Introduction Thread


yip this is the place …ok space is the place, but this is a great community.

For additional community engagement I have found this FB group of the Alliance of Galactic Travelers to be also very welcoming and supportive:


Pull up a chair and welcome to our little friendly part of the internet. Share your pictures, ask all those questions you were too afraid to ask elsewhere and have fun.

Couldn’t have said it better, although Reddit is nowhere near as bad as it once was.


Welcome to ETARC, sounds like you’re right at home already!


Helloooooooo!!! Welcome. You’re part of the 2000 hour group too LOL.
There are some super friendly and helpful people on this forum thing so I hope you find it enjoyable and a fun way to play NMS and help solve any questions you might have.


Welcome to the forum @Tygra, enjoy the wonderful community we have here!


Thank you everyone for the warm welcome!! I really appreciate it!


“Hi there @Tygra, and Welcome!”.


Welcome @Tygra! It is a good place to be. Enjoy!


Greeting travellers! I have been here a bit, but never posted an intro. My name is John, I live on the Monterey Peninsula, born and raised here. Currently employed as a technology analyst for local government, former no code tech class ham, KD6OCQ. The only reason I got interested in computers in the early 80’s was to play games, now here we are, decades later and I’m still hooked! I spent some time as QA for small game company, during the DOS years, attended a few E3 conferences along the way. I have played NMS since release and never really understood what all the bad press was about. For me the game delivered in spades. Add in all the updates and now NEXT, Hello Games is one hell of a good studio, IMHO.

Anyhow, thanks for letting me play with you guys and gals, this saga called Waking Titan I will never forget! :heart_eyes:


Welcome one and all! We are a divers group that has become a family, so welcome to the family!:confetti_ball::clap:


Hi names potato my psn if anyone wants it is Ppotatoekiller I just joined this morning and learned about this site by all the waking titan arg threads and this one popped out to me. Dont really know radio stuff but i find morse interesting as well as all the stuff invovled in solving waking titan.


Hi potato, have fun!:potato:


Welcome. Join in. Make contributions. Be part of it. Enjoy yourself.


@Potatokiller , welcome! Happy to have you with us.

Just one question, my country have asked me to put forward.

Where were you between the years 1845 - 1852…

Speak carefully lest you lose your tongue :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Man I really hope that joke lands and doesn’t offend any famine victims :see_no_evil:

Serials though, welkommen!


So you’re irish lol thats the great famine years but i did not exist, might have to ask my ancestors where they were :joy:


Don’t worry. I think he just came from a Pub. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Sorry for the closure on your thread earlier. I am on a learning curve. It is open again…:sweat_smile: Enjoy the ARG! Welcome aboard!


famine jokes are the feelers I put out to detect other Irish on the Internet :smirk:


Hello to all ! My name if the gaming world is Hari Seldon (yes … that’s the main character of Isaac Asimov Foundation series). I am a Frenchman and probably older than most of you (70) and discovered NMS almost on day 1. I have been active in the first ARG (but still waiting for my Atlas pass 4 :slight_smile: and hope to help on the dreamers project. Just a newbie question how do you initiate a conversation with a dreamer once you have entered the activation passcode (e.g. prosopagnosia for the first node) ?


Welcome @HariSeldon hope you enjoy your time here!

Once you enter the correct code, the block will turn green - to replay just click on the same block again. Any grayed out blocks aren’t available yet, and white blocks mean they are ready to view and try codes on. Just click on a block and you should get a pop up. Hope that helps!


There are many here who are 50 and over. So you fit right in. :sunglasses:
After the activation code, we wait for the next node to turn white. You can click on the green nodes to replay conversations.
Glad to have you here!