Introduction Thread


A friend actually talked me out of it like 12 years ago. I was very very close to getting it. Thank christ he wasn’t around recently to talk me out of my NMS tattoo :slight_smile: Come to think of it, he’s not around at all anymore, I should get that tattoo now!

I also wanted to get Mugens blue wrist tats from Samurai Champloo for a long time, really liked the simple aesthetic they delivered.

Actually, the arm I got the NMS one on I plan to make into a full sci fi sleeve, genes star would sit nicely atop it (with spaceman spiff careening around it in a plum of smoke! …somewhere)


I say go for it!!


Hi I’m Benji. I’m excited to check out this forum. Love this game. Come check out my base if you get a chance.


Just paid a visit, on survival but left my regards on the mountain top :slight_smile:


Greetings, new to the community, but bought NMS at launch on ps4. always enjoyed it, spent far too much time on a single planet.


Can I add your base info to the Spacing Guild website so we can visit you?


I’ll visit you sometime in the next few hours.


Totally. Thanks.


Thanks. That reminded me to come check back on this. :smile:


Awesome. Stop by anytime. :grinning:


I’m on my way now.


What’s your planet’s name? Need that to confirm we ended up in the right place


“Benji’s Glass Farm” is the name.
Cool base. Got a bit lost in there but I came home with my pockets full.
Thanks. left you a com.


Hello I’m new to these forums. I’m a 19 year old from the US. I heard of NMS literally a month before release and bought it for ps4 and I’ve been hooked ever since, 50ish hours since the release of 1.3 and possibly hundreds from before that. It just fills a niche in me that no other game does. I lurked in the reddit community and followed the arg since it’s inception. Loving the new update and my goal is to meet a player in game and head to the hub (still don’t have all my portal glyphs). That is all. I’m looking forward to being a part of this amazing community. Safe travels :v:


Welcome. There’s a group of folks in this forum in the process of establishing their own CSD / ETARC Hub. You might want to join in.


Welcome @itzandp.
Nice to have you aboard.


Neat! Have they chosen any area (close to the existing galactic hub?) also, is there a dedicated topic for this effort?


I’m not really involved in it, but @Mad-Hatter, who’s already contacted you, is.

There are currently a number of open threads about the subject - Try these:


Reading the threads @Polyphemus suggested will bring you up to speed on where we are & also introduce you to how things are being decided.
We are quite close to deciding a location & a naming method for our own hub location.
At present, we look to be considering 2 star-chain formations; each located in different quadrants.
If you are still without all your glyphs, there is the method of Blackhole Roulette, which gets you within warp range of a chosen location (nothing a few hundred warp cells won’t fix :grin:).
Check out Pilgrim Path for more info.
We are also in the process of deciding exactly how we will name the discoveries in our hub region, which is an important part of the process.
If you are artistic there is also a logo to be designed/finalised plus you’ll find there are many artistically minded travellers among the ETARCIANS who enjoy sharing all manor of pictorial & scripted expression. Feel free to join in.


Belated welcome but I see you are already very much at home here :slight_smile: