Introduction Thread


Never quite got round to introducing myself. Sooo better late than never…

Hi, I’m Lonk from Pennsylvania! Found my way here from r/NoMansSkyTheGame back during the com-ball connection, been floating around here ever since. It feels needless to say, but I’m a fan of No Man’s Sky; this game just hits all the right neurons for me. When I’m not roaming the Euclid galaxy, I enjoy reading Sci-Fi, investigating new microbreweries, and exploring the hidden trails and forgotten glens the mountains here have to offer.

This is the first ARG I’ve ever managed to get in on. It’s a pleasure puzzling with you all, and I cannot wait to see what Phase 2 has in store!


Greetings! I’m here by way of the Wakig Titan ARG and it’s connection to No Man’s Sky. I also enjoy a good mystery/conspiracy and so this whole event puts a smile on my face.


Hello World! Love NMS. been playing since day one. Game is rarely out of my system. Got into this ARG via the cassette tapes. Never experienced an ARG before. Interesting to say the least. Been lurking for a while. got emailed a code. did the cut out of the “little orphan annie decoder ring” Figured I would try to help, so I made an account. I have some experience in audio and image analyzing. Cheers


Hello! Even though it is obvious this site is not really about radios…I got into shortwave when my husband was in the military. Bought an old trans-oceanic Zenith and found I really enjoyed listening. Now I use a DX-398 from Radio Shack (how I miss the stores) Love all things tech and NMS. Think it is a beautiful game. I may not be much help, but I am really enjoying the ARG.


I’m here to find out where Emily is!
Oh, and I’m playing NMS since the first day.


Hello everyone.

I really did used to build my own radios. Now I build my own computers. I’m a long-term fan of science fiction, particularly the old stuff. I also have interests in electronics, engineering, history and archaeology.

I’ve been playing No Man’s Sky since launch, and I’ve been following Waking Titan from an early point. I’m a little overawed by the speed with which some people have solved the puzzles, but I think it might be fun to join in.


Hi All!

Short and Sweet :grin: I’m here to follow and (attempt to) help with the WT /NMS project! In connection to anything radio… I love music :musical_note: NMS 65Daysofstatic for the win!


Hi girls and boys! 3 weeks ago I stumbled across an article on Kotaku about an ARG connected to the NMS (owned it since the beginning), and immediately spent 6 hours updating myself :sweat_smile:
This community amazed me and I just want to be part of this great story!
Here’s a :cat: for you


Hi, I like most was drawn here by mention of NMS. (I lurked for a few weeks)
Was a long time waiting and then a day one (PS4) NMS devotee once it arrived. Never quite understood the negativity explosion, when after release it turned out not everything was able to be included.
Love the unique style and colour blends and the new updates have kept the interest going. Been wandering the galaxy for a long time now and still enjoy that “new world feeling” when I arrive somewhere.
Looking forward to something to perk it up again, although admittedly I’m totally cool with cruising the star systems the way it is.
Waking Titan has been my first true effort in the realm of ARG for me and I truly enjoy the enthusiasm of the researchers and code breakers and the NMS players are a lovely bunch.


Hi I’m toddumptious, I live on an island sorta. I’m not one for introductions but I will ramble paragraphs at you until your eyes punch the screen in a justified rage.

Always dreamt of a game like No Mans Sky, following since reveal, playing since launch. Primarily PS4 though as of a recent steam summer sale, actively playing on PC whilst keeping a close eye on all things ARGy. Not much help to puzzles, usually arrive late but the discussions are good and I love to see people theorising :slight_smile:


Hello Im bryce.


Hey, I’m Gabriel, from Uruguay. Probably one of the few from here playing NMS. Preordered it on digital and also the Limited Edition, fell in love with the game instantly. Curiosly, I was a shortwave listener during the 80s, so the ETARC connection was a fascinating side of all this Waking Titan thing. I’m also an old-school videogamer (53 years-old). I have a little YouTube channel, just look for Gabriel Souto if you want. Now playing a little Elite: Dangerous but surely be back to NMS as soon as the v1.3 update drops. See you in space, Nomanauts!


Hey Souto! Welcome! It’s me, Merimacdwarf-orc, your Director :wink:


(Sprang from my chair) Mr. Director! You here? Such an honour! Thanks!


It’s an honour to have more from the spacing guild here with us on ETARC before the transformation.


Greetings. I am a singular collective of many voices in my head. Some good, some bad, some radio transmissions. So I have been into radio ever since I could remember. See you at the HUB.


Greetings all!

I have been an avid NMS fan since day one (August 9th, 2016 / PS4 - August 12th, PC)

Looking forward to seeing the new branding over to the new CSD version, and of course the 1.3 update.

Some of you may know me from the various Discord Servers where I go by the handle of (GG7).

Happy to be here!


Hi! I’m honestly not sure why I hadn’t created an account here yet. Lurked through phase 1 of waking titan, participated in the rest. I like no mans sky quite a bit!
My username is my actual name which is a bad idea!
This should be fun!


Hi everyone,
I first got interested in building crystal radios back in my early teens but, like many others here, i was lured in by NMS. I’m hoping to have plenty of interesting conversations here.


Hi friends! I am Codver Prime, and I am here ahead of the transition to the official CSD forums. I am in love with NMS, celebrating the one year anniversary of Launch Day when I started on my PS4 at midnight and have played regularly ever since! I hang out in the DTC Discord and a couple of NMS Amino groups, as well as the main NMS subReddit and the Portals subReddit. Happy to add this community to my circle of online NMS homes!