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I didn’t know if this was the place to put this topic but if I’m wrong then please move it to the right area

Okay so my Windows 10 laptop has been having this issue for awhile and I wanted to see if anyone could help me with this problem.

It all started with a update then everytime it would start up it would only show a black screen so I freaked out (not a good thing I know) so I put it into safe mode and tried to restore previous windows and now every time it boots up its says restore windows failure and keeps restarting so it’s just kind of in a loop right now and I can’t do anything with it (keep in mind I’m not a tech expert and no one in my family is) so yeah if anyone could give me steps or maybe just a really long answer I would love you for it. (Also I’m broke at the moment so taking it to a shop is out of the question) thanks for reading and hopefully it gets solved.

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Step 1. Buy a new hard drive
Step 2. Install Linux
Step 3. Copy files from Win10 hard drive to Linux
Step 4. Beat old win10 hard drive with a hammer.
Seriously. Wish I could help. Alternative, try to find a copy of Windows 7

Do you have a Windoze 10 Recovery Disc and a DVD drive? It might also be labeled as “Operating System” or something similar. A nearby friend or family member might be able to burn one for you.

If you boot the laptop with the disc in it then you should be able to access some recovery options and you might start with recovering first by Windows trying to fix itself ad if that doesn’t work then you can try to restore from a restore point.

Am not providing detailed instructions because a) you might not have the disc or DVD drive, and, b) I don’t remember all of the menu options but they are pretty much self-apparent, and, c) since you apparently have access to another connected device you can do a search to obtain better instructions and have those printed.

Good Luck

I think you may be on the wrong Forum. You should have contacted Microsoft support rather than posting here. Also, that black screen thing happens to me to sometimes after updates. I think that’s just windows migrating your data. It only takes like a few seconds thought to pass. Instead of freaking out you should have just tried being patient and Googling some answers maybe.

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Which Manufacturer and Model is the laptop? I know that HP has a built-in diagnostic feature that you can run before Windows 10 loads up…but it only tests the hardware (Available by selecting Esc, then F2 from the BIOS system startup menu.)

I’ve told/helped all my friends on how to make a Windows Repair Disc/USB thumbdrive. Also to activate Windows Restore feature…which is turned OFF on default.


@Sith921: I have changed the topic category to ‘Off Topic’. As puzzled as you are, it was not the correct place.

As for the issue you experience, sometimes patience is key, which can take hours, but some people have just left the computer on, running its loops, maybe even overnight, to find it fixed itself the next day.

In case this does not work, get the Windows 10 media creation tool and boot from it instead. Then use the tools available, like resetting the PC, Startup Repair, System Restore, Image Recovery or whichever suits you best. Lastly, you can always try a full clean install, which likely means losing anything you had previously.