E3 footage in the background: Why they did it?

Some are convinced it was, I don’t remember that planet but a lot of people say it was at E3

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGy8HIYBwV0 Here is, he played in this planet E3 2015

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If they put a clip in there from an older E3 I might have to take a closer look to see but most of what they showed at Inside Xbox were clips of post launch expansion footage…bases, exocraft, terrain manipulator, etc.

No…there was no old E3 footage shown at Inside Xbox…I just watched the entire clip with gameplay again…all of it is post launch gameplay…it starts at about 4:03 and ends at about 7:06, if you guys see old pre launch footage give me a time stamp: https://youtu.be/FLoNmhlsxdo?t=242

Ok I remember it now. Thank you for showing me that.

I’m not talking about this trailer, i say about the background screen, behind Sean and the other guy.

The background wasn’t footage…it was static images of some terrain and trees and the NMS logo…nothing really to look at there…the only item that appeared was one of the canisters that drops after killing a sentinel. They didn’t really show anything there…it was literally just a couple of pieces of wallpaper. Those images still very much represent the game very well.

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I think people just desperate for information. Over-analyzing every little thing.


This ^^^^^

Im guilty of it too.

Im not commenting on any more PVP/ MP/Co-op ship talks just cuz we still have no clue how any of it will be / or wont be implemented.

Seems pointless. We dont even know if you need Ps Plus for MP lol.


I can tell you multiplayer it’s free on Steam for every PC user… See? We can actually predict stuff!
It was the same when portal were hinted… I think it’s great fun to speculate, and juggling logic, experience and intuition, we can make a picture of what could be coming.

(Were not for that hole on the pedestal that I was certain would fit an Atlas stone to power the glyphs and the method to get them, when they ended up going for substances and “tombstones”, I would have accurately predicted myself step by step how it would have worked)

If expectation gets managed to not cross into hype territory (which always ends in disappointment) I like to not go blind to places! The waiting for something so anticipated has its pleasures.