Win10 Issues and News

Ok. I have been quiet the last few days because several ppl have handed me their Win10 devices so I can “fix it” for them…(in my opnion Linux does that nicely but, I don’t think that is what they meant)
After struggling through the atrocious wait times that come with navigating and updating Win10, I was ready to jump off a cliff. Thankfully my son came to my rescue with this pic of an actual store and I just had to share.
:joy: I feel a little better now.

This will put it into context lest some miss the joke.


I’m assuming you’re actually playing nms through wine? It works fine with Nvidia cards. (AMD not so much)


Scrap my AMD remark, since the last Mesa update I can actually launch the game and see graphics. Performance looks ok, although the menu parts are hitching. I need to update wine dB apparently


I am actually running Win7…at least until 2020 when Microsoft puts the axe to it. My son runs everything through wine. I am gradually changing my devices over to linux. We have set many devices up for others in Linux and Wine…so far, everyone has been satisfied with it.
Actually, my son dual boots Win7 and Linux. We both use AMD. He said thanks for the heads up, he will check into the update.


You need to check the docs for steams proton project to find the correct mesa and AMD opensource Radeon PPA for Debian. At least if you have Debian based Linux


I updated an old desktop of mine last week, which was already on Windows 10, but about a year behind or so. It searched for updates, to then download and install, until it finally wanted a restart. So I restarted my computer, which then takes further installing …

All-in-all probably around 10 hours or so … to then show me the following:


Of course it then took ages to undo everything it had attempted to do so far …

I eventually managed to get it all sorted … during the next 2 days. Required deleting several Win folders to try again, which needed taking ownership. A true pain in the butt!

Will give Linux a try on that machine, some time soon :wink:


It took me a moment for this to sink in…
Then I started laughing.
Windows 10 occasionally does become infuriating; I’m considering Linux as a potential replacement, but I have never used it.


Whatever happened to Steam OS?

That was supposed to be a Linux based operating system, compatible with all Steam games. So you could play Steam games completely independently of Windows.

It bubbled under the radar for a few years, but I haven’t heard of it for some time.


Most probably Steam OS is coming back when the list of compatible games improves.

Valve is packing Wine with DXVK and other projects into proton: Steam :: Steam for Linux :: Introducing a new version of Steam Play

They also count games you play on proton as a linux buy. This should give better numbers for linux and hopefully more support for the platform. If Linux is going strong, steam os will be viable


Steam OS was officially released by the end of 2015. It just never got really popular due to less performance compared to running Win10. This mostly due to poor OpenGL optimisations. Also consider the further limitations with SteamOS, being solely focused on running games similar to a console.

You can give it a try though … SteamOS


I haven’t used windows 7 on my personal systems since The Second release of windows 10, about 3-4 years ago, we are almost up to Release number 5, in October.

All of my old equipment works fine, with no driver issues, they all have SSD, save my server, and it’s a 7200 rpm 2.5 inch that is about half an SSD’s performance.

Pro tip for windows 10, Don’t Ever use windows 7 drivers, ever!

Pro tip 2, If your running AMD or Intel, make sure you have your chipset drivers are fully updated, these are for your mother board and system interconnects.

Pro tip 3, Always update, if you setup your updates over night, and your system crashes out on an update it will be back at login in the morning(SSD is needed), after uploading what crashed it to Microsoft, rinse and repeat until your windows get the updates. My Server recently some issue with the monthly update, it had to install it 3 times but as these update are continuous, and not static 3rd time it installed with out an issue.

So there you have it. My best advise as an IT Professional and windows 10.

Get a SSD, get the drivers from AMD, Intel for your chipset/motherboard, and you windows 10 experience will greatly improve.


PS 9 devices in my house 6 windows 1 Linux 2 Nintendo It’s not that I don’t use Linux, I like windows 10 better :wink:

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I’m as much a luddite when it comes to OSs as your next man. In the times of 95 I had a DOS/Windows dual-boot, skipped 98 until 2000 came out, then I skipped XP, staying with 2000 right until Win7 came out. The whole deal including dll-bridging to get newer games to run with its outdated DX version, keeping archives of old drivers and application installers for stuff that would become unavailable on the net, all of it.
Then I skipped 8, but finally kids had caught up with me and I switched to laptops exclusively, which pretty much brought Win10 along in the package.
And you know, of all my Windows experiences, 10 has actually been the smoothest so far. There’s a thing or two to be said about forced updates, but the system has become a lot securer, and a lot more efficient, especially in 64-bit builds. I find myself being rather happy with it, actually. It had never self-destroyed through an update, which happened several times with Win7.

Glad I can work with Linux at work though. The thought of having to maintain windows servers sends shivers down my spine. No out-of-the-box SSH, no decent dev-ops tools that run natively, and a few gigabytes of complexity that you’ll never need… Managing those things sounds like a real pain in the but.


The difference is most likely that you have decent internet…I do not. Updating win10 is a nightmare for me. My biggest complaint is that it wants to secretly start updating things I do not use and cannot seem to remove which then locks my whole system up leaving me no choice but to constantly disconnect from the internet, hunt down the offending apps and files, delete them and then go back online and start the process all over again. I get so frustrated that I shut the whole thing down and walk away. It leaves me feeling as though I have very little control. I am the type of person who pays my bills online but, I still demand a paper statement…lol. Automatic payments and updates I do not like. When I turn on my PC, I have something I need to do…that something is not to sit and wait for some automated updates to lock up my system. Initially win 10 allowed me to set my internet connection as metered and that helped but, they apparently decided that gave the consumer too much control and they took it away. I just really, really, dislike being forced onto a system and forced to submit to whatever they want.
Of course, Google is about to do something similar with their OS and finally get everyone onto 1 flavor which actually will be a good thing…I hope.

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Huh, yes, I could imagine that being a bit of a pain.

It’s not so much about secrecy than it is about convenience. Well, in most cases anyways. The problem is that too many little things need updating. You’d never do it if you’d have to do it yourself, nor is it feasible even for a professional like me to keep track of all the security problems getting fixed all the time. And they need to get fixed, and since it’s too much and too fast moving to expect anybody other than a security expert to keep up, it is actually best that normal people don’t decide which updates they need and which not.

It would still be nice of windows to ask whether it’s convenient at the time though, I agree with that.


Well, you can schedule them … Problem is, when I am not busy, my computer is OFF! :joy:


Always online world means always having new issues, hence always updating. I fought the windows store and won, I have fought the Always updating apps and won( group policy ), the problem is once you when against the updates your now going to have issue with people getting in and using your system as a node on the network. even if it’s only 5% of your CPU and 200KB of download upload that sound like it would be a hugh performance difference, for you.

I am sorry that you don’t have good internet speeds, county just our of range of DSL etc.

I have heard most of the reasons, Even Satellite is better than nothing, I have played SC2 on it back in the day with very few issues. NMS is a much less bandwidth and latency dependent. Heck get a Router that can handle dual ISP and use both DSL for upload and Satellite for download. It will cost a bit more but it way better than not at all, and in the end getting access to the net at a speed that doesn’t make you want to pull your hair out is well worth it.


PS I know the always updating is a problem but the next version of windows is going to be stream lining patches instead of full kernel updates. Think of it like the kernel will be patch, but only the bits that need to be updated will be. Benefit of Windows 10 RedStone 5 in October.

PPS please get the SSD even with low download speeds the times it takes to recover will be 5-10 times faster, and most SSD you can clone your existing disk to it so you can keep everything you have with out the reinstall.

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You turn your machine off???

I think the only machine’s off in my house are the Nintendo’s

Everything else is busy paying bills :wink:



lol, not sure if I would be able to get by if I left everything powered 24/7 :worried:


My house would probably burst into flames…:fire::fire_extinguisher:…We also have lots of storms…:cloud_with_lightning:…and surge protectors are not a guarantee. So @xdragon, we not only turn things off we also unplug them. :scream: