Bugs Galor Console Sony/ 1 small snippet =Vid Link

The game is supposed to be Multi Player more user-friendly which is what Hello Bragged About - Yet since Beyond it has been the opposite it was in fact more stable on Next.
I have reported the Bugs Fair and accurate to Zen desk with proof in video or screen shots etc also other friends and family members have as well.

Sadly for me the game has so many issues just like when it was very first released years ago it is become now Non enjoyable.

Such a shame I truly feel the console community is being ignored, and I am well aware fixes are faster on the PC side due to that platform. Of course aware also the Red tape of certification and Licenses from Sony & Microsoft.

I have to be 100% honest in its current state on the PS4 Pro side that is, even with friends or family the game is now really unplayable or ruins enjoyment due to the Bugs etc.

I truly hope Hello start to take notice.

It was not possible load any Videos to this site or Topic so hope this link from Twitter works also I have many more videos and screen shots.

If people don’t report to Zendesk and Hello then nothing will get done , but I can understand when after a while you can get fed up trying!

Just to add that in the video clip below this happens every time no matter where a base is.

What is not seen in that clip was that I was flying around my base for at least if not more than 2 minutes before Textures etc started to build before landing.

Yes my internet is extremely good as well as my latency.

EDIT ; I may have been a bit Harsh & unfair on the Hello team so an edit was made to the Twitter Slap On hand–
But the Zendesk report has much more in very deep details errors or videos or screen shots including from other players sent to me.

I have now reported a very large amount to Hello trying to help Hello on this platform as they requested that help by writing directly to me.
Thought I better make that bit clear.

NMS is still a brilliant game and will get there in the end= :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Just A Snippet Of Problems Vid link


Unfortunate. My experience has been to see an improvement.
Admittedly my time with MP since BEYOND has been brief but despite poor quality internet, I was able to host 2 other players, interact easily, use VOIP with minimal distortion, while the other players were able to base build and enter into joint combat situations
Interaction with others was smooth and lag free.
In general for me it has massively improved.

We did have a the occasion instance of getting out of sync but this was easily remedied by a quick warp or reload.


The only multiplayer bug I’ve had issue with but happy to wait til fixed (got a reply from the ticket too, they were wondering which one of us called the nexus) was going to the nexus as a group, group leader started a nexus multiplayer mission, I went to accept to join mission from nexus console and was given told joining this mission will leave my current group and join the new group.

I click yes because well, it’ll just put me back in the group I’m in. Clicking yes however did nothing, I stayed in my group but I didn’t show up as an active participant in the mission.

I tried yes a few more times, same thing. So I decided to see what would happen if I pressed no. No led to an instant crash :joy: @Sir_oops can verify haha.

Sorry to hear youre having countless issues and understand if you’re angry. However I think it’s a bit of a stretch to say hello games don’t care about the console community. It’s become par for the course at this stage that with every major update, there will be bugs hello games could not have possibly recreated or foreseen with how vast, different and varied everybodies savestates and playstyles are. They’re a small team so this stuff can only be uncovered and remedied when the community gets the updates. What should be noted is the speed in which they jump on these bugs.

Sorry to hear the games now unenjoyable but I hope the time you had with it was memorable. I guess it doesn’t bother me much because fully synchronised multiplayer is my least requested feature for no mans sky, I was perfectly fine with discoverable bases and bubbles :joy: but boy am I happy I can now run up to a friend in PSVR and give them the secret handshake/three stooges slap routine.


Thanks for the responses .
First off to be clear I don’t think that Hello does not care about console players. I think they are giving a lot of attention to PC & console community is being slightly ignored or perhaps on the back foot understandable as this is due to Fixes are easier to accomplish on the PC side, also I included the problem about the red tape issue with console gaming being that of certification and Licensing .
I have had this game since day 1 launch so well aware of what has gone and changes as it was only on the PS4 platform originally.

Hello is a small team and work hard’ have made that clear in many posts even on Reddit I am also, very aware of the team in Guildford as it is a 40-min drive for me and have seen their offices work spaces due to work I done in Guildford.

Honest criticism is important as well as contructive cristism , as well as reporting to the Zendesk as stated with evidence with video as well as Blue screen codes as well as screen shots.

Usually why I never post on Game Platform forums is because it can cause Negative reactions and usually only report direct to the Game developers themselves.

Thought would just air my experiences with proof as the video and explanation shows as well as having much more including from others.

This is a great community and of course everybody is entitled to their views and their own perception, let’s face it is all down to perception per individual- as well as that I respect other’s views and input always. !

Cheers :+1: :v:


I am on PC experimental. It seems each update makes things wonky then smooths back out with the next update which may or may not make other things wonky and may or may not bring back an issue that was fixed…I am sure HG will work it out eventually. It will take time.
Agreed it can be frustrating in the meantime. I have had 2 updates that caused 9-25 fps which is not playable. It has taken a combination of updates from HG, Steam and AMD to work the problem out. I can only imagine what HG is going through while trying to sift through all of our zendesks. And yet, they are still working on it. :+1: