E3 footage in the background: Why they did it?

Guys, back in the interview from the last Thursday. What do you think about the old footage shared in the background? Why they did it? I know, it’s a speculation topic, and I’m sorry if this is forbidden, but, I want to know what you guys think about it. If we are making a game, and want to show this to the public, we don’t want to share old things from that game. Right? So, Why Xbox allowed they use this image? Maybe is it in the game now? I want your opinions.


Fixed your title for clearer reference.

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I guessing that the background footage is ‘stock’ footage they keep recycling simply due to the NMS aesthetics. It’s unmistakably NMS but gives nothing away, which seems to be Hello Games preffered method of public relations.


If I’m correct, this is the first time where the Hello Games and Sean Murray, appear in public since the launch. Right?

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Pretty much.

The last time SM made a live performance was when he and art director Grant Duncan steamed the game for an hour or so on twitch the day it launched.

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I’d love to believe he is dropping major hints by having it playing in the background (like Cobra and MZK have eluded to), but honestly I assume it’s just simple stock footage he has.

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You can be correct or no. Remember he said in the half of interview that they did the game they ever wanted with the NEXT update.

Why are people saying that’s “E3 footage”…it’s footage but it’s not really showing anything new…that should be a dead giveaway that it’s not E3 footage…at least not all of it anyway. If they go to E3 they’ll want to show some of the things that the new update as well not just the last three updates because they’ll want to excite the existing player base too not just the Xbox players. I think that footage in that interview was just to show the Xbox players some of the things that have been added to the game so far.

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they’re talking about E3 before releaase, its old footage

That’s what I’m saying…it’s not E3 footage. If they do go on any major E3 stage whether for Sony or Microsoft or both or maybe on whatever PC show happens this year they wouldn’t show this…at E3 they’d show at least some actual NMS Next footage like multiplayer or those weird ships/freighter or whatever they are and so on…that sort of stuff.

I clearly don’t think HG wanted to show footage of the next expansion this way… at least 2 reasons for that:

  1. Realted to the Waking Titan ARG. We kinda struggle to only get a glitchy pic of what the new ship are going to be in the Next Expansion like last year.
  2. Showing footage of the “Next” Expansion in behalf of a 5 minutes interview, is clearly not what Hello Games strategy has bern so far.

Just imagine being SM, and ask yourself, would I reveal what it’s gonna be on that 5 minutes interview on the back screen? haha I just don’t think so !


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I wasn’t trying to argue what Sean wanted or would have reasonably wanted or any of that…I litrally just said he didn’t, and the reason I said that was because people were calling this E3 footage…which it’s not. That’s all I was saying, that this is not E3 footage…nothing more, nothing less. Arguments about why it wasn’t E3/NEXT footage are kind of pointless. If they wanted to show a proper trailer for NEXT they could have stopped talking for a minute or two and put it properly on display and then resumed the interview afterwards or stuck it on screen before/after the interview.



I wasn’t answering to anyone, just gave a thought! :blush:

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I know It’s not E3 footage, but is old footage, early game launch.

Maybe, they made it with a purpose, to show what Next is, but without say something, just put it and let in the background, maybe someone will see… To be like a suspense, understand?

If you know it’s not E3 footage then why name the thread “E3 footage in the background”?

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I’m with you on that, I think we are making too much out of background footage. I think if they wanted to drop hints a teaser or trailer would’ve been the best way imo.

Just for example that, i could say old footage and will give the same question, just for example the old footage they shared with us. So if i change the E3 footage phrase to old Footage, what do you think about?

But it’s still not “E3 footage”…that footage was never shown at any E3…the last time Hello Games went to an E3 was 2015.

I know… I changed the word