I just going to say. This game is now unplayable

Nothing in the game works anymore. I know they are a small team at Hello games, but I can’t make it 10 minutes without crashing. I have never crashed before now. I have my driver’s updated, the game updated, I pushed all graphics settings to low, and I even started a new game.

EVERYTHING Crashes the game. The freighter, storms, opening eggs, taking off, sneezing ECT.

Has anyone been able to resolve these issues? Because after playing this since launch as if it were my life, I’m finally ready to quit playing, not because the game is bad, but I’m seriously over doing a bunch of stuff and having it all lost. I was expecting bugs but this is absolutely insane.

Haven’t resolved them, but I never had them in the first place. I’ve got almost 30 hours in NEXT now without a single crash. A few glitches here and there (Missions received from individual NPCs are essentially broken, my freighter crew changes race with every jump, and I can’t progress missions with my base NPCs unless I’m in the system I built the terminal, which is a bit annoying when you wanted them on your freighter, a few texture and normals glitches every once in a while) but appart from those issues it’s running like a charm.
And I’m playing underspecced…

As you are a member of the master-race, you are an unfortunate one… are you playing from an old save file? Hate to say but you could have a bad/corrupt file… … I think HG were aiming for people to feel incentivised to start over with NEXT

If using Steam, have you tried the usual ‘verify installation’ stuff? Perhaps an un/reinstall? I’m sure it sucks, but then again consoles have their drawbacks too…

@Doopa I’ve adjusted your topic to a better suited catagory :slight_smile:

Thanks, sorry

As for the PC questions

It’s been running hot aswell

But if you say you have no crashing issues I should try that list. Cause man…it’s horrible

Are you on AMD ? is it a new game or old save ?

He says he even started a new game… Mods? AMD? Potato? Maybe an AMD potato running mods?


Nvidia GTX 1050 4gb
7th gen i5

No mods

That is very weird given the specs… Should run. I’d Try the experimental branch, before going any deeper.

Nothing wrong with an AMD potato running mods. :stuck_out_tongue:

IF the owner has some decent sense of hardware maintenance & troubleshooting skill, and a modicum of software testing under different conditions … and, ok, I’d recommend an above-average patience level . . . :wink:

It’s quite satisfying to resolve issues yourself. Even the Internet can oft be a treasure trove of hints and suggestions for how to proceed with things.

Money doesn’t make you “good” within the “Master Race”; it just means you can afford the fanciest toys / upgrades, etc. SKILL makes you “good”, which is what the PCMR is all about, really. If you just want to buy something that works, cuz you have the extra money, great – buy a new Console. :slight_smile: :+1:
PCs are for tweaking and customising. :smiley: :heart:

@Doopa – it used to be that people would delete an entire folder, which would regenerate on game load; it also used to be that some setup issues would require (renaming & setting aside, or) deleting the relevant settings file, and allowing the game to regenerate a new one.

Something else you can try…

Get into the Control Panel, and run the “Scan for New Hardware” wizard, and see if it picks anything up. IF so, Id recommend you double-check drivers for whatever it thinks it’s finding, and if it’s hardware you are NOT expecting (for whatever reason), check manufacturer’s website for any Support Docs about it; if it’s hardware you believe you “already have” drivers for, double-check re “most recent”… if it IS the “most recent”, you MAY want to rewind back one (or two) versions, to see what differences that might make.


Back up your save files.
Make an explicit backup of your relevant Registry files (lots of decent articles / videos online for this).
Especially if you don’t have your system automatically creating System Restore points for you.

Finally, if – due to recent market changes – you happen to be using an EX-MINING graphics card, please be EXTRA WARY of trying to over-clock it… Mining rigs are known to have been left running practically 24/7. The graphics cards are generally run below full capacity because of this, so they don’t burn out, but o/c’ing an ex-miner would not be a good idea.

If OVERCLOCKING is any possible source of your issues – even if you’re NOT using an ex-miner – revert to stock frequencies / timings FIRST, and see if the game runs more smoothly.

You will need more patience to do some “incremental stress testing”.
If it seems to “work fine” at stock – and DO play for at least a few dozen hours to make sure – THEN try to STEP UP your o/c settings… gradually… and play for many hours at each step, to be satisfied with that setting, before you try to push higher. Look out for ANY graphical glitches as you progress, and take some notes…

OK, good luck.


Or even Modified Potato Starch from an AMD lab?!


I think it’s worth sticking with it.

I did give up playing when HG abandoned 1.38, leaving so many broken objects (Atmosphere Harvesters, Portals, Damaged Machinery, Hydroponic Trays and more) unfixed and unacknowledged, despite them being reported by me and others to their ZenDesk system. It was either give up the base, freighter, starships, Atlas Passes, upgrades, 0.5bu and everything else I’d earned in 400 hours of gameplay by starting a new game with no guarantee that the same save file corruptions wouldn’t occur again, or go and play something made by developers who knew what they were doing and didn’t treat their players like bacteria on Sean Murray’s coprite crystals. So I did the latter and played some really exceptional games of actual substance.

My friend enticed me back to NMS just as Next was about to be launched and, as it’s a free update, I thought I had nothing to lose. It was, of course, agony for the first week. I honestly believe that Hello Games has the worst bunch of devs whose games I’ve played and that it has no configuration or release management or quality control at all. They have the audacity to claim NMS is enhanced for PS4 Pro yet, in 4K, it runs like a one-legged donkey - the fans are constantly going nuts. I had maybe 6 or 8 PS4 blue-screen crashes, compared with between none and none from any other game I’ve played. I had white-outs and black-outs, where the game is audibly still running and responding to my controller input, but just doesn’t display anything. I have the most appalling fps drops whenever my player-character runs through a bush or jet-packs through trees’ leaves on a lush planet, or is falling or dashing, sometimes actually countable at 1 fps or less. On top of the technical problems, the HG devs are re-running their greatest hits, like the unknown graves you pay 100-nanites-a-pop to locate that don’t give you the glyphs you dutifully attempt to extract or the starship’s scanner not identifying locations you can literally see out of the windows. New to 1.5 are the “ask for directions” and (again paid for) “signal booster” locations that send you back to places you’ve already been and have stripped of anything useful. Frigates return damaged from missions and get stuck inside your capital ship so you can’t access them to repair them. If you happen to fall off a walkway on one of the frigates you can repair, you fall down (yes, not towards a nearby massive object but down because apparently space has an up and a down) to a freezing death from which you cannot recover your inventory. Your capital ship itself opens fire when you’re attacked by pirates but, sadly, doesn’t stop once you’ve defeated them, which renders it inaccessible because it thinks it’s still in combat. The teleportation gateway you install in your base is only for outbound journeys: teleporting to your base takes you inexplicably to the base computer terminal, much like teleporting to your base never puts your starship on the landing pad you built for it… Most of the missions show their internal variable names rather than titles that are meaningful to humans. Pick up a ‘collect the coprite’ mission from a NPC and not only will the drop-off point refuse to let you drop it off because it wants ammonia instead of coprite but, when you return to the NPC and claim success (not having surrendered the desired pooh at all), your reputation will rise with a completely different faction. Other missions (e.g. those with an undisclosed reward) will simply not give you any reward. And, on top of all that, when it’s working properly, you now have multiple layers of superficial buffoonery to scratch your way through in order to repair damaged machinery or frigate components, or unlock a drop pod, all of which is intended to slow you down and keep you in the fix ship/get base/get freighter prologue because that’s the only bit of gameplay NMS actually offers. What comes next is, after all, just Minecraft with better graphics.

Which is fine, if you want Minecraft with better graphics and set in a space fantasy world and, personally, I do, which is why I think it’s worth persevering with. Much of the horror and anguish I’ve experienced in the past week (having come back from games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Nier: Automata, Diablo III, Hellblade and ReCore that were utterly joyful to play) has been reduced by the two PS4 updates we’ve had, and with my acceptance that the superficially exaggerated grind is just how we do NMS now. For PC players, you’re getting almost daily hotfixes, a lot of attention and handholding from HG and, no offence, but you wouldn’t be using a PC if you weren’t all up in that grinding, right? It feels like it’s starting to come good right about now.

But then, I’ve only just got the blueprints for that atmosphere harvester…

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Aww, c’mon… :confused:
AMD’s not THAT bad. They’ve been around for long enough; they deserve at least some respect for that. :slight_smile:

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Of course, don’t get me wrong, I fully respect their Potato Modification Capabilities :wink:

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Hey, @Genjira,

I hope you took the time to at least copy-paste your list above into a ZENDESK report to actually let HG know that someone has experienced these issues.

That is to say, while you (generally, not you specifically) may not be the only one, presuming that “someone else will have the same problem, and they will report it, so fk it I’m not bothering” isn’t helpful in the grand scheme of things…

As @Polyphemus puts it elsewhere, the more people report certain bugs, the higher priority they are given for addressing, simply BECAUSE “more people” are experiencing it.

Finally, I feel the need to remind EVERYONE . . .

Hello Games are a SMALL, Independent team, with a game that became rather massive rather quickly.
Which rather means that their SMALL team must ALSO field the OVERWHELMING number of reports they will be receiving.

They don’t have the RESOURCES that the BIGGER corporate level international developers have, least of all the extra man-power …

Sure, it’s no excuse for bugs, but I imagine there’s an element of “bitten off more than they could chew”, alongside the simple fact of “having a tough time keeping up with it all”, under the PRESSURE of coding, now, for THREE platforms, within a SMALL team.

You may recall, the early mods came along quite simply because the PSARC coding was “already known”, and it was identified that the PC game was still using file structures employed for its PlayStation release.

Many people DO recognise and acknowledge that they have done a GEK-TON of work over these last two years, and have been working continuously since Atlas Rises last year to build up to this… and the clamour for “multiplayer” (even though this game has ALWAYS been about the Exploration first, not the MP aspects) has rather “forced their hand” to ensure they could functionally add this feature to the game, which they have managed to do, for the Consoles (which rather look like their first priority), and for PC with STEAM . . . and are now juggling working on for GOG account holders, alongside bug-squashing since the NEXT Launch.

Let’s not forget that there was also posited the idea of “weekly” updates with community challenges, etc.

You really think their small team can handle it all? :open_mouth:
Plus, what opportunist c*nts might there be, who’d bring some coding skill to offer to join their team, but who aren’t actually pulling their weight, whilst draining a “fair income” from an Indie Dev’s typically limited coffers?


They NEED to know. EVEN if it’s a “possible repeat issue” / “everyone’s having it”.

Wait til they post on their website “Yeah, ok, we know about X, thank you.”

… NEXT is, after all, just Minecraft with better graphics.

Oh, how wrong you are.
NMS is far larger, far more ambitious, and much farther reaching than Minecraft is…
I :heart: MC (though not played it in awhile now, admittedly), and while your reference to "ProcGen" is FAIR, you will no doubt understand the significant difference in SCOPE between the two games. Let’s not forget that MC “stays level”, and doesn’t have the 6DoF NMS has, which requires lots of extra coding; AND that they’ve tried their best to make the view of “distant planets” actually match, now, what you see when you enter the atmosphere… MC’s farthest view doesn’t / can’t give you as much as NMS’ far view “must” give you.

Basically, you over-simplify in that comparison, I’m afraid. Sorry, not acceptable. :confused:

They’re too small to be able to test "everything" in their massive game before full release; but their pledge to continue to work on it, and roll out updates, is important, as it acknowledges the simple truth of NMS:

It is an ON-GOING Labour of Love, for the entire (core) Hello Games team.… and it’s NOT EASY.

We should do what we can to HELP, by playing the shit out of it, and giving our feedback. It’s what’s needed NOW. Not griping or flaming. :wink:

Big Love, All.
Play Nice, Now.

Hey @Argent-Star - thanks for your reply. As I indicated in my post, in my actual (extensive) experience, reports via ZenDesk for NMS are a waste of time because Hello Games simply ignore them: ZenDesk is just a no man’s land intended to give players the impression that they’re being listened to. This game is now two years old and the poor excuse that HG is a small team just muddling along doing their best doesn’t fly any more. The same excuse was trotted out a year ago for Atlas Rises. Why haven’t they done anything about it if it’s a problem? If they can’t deliver x, y & z, why do they say they can? If they can’t manage three platforms, why have they released for three platforms? It’s misleading to claim that people “forced their hand” over multiplayer when HG were simply being held to account for their claims that it would have multiplayer (I have no wish to rehash the whole “did he mean this?”/“did he mean that?” initial release argument, but you brought it up).

No – if my initial post wasn’t clear then let me state it: I really don’t think their small team can handle it all. They need to expand and they need to improve. Well, clearly, since their releases are always such cock-ups. This is a two-year old game. By now they should understand how it works and how to release an update without requiring their players to start all over again.

(Even if you didn’t patently direct it at me, I really don’t appreciate your use of the word “cunts” here, thanks all the same, or your condescension or your sarcastic sign-off. I was simply trying to give the OP hope that, despite all the problems, of which I have a degree of experience, it seems to be getting better.)

Why do you think NMS is a massive game? It’s just one thing repeated 18 quintillion times: avoid hazard, scan wildlife, shoot rocks, report, repeat. Even within that, the animals are largely comic creations, with the joke soon wearing thin. It is an impressive use of procedural generation for its own sake but the point of procedurally generated content is that, for developers, it’s neither massive nor difficult beyond the initial modelling process. In any case, as far as gameplay is concerned, once you’re past the survival prologue, NMS is just a big sandbox… as I said, Minecraft but with better graphics. You literally quoted that comment and then told me I’m wrong because NMS has better graphics.

As I also said, that’s what I like about NMS. There are other games with beautifully crafted worlds, incredible and challenging gameplay and breathtaking stories, which are great in themselves. But I also like this one, in which I can (one day, I hope) just wander around strange landscapes, hunt for the final animal, improve my base incrementally until I decide to up sticks and move a bit closer to the centre. I have “played the shit” out of Next and, as I said, my experience is gradually improving (as I hope the OP’s does) thanks to a couple of patches and a realignment of my expectations. I don’t want to dissuade anyone from reporting the game’s myriad bugs via ZenDesk if it makes them feel better; I just wouldn’t want people to be as disappointed as I was when those reports are left ignored after HG eventually lose interest and bugger off to concentrate on their next ARG.

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Much respect for this detailed response. I’ve built my own rigs since 1990 (for high end art and gaming), though I had to give that up a few years ago due to some unexpected visual problems. Every word rings true to me.

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OP stated i5. So I have to ask…have you overclocked the CPU, GPU, RAM, etc?? I ask because most overclockers would rather use the i5 over the i7 or i3.

If you’re overclocking, try reducing everything to Stock settings and try again.