I just going to say. This game is now unplayable

Do you have another greedy software on your machine ? If so launch it and does it crash when you use it ?
We are in summer, maybe it’s hot where you live and your card overheat. (never tried to change the thermal paste from a graphic card bt it should be easy)

I have also an I5, a 1050 TI, 12 GB RAM and my game runs fine

Fallout 4 is the best option on my rig. I could buy PUBG and just refund it, is this greedy enough? I hear that game is a machine nightmare

Based on people’s responses I’m going to guess it’s my PC. Start passing the debug checklist.

I have been going through wanting to restart a new Normal mode save just because I haven’t found the Base Refineries. I recently have gotten together with a friend who was in another galaxy and have built a base near his new base on his new save :slight_smile: One thing I can do now if I want is use both his large and medium size refineries.

Out of hardship we find more reasons to play with others in No Man’s Sky Next :slight_smile: The Working Multiplayer is the one thing that to me is the best change to the game :slight_smile:

The tech unlocked for me when I was in the freighter. It’s in the same menu as the save point and beacon

Did you try NMS with low textures/details ?
FO4 should be enough if in ultra i think. But PUBG can be a hard solution yes ^^

If you have crash, try to see your thermal paste.
Not the same cards but advices here are good

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Fair play, and well put, @Genjira. :slight_smile: Thanks for your reply, in turn. :+1:

Agreed: no point rehashing the “what did he mean?” Q; and I did omit acknowledging the FACT that they were his own words, ANSWERING a Q re MP…

(Additional thought)

However, in all we’ve come to know about SM, we “know” that he’s found the sudden thrust into media interest (aka “fame”) has been tough to handle, too; I get the impression (and I believe he himself has said, too) that he’s more Introvert than Extrovert, and – without dipping too deep into any debate – rather felt, personally, that some of his early interview answers were given “too quickly”:- with good intentions, but failing to consider over-promising resulting in under-delivering (at original launch).

Re: Why Three Platforms?

I’d speculatecuz of course only HG can really answer this – that the Leads (4?) must’ve agreed that the Team, together, “could” succeed in responding to the DEMAND from the XBox community for “their” version; not forgetting that XB, being Microsoft’s, would ultimately be (I believe?) “close enough” to PC as far as coding for it…?!? :thinking:
They’re still only a small outfit/team, and there will of course be various differences between the platforms, for how each needs to be treated in coding terms . . . but that’s a much deeper discussion, not for this thread. :wink:

I DO need to clarify sthg tho…

Just to be clear...

My harsh wording wasn’t meant for ANY “player” of NMS…
In the wake of their measure of (commercial) success with NMS, it would rather behoove HG to at least consider – if not act on – getting more staff to help with the burden they find themselves bearing. I’m wary of opportunism taking advantage of potential desperation, and the thought of such injustice rather rubs me the wrong way. (Injustice frustrates me…)

I’m sure if you re-read that section, you’ll come to see what I was getting at; AND that, as long as you are NOT a “very recently new employee of HG”, – ad I’m guessing you’re not! – I was in no way implying you or anyone close / parallel to / like you to be one of those. (Your reaction reads like you only read up to the harsh word, to be fair… That rather makes your response to it … premature.)

There was no ‘condescension’ whatsoever – I’m a fairly humble person, and don’t “talk down” to people.
I stated myself plainly, and I signed off positively, reflecting the logical probability of many others reading it.
I’m a huge proponent of mature discussion and intelligent reasoning, and I am at least glad to see that you appear to be well equipped for same, so I proceed on that fair basis. “Play Nice, Now” is simply a request to other potential respondents to keep it mature. There’s no need for any sarcasm, and it isn’t a habit of mine in any case, so I don’t use it.

NMS - massive? Bloody-well big enough! ;)

Agreed – ProcGen allows its coding to be smaller … than any larger “open-world” type games which aren’t ProcGen’d, so, sure, it’s SIMILAR to MC. And, yes, NMS’ “more extensive” use of ProcGen is noted.
NMS, contrasted to MC, IS “massive”, as it is much more far-reaching, and its coding still requires many other treatments which MC does not use, such as 6DoF FLIGHT control, and more complex “voxels” than MC’s typical cubic blocks (its more complex non-cube shapes notwithstanding, NMS generates far more than MC).
Given the PERSISTENCE required in BOTH games, you’d necessarily need to take into account what data “must” be stored in order to realise it – with a WIDER SCOPE for “where” stuff needs to be persistent, after it’s been (proceedurally-)generated, it rather necessitates probably many more arrays in NMS than in MC to keep track of it all. MC offers 1 “other dimension”, being the Nether; 1 dimension in MC might be fairly likened to 1 large planet in NMS, and even if we ignore multiple galaxies for the moment, a single system might average 3-4 planets / moons, PLUS a local Space Station; there are many more places you might spread out your “stuff” in NMS . . . . .

Of course, there seem to be some issues with some people’s “stuff”, too… yet another problem to address.

So anyway, while I can AGREE that it’s “one big sandbox”, just like MC, and it is designed with “better graphics”, where you’re “wrong” (about them being “the same”) is, for starters, e.g. having a Flight Model and Controls for it. And, ofcourse, MC has natively supported over a dozen simultaneous MP for a long time… :confused:

Genj, do you Elite or Empyrion, also? Or what others are “big ones” for you? :slight_smile:

It would be rather disappointing if they are SO short-staffed that they can’t properly field the ZenDesk incoming feedback . . . they rather depend on it, for pinpointing issues of greatest importance / urgency that are otherwise not discovered by their own in-house play-testing…

The OP’s rig seems to be well-enough equipped; hopefully, they’ll get enough of the right info to trouble-shoot their own system back into better working order. :sunglasses: :+1:
@Doopa – how’s it comin’ along…?!?

Do you run CHKDSK with any regularity?

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Sorry to read about all your crashes, especially since I have a very similar setup as you @Doopa and in 40hrs of playtime in NEXT only experienced ONE crash. partially based on my own clumbsy gameplay. I wrote a ticket to Zendesk and Hello Games actually replied to me (=first time this happened in 1.5 years of playing the game, but I digress).

My two cents: you are having some sort of software collision or outdated driver sort of problem. The game is not crashing everytime you sneeze by now, so something is not optimized locally with your cpu - be it hardware or software.

There have been many people commenting on NVIDIA and GeForce optimization for No Man’s Sky in the r/NoMansSkyTheGame subreddit. Here are but two examples that might help you:

But regardless if they do help you or not, please send ALL of your issues to the Zendesk. But not only that: create a txt file with your DxDiag info on it and attach it in the ticket. Also include your latest save.hg and msave.hg files (both of them). If you are experiencing consistent crashes at a certain point in the game, detail specifically what you were doing, including screnshots and videos. Anything.

I hope you’ll be able to play the game, and that I can join you in a co-op on a planet far far away very soon!

All the best!


Ok. My son has a friend running NVIDIA and the game is only using 2GB of system RAM and his video card only has 4GB as well and he is running fine.
For the record, I am using AMD with Radeon graphics…the game uses over 10GB of system RAM…:scream: but I have 12 so game is running fine.

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I’d imagine the RAM usage depends extremely on the specific circumstances the measurement was taken in. The biggest memory eater in NMS would be the voxels, and depending on where you are the amount of those currently in memory can vary drastically.


PUBG for 2 hours no lag or crash. And my board looks flawless.

Gold mine you just gave me

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Turns out the issue was how things were optimized. Had graphics card and integrated graphics fighting over who does what.

Simply go into integrated graphics settings and Nvidia settings in this order and optimize the game automatically. I looked at these settings 20 times, integrated had no vsynce while Graphics card had it on. Also anisotropic filtering was set at 4 for integrated 1 for Nvidia. Since doing this I have had no trouble.

I hope this helps someone


That… should be physically impossible, actually. Might be that both sets of settings were applied to the same card and created some conflicts, though.

After doing everything humanly possible from repairing windows, updateing drivers, reinstalling, cleaning the rig out, defragment, and so on.

That was the only thing that worked.

Great news, @Doopa!!

Looking forward to seeing some of your screenshots, now you’ve sorted your play performance issues!! :smiley:
If you’re keen, try some Sentinel Surfing. :wink:
There’s a Thread for people to post their screenshots, too…

I plan on starting a channel actually. But have some life that needs dealing with first. But now that I’m not crashing every 5 minutes perhaps I will attempt to leave the system again.

Thanks everyone for all your help. If anything my PC runs hella better now I took care of all this maintenance. :joy:


Great to read you managed to sort out these issues @Doopa!

I know it can be a pain to have these sort of issues! It reminds me of when I first bought my gaming PC… I had bought it especially to play NMS and I was so eager to get started! But to my dismay I had all sound (music and effects in-game) echo and give louds “thumps” several times per second… it took me half a day and half the hair on my head to figure out that I needed to manually turn off some shady “dynamic loop-sound” effects in a Dell app that came preinstalled with the CPU. However, once figured out it was just one click of a button and boom - perfect sound!

I have been messing with computers for years, never had a graphics card. The extent of how much it changes how I use a PC still astounds me. I’m working on my 8th month on a gaming PC and still hit these walls. It’s all part of the learning process I guess. But I tell you what, it’s 1,000,000 times better than a console.

And considering I have 12-16 games in my steam library and NMS is the first I had issues with (exception to far cry 4 save game issues) it hasn’t been as stressful as this post would lead a console gamer to believe. (Had to add a disclaimer :yum:)

Did I mention I’m learning to 3D model and video edit properly? A graphics card is for much more than gaming. :relieved:

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