Introduction Thread


Hey I’m Dan, been playing NMS since day 1 a year ago. I participated throughout the ARG primarily through Reddit and the wakingtitan site. I figured since this will now be the home of the CSD I should join!


Hey fellow Citizen Scientists,
As everyone else who recently wrote in this thread, i too got here through NMS and WakingTitan. I’m looking forward to solving future puzzles and ARGs with this wonderful community :heart:


Oh this is where everyone has been hanging out. DTC Discord has been a little quieter lately. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey all, I’m Vic, Software Developer, Gamer, Dad & Husband. I lurked for most of the end of phase 2 and got increasingly more excited to see a positive community building here.

I bought my PS4 for NMS and played for a while, and while I could see the potential, only now is the universe beginning to come alive for me after swapping to PC and modding the hell out of it to allow me to explore and experience this … creation.

From a software developer’s point of view, having been in the commercial software industry for night on a quarter century, and having grown up with Elite, NMS is an absolute masterpiece. I totally grok the whole procedural structure, although I have literally no idea how certain parts of it work. IMHO it’s a seminal step in software architecture, on a par with Elite. And I seriously, don’t say that often.

Of course, from a gamer’s point of view (having played lots :smiley:) yeah, there are things I’d change, mechanics I’m not particularly fond of, gripes I wish I didn’t have, but sod it, I can’t help but enjoy it.

I really enjoyed the buildup to the end of WT, still I felt it fell a little flat afterwards. I’d have loved to have seen the patch drop right after, but that’s the way it goes. Still, you guys here kept me intrigued, and I couldn’t not watch the final stream, so well played all, Well Played.



Welcome to the party Vic, happy to have you here with us on ETARC before the big makeover! Great to have more people with a passion for game design and the tech behind it. I am what you’d call a casual observer in regards to that area of the industry, I don’t know how to create but I’m aware of the methods and the limitations and DEAR LORD WHATS KEEPING ALL THESE PLATES SPINNING!?

While I started reading your introduction, as soon as I read your name I couldn’ help but picture Vic from RVB and hear his voice, made an enjoyable read all the bit more enjoyable


oooooooo no, I’m not that pretty :wink: lol

I have a MUCH bigger & scragglier beard :wink:


Well if not for our love of games, sci fi or the no mans sky universe, I’m sure we would have all bonded over mutual beard respect.

What is your stance on plaid shirts? And how do you feel about the plaid shirt, beard and cheeky grin combo?
Does it help one to be Irish before executing such a bold fashion statement?
Or is it a style open to all regardless of race or creed?

Sadly I think, these are questions we’ll never know the answer to…


I was a Nerd, a Rocker, A Goth, then I got old, married and had a son, now style is mostly :meh:, but also, mostly personal :wink:


I’m Known on the internet as ShockedCurve453, except when I’m not ( but I doubt if you wanted to contact me that you’d do it through my old ROBLOX account). I read too much Kotaku, and one day they ran an article on Frog Fractions 2, which is how I learned of the lovely fellows at Game Detectives.

Unfortunately, I don’t own a copy of No Man’s Sky. I mean, technically I do, but my computer is too terrible to run it, so I refunded. I might pick it back up if/when I get around to building a not terrible computer.

When I’m not wasting my time playing video games I’m going to school (did I mention I’m in high school?), conlanging, worldbuilding (not really), reading (mostly SF, some fantasy), playing board games (Catan, mostly), wishing I had a copy of PC Skyrim so I could try and get into modding, and having existential dread.

I also went to the Scripps National Spelling Bee, and I’m not arrogant about it.

My music preferences (just because) are all over - at any given time you could find me listening to Dropkick Murphys, Cruachan, 65dos, Austin Wintory, other soundtracks, or Johnny Cash (only the American albums).


Hi all! I’m new here.
StarLord, from Italy. I left NMS behind after few hours and now I’m going to fly again with these new updates.
I hope to see you across the stars!


Greetings! I’m completely new to all this. Launched into NMS about a month after release. Since then, have rarely missed a day. Completed the Atlas Path, crossed the center of the Euclid Galaxy, and have been exploring my way across the universe leaving a trail of ‘breadcrumbs’ - named systems at the end of each day ‘tajantolin …’ Just entered Hesperus Dimension, and its wide open frontier around here! :slightly_smiling_face:

Started to get linked in to the community via. Waking Titan, and now glad to be a member of the CSD! Psyched for the update! What’s going to happen? Something wonderful!


Hullo fellow travellers,

I am hilightnotes, I’ve been active on various No Man’s Sky subreddits for a while, but upon discovering that this place would be sticking around post-ARG, I was eager to join in. I grew up on forum communities (Lost, LittleBigPlanet, being two of the most significant online communities to become a part of my life), and I’m really glad to finally have such a community for No Man’s Sky.

I am a traveller who loves to explore, go on lengthy journeys across the stars to various destinations I set out for myself, or simply to wander head-first into the unknown. I travelled to the Galactic Hub, and though this filled me with some sense of joy and comfort, I quickly realised it was not my home. It was not long before I embarked on a new journey. I still have not set up my home base in a serious fashion, though I think I will do this soon even if it is a home I visit only on the rare occasion.

I also really love to get creative and supportive in the community. A long time ago, before any hubs were formed, I started the co-ordinate sharing thread that helped bring about the Hub’s inception. I also really love to play piano, and have done a couple streams on Twitch, playing the No Man’s Sky music and improv based on it. I intend to do regular weekly streams now, and though many of them will not be No Man’s Sky focused, I certainly would like to focus some of them around it.

Most recently I have also been creating audio stories for No Man’s Sky, like the ones you can listen to from this thread:

Take care, and am looking forward to getting to know some of you :slight_smile:


(Moved from my initial post, sorry, learning how to forum XD)

Hello everyone. I wanted to take some time to introduce myself.

If you’re a frequent twitter user who often refreshes #NoMansSky, #WakingTitan or #AtlasRises, you’ve probably seen me before, my handle is @joeysisco. My name is Joey Sisco-Tufts, and No Mans Sky is one of my favorite games of all time. I play on PS4, for now.

I’ve been here, and loved it, since day 1 when I first came too on a scorching planet, burning to death seeking shelter. From that moment on, I have been a Traveller, Interloper, Citizen Scientist and more. I took part actively in Waking Titan mid phase 1, around July 8th with the Howard Stern broadcast.

I’ve come to love this game, and more so this community. I look forward to getting to know many of you better, and searching the stars together, and we move forward in 1.3 and beyond. Feel free to introduce yourself! (My apologies if this isn’t the right spot for this, not a common forum poster. But this place, the CSD, will be an exception.)

Thank you, Citizen Scientists.


Hello all.

I got the game first day and have many hours playing. Around 750 planets so far (logged).

The game was as I expected ie; ‘all about exploration’, that is what I expected and got. So I was one of the many happy players, although there were many that were expecting something else and were unhappy. So for them, I hope the game has introduced something else they can get into.

For me however, it always has been about exploring and I think NMS is the best game out there for that (without a doubt, for me anyway).

Thanks and Hi


Hello, I am fairly new to game playing, bought NMS when it came out, had never held a control till then, I use a PS4. I am an artist and writer and a Grandma so have seen many decades on the planet Earth.
I used a mac, wacom and make digital art as well as sculpt… but this NMS is taking up most of my thoughts at the moment. i love the new update just walking about is even more enjoyable.
I play in creative, would love to have goals set for creative as well in any future update. I would like to collect and protect rare animals from predators by making safe places for them.
Maybe one day we can have a companion robot to walk fly and talk with us…
Till then I am just amazed at ingenuity of the creators of this game and so so pleased I have been able to play.


No Mans Sky | Checking Out | The #NMS 1.3 Atlas Rises and the new features of the space anomaly!!! An yes I think I was right the door’s behind Nada an Polo mean some thing to the story or the portals witch in my mind might tie in to the space anomaly’s being some thing used with obtaining glyph’s an accsess to using them any way check it out tell me what you think #S4Y #NMS #Discovery #Upload #letDoThis !!! :smiley: image|690x388


Could anyone that is in the galactic hub give the portal sequence if you have it?


Hello, I am Frisout.
I was / am active at the Game Detectives discord during the whole ARG but decided to finally make an account here. Good fun :smiley:


Hello I’m Kirby I was not really part of the waking titan community but I did try to participate every chance I got.

I never really got in to radio if your talking about talk shows I prefer to listen to music on the road as a sort of ambient noise not really paying attention to the lyrics.


Hello, I’m WithYouInSpirit :slight_smile:

I’ve lurked several NMS Communities over the years and I jumped onboard Waking Titan at the end of Phase One. I’m a Community Moderator of /r/NoMansSkyTheGame on Reddit and actively take part in Discussion about NMS. I’ve been playing the game since a few months after release and stuck with it until now. What I see as it comeback in a big way. Though I can’t say I play it fanatically, since NMS to me is a game I start up and play when the mood hits me.

I’ve participated in a few ARG’s and the Radio/Tapes aspect was brilliant.