Goodbye, Bethesda

One of the few remaining quality studios bites the dust.

Goodbye Fallout.

Goodbye Elder Scrolls.

Microsoft poison everything they touch.


Yeah I posted this in the games thread. I guess after they failed to get TikTok, this was their next step…

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Here is a little more detail in the purchase of ZeniMax
Quote When asked directly if Microsoft would make any cuts to the company, Spencer replied, “Our plan is to leave it alone.” (However, they are making a mess of Minecraft…I hear constant grumbles from the next room where my daughter plays with an online group)

I will say that XBox has never appealed to me because of their game lineup…

I reacted like you and a friend asked me what’s going to happen, but I don’t know. “Will they disable Skyrim mods?”

What do you expect MS to do?

And what did MS mess up with Minecraft?

They do not prevent old mods from being used — MS just add new releases, but the old ones are still available. (Well, they can’t undo the fact that they are available, so they just rolled with it).
MS even added free new features — okay it’s debatable whether they are overdoing it (I don’t need THAT many boars in the Nether lol).
And didn’t they make private servers easily available, so parents and schools can provide a controlled/save mp server for classmates/kids’ friends?
But I remember watching a public event and OMG was it a souldead cringefest… so yeah, MS definitely killed that convention.

Admittedly, MS are lucky that mc’s gameplay is so solid that they could not do any damage.

And Skyrim won’t change, will it?

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Yeah. I think this may actually be a good thing. Added revenue especially. Maybe they can move a little faster with ES 6. :crossed_fingers:
Just hoping they don’t make the titles so exclusive that they are XBox and Windows Store only…
(And I have no idea what the complaints are from the next room, lol. Some people are just really picky)

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Really? Fallout 76? Quality Studio? Sorry but maybe this will prevent crap like that happening to good IPs. Maybe Microsoft will ground it into dust but better Microsoft than EA buy it.


There’s two things here. One, “quality studio” is debatale, and second, Microsoft actually have a very good track record in leaving their corporate acquisitions to manage themselves. There’s a good chance that Beth will see less corporate meddling under MS than under ZeniMax.

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An article I read surmised that this will be good for both Microsoft and Bethesda. Cross fingers, eyes, and toes (ouch!).

My take: Microsoft wants to add quality games to XBox. We’ll see.

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Ehh… the difference between arsenic and cyanide…

Maybe I shouldn’t be so pessimistic, but M$ really does have a bad habit of mucking up their product. They never admitted to the 360 debacle to my knowledge, and killed a book dead covering all the issues and EXTREMELY high failure rate - north of 66%! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

In any event, it’s nice to be back in the digs after a LONG hiatus with Gran Turismo Sport and Fallout 4. I was just too intimidated from all the updates, and forgot how to live in this strange universe. I finally got fed up and dove in, floundered around like a newb for a while but finally found my footing. Right before yet another update, oy…


Welcome back!