Reporting Bugs & I am spent

I have been playing on the PS4 Pro side of No Mans Sky and have to be honest; I appreciate all the effort that Sean Murray & the Hello Team are putting into BUG fixes etc.

I have to tell the truth I am feeling the strain because I play the game on the PS4 Pro the Sony side of things and I find it just a bit difficult & a ‘’‘Pain In The A**’’’ using Videos as well as Screen shots then having to transfer those over to a format onto a decent platform that I can then pass over to the Zendesk for Hello Games - I mean that as no insult to Sony.

In truth, I feel like I have passed so many BUG screen shots and Videos over to the Zen desk it almost feels like I am working for them :joy::persevere: but for free.

How many of you are experiencing BUGS & problems & on what Platform?

I so miss having a powerful PC to run games as the BUG reporting would be so much easier and hassle free also if I was on the Xbox X=

Sony’s sharing system not to good I don’t use drop box etc only One Drive so most I send to @NoMansSky Twitter Page… then I take from there then push onto Zendesk.

I give in honestly I have sent in so many Screen shots plus videos including details written etc. with so many BUGS !

IN TRUTH, I feel like Hello Games should be paying me :rofl :rofl:

I AM SPENT! :weary::weary::tired_face:

I wonder what it must be like for the Hello Team having to BUG fix - and go through all that work= Phew No thanks :weary::sweat::zzz:


I completely understand what you mean. Maybe somebody has to tell you that you don’t have to report everything you find. Me, I’m a man of little needs. I spot tons of little glitches, but most of the time I just go “meh, game is still perfectly playable, I can put up with that”. Also, my GPU is officially way below the requirement, so reporting on bugs related to graphics always has the chance of setting some poor soul on a trail only for them to figure out that it’s only an issue on a card that they’re officially not supporting. Being a developer myself, I’d rather spare my “colleagues” the annoyance…

It’s still important that bugs get reported of course, but you don’t have to do them all. If it’s tyring you out, just don’t bother with it for a while.

Also, the bug reporting for NMS is not quite state of the art. It’s perfectly workable and kind of standard on PC, true, but then you play subnautica where you don’t even have to leave the game to file a report and the screenshot takes and sends itself, you really kind of wonder why not everybody’s doing that…


What I usually do is hit the record video share shortcut on ps4 (double tap share button for me, but I’ve changed it from default), explain over headset what I’m experiencing as it plays out on screen and upload that to YouTube , type up a zen desk including link to video, I also include title of video in case they don’t trust link and can search for it then.

This only works for bugs that I know will always surface or thay are long lasting so I’ve plenty of time to hit the record button when they happen. Or if it’s a blink and you’ll miss it, go to the share menu, do not start a recording and you should be able to view the last five to fifteen minutes gameplay depending on settings, trim that and upload.

For those instances where the game suddenly crashes and you get the Sony blue screen bug report form that offers to let you submit report with video and screen, that’s about all I can do with those. I don’t even know if they get passed on to hello games.

I don’t know if that’s an easier method for you or something you already tried or dislike


Trust me I don’t report every glitch & bug only the ones that interfere or hinder the game or those that need attention.

I have to admit I miss building my own PC rigs and my PC gaming yet sadly after falling ill and being brought back from the dead I can no longer afford to build a decent rig for gaming - well to my standards that I like or seek, so it’s consoles for me.

If I was to report every small glitch and BUG on beyond that I come across I wouldn’t even have time to live in the real world :rofl::joy:

As for reporting using the Sony Platform - It is more of a nuisance and annoyance than anything else!

I just wanted to make some points on the Bugs to the Platform we may play on be that Sony /Xbox/Microsoft/PC & differences in reporting those Bugs or said issues.

Thanks for feed back :v::+1:


Not sure if you know this but a little tip for the Blue screen and report that Sony uses if you have reported to Zendesk -

Using the ticket method when you get a Sony blue screen and you put a report in add the words ’ Hello Games Zendesk and the ticket number Xxxxx ’ even if that was a recent ticket as an example.
The Hello Team can then find those reports easier and faster & Hello do have access to those reports.

I just thought would add that small bit of information in case many did not know about it and it does help!


How many bugs have been reported? :rofl: Have you clicked on the Bugs & Issues tab we have here?
Thankfully, SM tweeted out that they have worked out most game-breaking bugs and can now start work on all the other issues. I am sure they will work it out.
In the meantime, I am still able to enjoy the game.


I lost count in truth how many reports to Zendesk- In fact Hello games contacted me and asked me personally to send and report as much as I could to help them out for the Sony PS4 Pro side.

I could report Bugs etc on the forums but that would mean double work lol :rofl:
I can still enjoy the game but getting a lot of slow down Problems when base building even though the base is not large.
Yet I have built triple the size bases I am building right now previously with no slow down in FPS or lack of reactions on screen.

As a small example - Waiting up to 5 minutes to land at base when coming from space to my base as the time scale in generating textures graphics etc, and that is not in Multiplayer.

Problems like the above are what I class as annoyances nothing major.

I am sure they will get there in the end

Those kinds of things to me are not game killers just silly patients needed from a players view.


I am amazed the game runs on PS4 at all. I have it on both PS4 and a mid range PC. Runs well on both. My PC is hanging onto near 60 fps even on the space station. I have all set to Ultra except Tess (I just don’t like a lot of it) That is so much better than before Vulkan. I had a hard time keeping 30 fps before.
I am excited to see what we have when all the kinks are smoothed out.


Constantly amazed by how much they’re getting away with on PlayStation. Last year I was even saying psvr would be awesome but I only seeing them getting away with VR on pc, my ps4 already sounds like it’s ready to blast off.

But they did it. Somehow. The maniacs! They actually did it!


Oh wow that is super helpful will do that in future, had no idea, thanks so much :slight_smile:



Thank you for all the exhausting work you have put into bug reporting. I wouldn’t have that much stamina.

Much appreciated that you and others have been so helpful.


Thank You @TravelEcho.

If we all don’t at least put in BUG finds & reports on all Platforms then games will never improve, that has been my view since gaming began & being 55 yrs of age now, I can tell you I have seen the changes since people started to take notice, there was a time I got paid decent cash to locate bugs in house and out of house. lol :joy:

Gaming Companies got very smart from the off & Thought hmm’’’’ Why pay when you can get Alpha testers and beta testers for free,!

To me that was a major mistake, and we became a gaming society that just started to accept BUGS and problems as the Norm, well that is changing as it should.

If you buy a TV and it’s faulty you return it or even a car or even a Bed…just like any other goods or purchases the client deserves the best-

Although I will probably be a goner by the time games are at perfection.
In years to come gaming will have the input imagination of the Human Brain and the rest will be made by the machines themselves becoming a game making entity…

That’s my take on it and so far to date what i predicted 40 years ago has come to pass, so I reckon I will be right on this one as well … Blowing my own Trumpet lol :joy::robot::trumpet: :trumpet:

Thank you, For saying 'Thank You ’ :+1::v::smiley:


So true. It seems so many games have pre-release now. They tempt you in with “get it cheap now and have a say in how the game develops. Wait and pay more later.” I have fallen for it a few times…then I began to realize I had a library full of unfinished games…:laughing:
One thing that makes NMS different, it is still so much fun to play even with the bugs in it.


ya once, only once did that work.
Never ever again!


I play on PS4 and have reported many crashes when the screen goes blue. At that blue screen, you have the option to send a screenshot and a video clip of what you were doing last before the crash. HG has access to see all those reports. However, if you are trying to report bugs that don’t take you instantly to the blue screen, i can understamd the hassle. Hmm… maybe if HG creates an in-game bug report feature where it takes a recording and uploads it to them. If they see it and fix it, then they reward you with quicksilver and nanites. That can keep us bug/glitch reporters more then happy to find issues.


Good idea @Jupiter.blues about the quicksilver and while we are on that subject there is another bug. I had 2500 Quicksilver

I never purchased anything from the shop, I noticed after one of the patches it dropped to 1,270 then after another patch it dropped to 0 zero zilcho nothing nada all gone vanished lol :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Think that was from legit purchases from the Nexus when using buried tech and buying my blue prints it stole all my quicksilver.

Sean Murray you stole my Quicksilver ! ggmme my quicksilver back !
I did report this as well as warn Sean and his crew they could get a Visit by some lads in black Range Rovers with Blacked out tainted windows to reclaim what was stolen :sunglasses::sunglasses::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::fist_right: pmsl


This was a glitch related to purchasing items on the Nexus. It was draining our QS along with the Nanites. HG has fixed it but, too late for most. I demanded a refund but got no reply. :clown_face: JK
Anyway, you can get some QS back by working the new Artemis missions. Nada will give QS in exchange for info at certain times in the mission. It may be true for other parts of the story line but, I am side-tracked building my base right now.


Tainted windows? Is that anything like living glass? :wink: