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Considering this being an official speedrun, I doubt it is hacked to get those transitions, more likely a PC feature or setting. Ah, ESC appears to work for that, most the times. Not sure on rules for use of macros or whatever, or if they are just smashing the keys while at it :grin: Some scenes appear to not be skippable either, mostly animation waiting to finish. It does look insane how speedy they can cruise through the game though, not quite my cup of tea, but I can respect the run.

Edit: Can find the rules and more here actually


Speaking of speedrunning Riven, makes me wonder if the below ending will still be a thing with the remake :rofl:


Fallout 4 BOS check your fire glitch
I never had this glitch before but got it this time because I left the BOS starting quest until much later in the game. I was unable to complete the Eddie Winter holotapes with Valentine because of it.
But, I used this fix and it worked.

Deep Space Directive - Demo

Shameless plug for a developer I have been following for a long time.
He just released a demo for feedback and testing.