Introduction Thread


Do you have somewhere you post those sculptures and/or pieces you make with the wacom? Would love to see some of your work. :slight_smile:


Is it ok to add a website here?


Hi folks!

Just signed up. I have an old Arvin 10 AM radio, with a leather case and a light. I salvaged a volume pot from an Alvin 9 to keep it going. I use it to listen to the Yankees baseball games.

Back in my younger days, I was a soldier in the US Military. My job classification was Signal Support. We would setup radio antennas on hill tops and wait to get bombs dropped on us. I once setup a radio in a tank, and established encrypted communications with HQ.

I don’t exactly know what this site is all about, but it sure is interesting.



As long as it doesn’t contain something illegal you should be fine. in your profile there is even a field for your personal website


Wow, an actual radio expert! We see fewer of those around here than our name might suggest…

Welcome to the forum!


Thanks for the welcome. Lol “expert”… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Welllll compared to most of us anyway ¯\(ツ)/¯. I once turned the dial in a car, true story :rofl:.


…back when cars had dials. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Found my way here during the Waking Titan. First time getting involved with an ARG . Had a blast participating even though I was a bit behind in the beginning. I love the idea of the CSD and figured I would stick around. I know it’s another thread but big thanks to Hello Games and A&S for the fun. Keep up the great work and I look forward to what the Hello Games team has planned for the future.


Hello everyone,

sorry guys, I know squat about radio.

I came to find ETARC after the Waking Titans ARG and the I looked for a CSD. Every thread on Internet pointed to ETARC so…here I am

In addition, people here are a nice, that is a plus!

See you!


Greetings travelers! Welcome to the FUTUREEE!

My short name is Rick. I like video games, reading and 420. I like Futurama, NMS and Venture bros.
I have a dog named Riffa (she looks like milo), and 2 of her babies, Forest and Jenny (forest cause he is crippled from the waist down) and Jenny be cause obviously. Cool.


Hello my name is Sara Starwind, and if you get that last name or profile pic you are awesome. I’ve loved outer space ever since I was a kid but especially after the show Outlaw Star. This game literally fulfills one of my wishes which is explore the universe however I want. I have been waiting for this game my whole life, I got a PS4 basically just for this game, I got it at the beginning of 2016 but knew I wanted it for this and Shenmue 3.

Been playing the game since day one. I have the limited edition and when they took out the game got the PC collector’s edition thing. I have loved this game since the beginning I kind of miss how it played at the beginning but Atlas Rises actually surprisingly took some of it back especially plutonium being a lot more common now. I used the same ship from before foundation until a little after Atlas Rises, my new ship however looks like the titular Outlaw Star. I was and always will be very much a solo player for this game but I like the community around the game.


That’s not by chance related to the Last Legionary series, is it??
I, too, am one for exploration. Good to have you around, Traveller. :wink:


Hello my fellow explorers, my name is Matador. I’ve always dreamed of exploring space and NMS has helped to fill that dream for me. I’ve been a fan of stuff like Star Trek since I was a kid. The past year with NMS has been amazing. I have enjoyed this game every step of the way. See you out in the cosmos! :rocket:


Nope, the last name and the ship are from the show Outlaw Star.


Ooooh, of course! Dang… I’ve lost all requirements to being “Awesome”… :sob:


You’re still awesome Kyle.


When I was 17 I wanted to have hair like gene starwind and conquer the galaxy in a spaceship. The hair didn’t pan out (it came out pink and orange) but NMS fulfills the later perfectly.


Been around a few months now and found this site during the ARG.

NMS is the game I’ve always wanted and yet didn’t think anyone would EVER make! Back in the 90s, a friend of mine and I were talking about “wouldn’t it be nice if someone made a game where you could just bum around.” I recently met up with my friend and told him about NMS, he said, “so it’s like bum around”. I said, “pretty much”!

It might have taken 25 years but someone finally made a game where not only can you bum around but you can do it on a multi-galactic scale! Thank you Sean and HG! Sure took you a while :)!


I kind of want to get the star tattoo.