Introduction Thread


Greetings @InfiniteLightnin
Take the time to learn the place and to hunt for topics via the search option.
If you have a question just ask and one of the friendly locals here will jump in.
Remember to be nice… it’s one of things that makes this community great.
Welcome aboard.


It feels nice to be welcomed! Thank you, and I will!


Very late to the party, but thought I would finally take the plunge… NMS turns out to be the perfect getaway for a casual tourist like myself… roaming the planet, or the universe at my own pace is a refreshing change :blush:


Hello, and welcome. You’ll find it’s a pleasant place here. It’s fairly quiet at the moment - but it will go crazy when the new ARG phase drops.


Hey guys. Long time player here (pre Pathfinder, just after Foundation update) , finally joining the ETARC forum.

Actually, I thought that I had an account here already, turns out I was wrong …

I’m more of an observer than an active contributor, having played the game for hundreds of hours. Stopped playing a while after the last update (1.38 I think it was), since a game-breaking bug started to appear on my equipment (about the farms / harvesters not being able to be collected / refueled). And as I heard that it could infect Portals as well (and effectively break the game completely), I decided to stop until the bug has been fixed - which won’t be too long anymore I hope.

Would’ve quite a big and complex base to show off (on Survival, with a few convenience mods like faster mining), but it’s that far off the complexity level that I’m afraid it won’t show up for others.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to the continuation / conclusion of Waking Titan and the release of the next update. After such a long time in development, I think it’s going to be huge!

So well then, save travels, everyone! :grinning:


Hello, welcome.

It’s always nice to see new people joining. Unfortunately, you’ve joined at a bad time - the next phase of the ARG is just kicking off, and most people’s attention is going to be attracted there for the next few weeks.

Normally, we’re a fairly quiet, troll-free, friendly group . Except when a new update arrives. Then things get a bit crazy.

Hang about for a few weeks. Learn how things work, and who the members are.

Unlike STEAM or Reddit, you probably won’t come across too many unpleasant people. It’s not that kind of group.


Thanks for the welcome. Well, I don’t mind not to draw too much attention to me. And for me, it’s rather a good time to join just as the ARG kicked off again, so I can express my thoughts and opinions about it.

And, I’ve been around for quite a while by now (always lurking in the shadows), so I know it’s not as hostile as Steam or … even sadly Reddit. Well, it’s good to see some positive and thoughtful posts on Steam as well, although a large part of people there just can’t express themselves in a calm and neutral tone.

I mean, nothing against some emotion, but man, some people are overdoing it big time.



I’m Colin. I have been lurking for a while keeping an eye on the Waking Titan ARG but never got round to joining the group until now.

I have been a NMS player (on and off) from the beginning and have been a big fan since it was first announced. I grew up with all the sci-fi that inspired Sean to create the look of the game, so I feel right at home.

My background is 17 years in the military on intelligence, cryptography, SIGINT, geospatial stuff, etc. Past few years have been working on various Government projects. Into my gaming and computing for as long as I can remember, starting with a TI-99/4A lol.

I will do whatever I can to help around family commitments :slight_smile:

The sleepers will awaken :wink:


Hello Colin.

Welcome. All that cryptography knowledge will doubtless be useful, now the ARG seems to be kicking into high gear.

CSD is very friendly. People are hardly ever unpleasant, and generally try to support each other.

It’s a nice place to be.


Welcome. A very friendly bunch this lot. :grinning:


Hi and welcome to newcommers . @colvr4 if you can intercept Myriad’s satelite signals that’s great :smiley:


Hello travellers, I’m new to this forum. I’ve been following the ARG and playing NMS from day 1. I’m not used to posting on forums and such. But the last few weeks I have seen how great the community for NMS has become. So I have decided to come out of my cave and join in the discussions.


@Whelan0kkult @Jacob_2000_Lol
You’ll find everyone is really nice here so if you have a question just ask.
In the ‘Latest’ section you’ll find the current topics plus the Help a fellow Traveller thread is a great place to ask a question.
Take the time out to use discobot to learn the workings of things on the forum such as adding @ to a title to get that individuals attention.
Type @discobot and then say “start new user”

( @Jacob_2000_Lol I mentioned you here rather than hijack the other thread that is focusing on Waking Titan )


Thank you!! :smiley:


Hi Guys mballi here!!!
Have been involved with waking titan and nms since day 1, and frequently read on here so about time to get more active!
Looking forward to see what’s around the corner
Great site and good chats :+1:


Welcome @mballi
Take a look through the previous posts on this thread to help get the feel for the place and find your way around.
Try to use the search function to locate things and don’t be shy to ask a question; Lots of friendly locals here :slight_smile:
Remember to play nice as thats one of the things that makes the forum great and welcome to Atlas-65 (formerly ETARC).


Thanks for the welcome!!!


I just wanted to say Hello, I have been playing NMS since launch on and off and have over 2000 hours in it. More ‘on’ lately because I want to see all of 1.3 before it’s gone and we go to what’s NEXT.

I’ve been on other forums, but am really tired of the trolls, that forum didn’t put an end to it (The Steam Forums) and I really wanted a place to talk to NMS without that mess. I am on one of the Facebook groups, but that’s not really a place for discussion, just quick posts and quips.

I’ve known about this group since it changed to atlas-65, but this is the first time I decided to create an account.

I play on Normal on PC, I enjoy the relaxing adventure, and am starting a second save file because I stranded my first save when I picked the Tranquil option. I wanted to be in Euclid because I figured that’s where I am more likely to meet folks online in NEXT.

I did see all of the Artemis story, but on this play through, I am going to end it by staying in Euclid, and going to go for all the glyphs and building a farm to get a nice Freighter and ships.

I’ve followed some of the ARG, but that thing confuses the begeebes out of me, so, I just enjoy watching it and any clues that we get for what’s coming.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it, just saying HI

New to ETARC

Welcome @tigra!

I hope you will enjoy your stay! It is a very peacefull and friendly community here.

Enjoy Citizen!


Welcome Citizen Scientist. This place is as relaxing as NMS itself :slight_smile: Far far away from Steam forum or Reddit.