Changed OS

Microsoft Windows 10 once again did an update on my laptop.
The OS change my CPU from 8 to 1
Caused the game NMS to stop working properly.
Switching to 8.1, so far so good.
Should be done in a bit, I am posting from the laptop.


I’m typing this from my laptop as well. It turned on yesterday after a two week death period. This is pretty normal, which is why I call it PotadOS.


do ya need assistance? lol

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I wish. There is no return with this thing. Some times when I turn it on, it starts rattleing around. One time it fell off my desk. Then a bunch of half melted screws came out of the fan. Now it will die for a few weeks and come back. All because I downloaded Windows 10


in the control panel it should give you the option to revert back to your previous os


That setting disappeared, along with the brightness settings :tired_face:

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Not good you system has been invade by a MS virus. lol

my laptop is working perfectly now for NMS.


My current computer uses Windows 7. I still have two brand new, unopened, totally official, Windows 7 installation discs. They will be the basis of my next computer, and the one after that.

Microsoft gave Windows 10 away for free. Microsoft never did anything for the benefit of their customers. Microsoft only ever did anything for the benefit of Microsoft. They certainly didn’t give you Windows 10 because it’s good for you. They did it because they’ve found a way to screw you over, and make money out of you.

I’ll be sticking with Windows 7.


Microsoft is crap.
Walks like crap.
Speaks like crap.
Acts like crap.
Smell like crap.
Is crap.
with the new carp computers, if you buy from a vendor, has in the bios, windows boot manager, it is “secure” and it is crap. did I already say that?


Yuuup, I had been avoiding updating win 10 because their updates are more of a pain than anything, continuous oversimplufying the OS and making it completely useless and annoying for advanced use.

The most recent update reset all my customization options for no good reason, and reinstalled a bunch of old invasive cpu hogging apps and installed a bunch of new ones.



Yep. Same here.
I could have a rant but all who use it know the deal.
It’s horrible.


All of our PC’s run Win7 or Linux. I have a laptop with Win 10 and it almost never sees the light of day because it makes me so angry everytime I turn it on…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


The other day I was at an ATM that was currently out of service, I could see it was in the process of being rebooted, so my curiosity kept me watching to see if I could gleam what sorta processors etc those things ran on…

I nearly died when the splash screen came up.

Windows Vista…

I had forgotten about Vista.

I’m pretty sure MS made a concerted effort to ensure we ALL forgot about Vista.

Yet here it is, alive and well, a major bank running software on it… My money felt 100% less safe.

As bas as win10 is… It’s nice to remember, she aint no Vista!


I’m clinging to my Win7 OS until my (or its) dying breath!

I wish I had @Polyphemus’ good foresight. I remember downloading the original free Win10 and putting it aside to wait and see how people were reacting to it.

Nope. Nope. And nope.


I remember trying to dodge those free updates. They were so sneaky, every now and then they’d change which side the “no thank you” button was on, so when you got in the habit of clicking no, one day that no might be where the yes is.

I recall at one point as well they removed the no thanks option and it was just a “yes” or “yes but not now” sorta selection. Then at another point they added back in the “no, seriously, fuck off already” option but had it hidden down the bottom somewhere. I’m sure I’m remembering the exact sequence and circumstances of events but it was along those lines.

And what was worse was, it was a netbook with win7, it could just barely run word processors, I used it merely for easy browsing on the couch, if it accidentally updated to win10 it would have crippled the thing, was WAY below the min requirements.


I’m going to ask my bank what OS it’s running on its servers… !O.o! That is a terrifying thought!

You just reminded me I still have Vista as dual boot on this system from when I upgraded to Win7, but it’s been about two years since I booted that up. I need to figure out how to remove the data/OS from the drives and partitions so that Win7 can see them as empty drives it can use.

I used Win7 to remove the partitions from one of the drives drive but Win7 still sees it as two partitions. I never did figure out how to do that properly so I have two more drives I could be using as data storage… ::sigh::


The min requirement to run windows 10, 8.1, 7, vista, xp, etc

486DX with 512 mb ram.

The requirements that are set are BS.

Also, WIN10 64Bit is a hybrid OS, the system uses a assembly obj file that was compiled in 16 bit code.
They have tried to rewrite the code, the original writer has passed away, being unsuccessful they have left his obj file in windows 10. Max cpus available in windows 256.


You’d want to have the disk hooked up to a working Win OS and then use Diskpart in command prompt. I’ll show the commands required to fully wipe a disk, including all partitions.

First of all, open Command Prompt (admin), then the following:

  • diskpart to run Diskpart
  • list disk to see a list of disk drives
  • select disk X, where X is the number of the disk in the list.
    MAKE SURE to select the correct one!
  • list disk will now show an asterisk in front of the selected disk, make sure to verify.
  • clean will fully wipe the disk into a single unallocated partition. May take a bit.

You can use Disk Management, to make verifying the correct disk a bit easier and compare to the list disk results. You will also see the unallocated partition if you had Disk Management open during Diskpart clean. Once cleaned, (re-) open Disk Management and it will prompt to
Initialize the disk /partition (format). Make sure to select the correct partition style, depending on the hardware or future use. For a normal storage drive, it would usually be GPT.

For full info of Diskpart usage, check here: Diskpart Commands


If your thumb key, usb key, sd card, hdd, or any of those items do not want to work properly get

it is the only program I use to fix those items. Afterward you have to do a high level format.
Which at that time you can chose the partition type. if over 2 TB large, huge, gigantic types.


Thanks for the info. I’d forgotten about using the command prompt. Been too long since I did any of that kind of work on the computer. I’ve bookmarked the link you gave, too, for when I get around to doing the job. Very kind of you to look that up. <3
@zsigmond That looks pretty helpful, too. Thanks!