if possible. Getting closer to the big ‘Next’ release and I’m gonna be playing on my Xbox from the day of! Been a long, interesting time and wasn’t always into the ARG for the game per say but have a friend I made and came back now and again to see how things were. Here’s to whats ‘Next’ fellow Travellers!


Hey there everyone! I play NMS on PS4. I live in Las vegas. I try to play pretty often, but life happens! I’m married with a three kids!

I’m into NMS because it’s just an amazing game and am very glad to have been able to watch it develop. I did fall of the game there for alittle and stopped playing, and as of July 3rd I still have not made it to the center but actively trying to now. Im new to this forum stuff and wish I knew about this sooner!


Welcome to the forum.


Never even tried myself. :smiley: It is the journey, not the destination…Welcome to the forum!


Welcome Ghosst, enjoy your stay!


At very first i didnt care either but then I figured… why no. So before next I wanna try.

Thanks everyone


Thank you!


Little late here!
Welcome to Etarc, traveller! :ok_hand:


Like other recents, I’m “late to the (ARG/WT/ETARC) game”…!

I’m an original GOG Pre-Order + Ltd Ed die-cast metal fighter box-set.
I still have VANILLA NMS (1.0x) in Good Working Order + a few applicable mods, which I’ve played quite recently, for sake of comparison.
(I’ve not started making any YouTube etc vids, but becoming a Content Creator is on my list!)

I’ve also nnot yet made it to the “Galactic centre”, but have not been in any rush…
The exploration has been grand. Learning the Jetpack-Melee-fastmove has been invaluable!!

@Mad-Hatter, @Polyphemus, @ DevilinPixy, @ sheralmyst – [edit] ha! I’m not allowed to @-mention more than 2 others, as a new user… d’oh! [/edit] – as designated Leaders whom I’ve so far spotted, and still being quite new to this forum / ETARC / CSD, I’ll be grateful to you all for tips on getting “caught up” and into better shape to best contribute with some value to this community here. :slight_smile: :+1:
I’ve watched only some of YT’s “L Plays Gaming”-dude’s videos so far…

Many thanks,



Hmm … what about “belatedly” tagging @DevilinPixy & @sheralmyst ref my above post?


Welcome @Argent-Star, glad to have you - enjoy your stay!


Hello, @SingularGleam, and Thank You. :slight_smile: :+1:

Re Indiana - you might have to forgive me: I’m a Boilermaker! :stuck_out_tongue:


If I could not like I would! No just kidding, I’m not originally from here, my teams are outta state .