Introduction Thread


Hello Emily, another HAM here. My call is KF4LDP, been licenced for 20+ years and finally this last year bought an HF radio. Took me long enough huh. I also recently got my Class A CDL, that brought in the money to finally afford a nice mobile HF rig. Can’t use in the truck though, a 2016 Freightliner. With all the electronics in these things, and the onboard computer, my radio is causing to much interference to use it. I shut the computer down several times using only 50 watts so the radio has to go. Against company policy too, to have a HF radio, they know about the interference.

Been playing NMS since about 1.2 and still loving it. Restarted with the 1.3 mess and have my first farm started after 140 hours.


Welcome to the crew.


Oh my goodness, I got curious and went to the ETARC site, the ARC and other HAM comments got me wondering, and it IS a amateur radio club site. KF4LDP 73’s.


If you go back & look through the archives, you’ll find the ETARC site originated as part of an ARG called Waking Titan. The site was part of this but has since morphed into the home of ETARC Citizen Scientists Devision & is now called Atlas Citzen Scientist Devision. (But we still call ourselves ETARC)
Basically its now an NMS enthusiest disscussion site with lots of really nice people and zero attitude.


Yeah, I’m afraid you are a little late to talk to Emily. She finished calibrating her universe simulation and is now in sleep mode calculating the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.


I assume you are the YouTube guy Mac, for at least a day?


Yep, that’s me!


give it to them, the full stream till they give up and play. muhahahahahahaha

NMS Forever!


Hey, Enigmatic here. I’ve played NMS for a while, but I’ve never touched the reddit, and only skimmed the other pages. Decided today to look at the posts, and seeing that I checked the same day Phase 4 started, I decided to join. Looking forward to working and learning with you all.


Welcome. Nice people here.


Welcome to the madness, joined just in time too as the second phase of the ARG is about to implode our universe! I came here just to say to all newcomers, be prepared to be questioned as to whether you’re real or part of a process Emily has put into action after her brief spell (though an infinite amount of time for an ai) in hibernation. :wink: I’m watching ALL of you very closely haha… Not that close though, you can keep your blinds open!


Hello all!

I found this after picking up NMS for the Steam winter sale, and browsing the subreddits. Looking forward to what is coming…


Hi! My name’s Lillihop and I created the No Man’s Sky Café both in Amino form and in the game☺️ I’ve been on here a while, but never really thought to actually say hello.

I love researching things. The Amino was a choice I made for closer knit community feel without politics and angst. So far so good! Round 2 watch party set up and I couldn’t be happier. Hope your holiday season is everything you wish for!


This is why the Café sports the number 42 everywhere😜


Hey Lilli! Never too late for a ‘hello’! :wink:


Hello everyone, I’ve been registered on this forum and following the threads since the start of the last phase of Waking Titan. I’m heavily into NMS, codes (especially Bletchley park Crypto - Bill Tutte, Gordon Welchmann etc, also Alan Turing and the Imitation Game), Artificial Intelligence, puzzles, Electronic Dance Music, amongst a load of other interests. Looking forward to seeing how this phase of Waking Titan develops. Dave, Kent, United Kingdom.


Hello everyone my name is Exel and yes that’s my real name. I have been playing NMS since launch on PS4 and I am an addict of the game. I also work for a national company called NMS or at least that’s the acronym used in our company logo. I have been on here as a guest since WT started for 1.3 but just decided to join. I hope to make friends with many of you over time and hope to meet you all in the NMS universe if possible.


Welcome @Borix85.
Any questions just ask.


Will do. Thanks for the welcome.


I am SOOOOO LATE, but nonetheless, InfiniteLightnin here! crickets sound Yeah… That’s everyone elses normal reaction too…